Small Farms, Not Monsanto, Are Key to Global Food Security | Nouveaux paradigmes |

Data from 15 Kenyan farmers over a period of 6 to 8 years, demonstrating that push-pull not only more than doubled yields, but provided consistency over time.

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(...) small farms also tend to produce more per acre than large farms. There has long been debate about this among economists and development scholars. It has perplexed many of them—so much so they have given it a name, “the inverse relationship,” meaning that if graphed, productivity per unit of land goes down rather than up with increasing size. Skeptics have turned the data inside out trying to see if it really holds up.


But a recent paper that carefully looks at the issue using new methods has, once again, confirmed that the higher productivity of small farms does not seem to be an artifact of measurement bias, as has sometimes been suggested.

Via Raphael Souchier