Small Farmers Are Feeding The World on Less Land | Nouveaux paradigmes |

Small-scale farmers are producing the majority of the world's food on just 25% of farmland. GRAIN report says small farms are more productive than large scale industrial monocultures.

– in Belarus, on 17% of the land, small farmers are producing 87.5% of fruit and berries, 82% of potatoes, 80% vegetables and 32% of eggs

– in Kenya, with just 37% of the country's farmland, small farms produce 73% of the agricultural output

– in El Savador, small farmers manage 29% of the land and yet produce 90% of the country's beans, 84% maize and 51% pork.

These are just a few examples showing how important these small farms are to each country.

Via Sepp Hasslberger