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Bangla-Pesa parmi les 21 meilleures innovations en Afrique - La France au Kenya

Bangla-Pesa parmi les 21 meilleures innovations en Afrique - La France au Kenya | Nouveaux paradigmes |

Une kényane a été sélectionnée comme l’une des 21 meilleures candidates parmi 800 dossiers présentés dans le cadre de l’initiative : Forum africain, 100 innovations en matière de développement durable, lancée par le ministère français des Affaires étrangères en partenariat avec l’Agence Française de Développement (AFD).



Mme Dama Caroline, ainsi que les autres candidats sélectionnés auront l’opportunité de présenter leurs innovations à Paris, le 5 Décembre 2013, lors d’un événement parallèle du sommet de l’Élysée pour la paix et la sécurité en Afrique.

Pour plus d’informations sur ce projet :

Christophe CESETTI's insight:

Le retour de la monnaie avec cette reconnaissance, alors qu'en juillet dernier toute l'équipe était emprisonnée pour création de fausse monnaie.

Quand le projet est réel, avec un impact sur le terrain bon pour ses usagers alors la victoire est belle !

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Bangla-Pesa: End Africa’s dependence with Complementary Currencies + eradicate poverty + keep people out from jail

Bangla-Pesa: End Africa’s dependence with Complementary Currencies + eradicate poverty + keep people out from jail | Nouveaux paradigmes |

Fight poverty and help Kenyans manage their own development. 


• Will Ruddick, founder of the Bangla-Pesa program was a physicist and economist in the US. He came to Kenya with the US Peace Corps and has been a researcher and development worker there since 2008. Will is part of a global movement for sustainable development focusing on Complementary Currencies (an internatinally recognized development tool). 


• Bangla-Pesa helps Kenyans living on less than $1 a day by allowing micro-businesses to form a network that can trade even when they have no money.


• In only a short while we’ve seen a more than a 20% increase in local trade with this program. We hope to see an overall increase in local trade of more than 50% and see families meet their daily needs and rise out of poverty.


• In order to do this we must first help the founder and 5 other community members who are facing 7 years in prison under false allegations. This campaign will help pay legal fees and bring the program back on its feet.

Christophe CESETTI's insight:

47 000€ needed for august 2013 : 17th july 6840€ -16 days


The Crime of Alleviating Poverty: A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya (The Web of the debt)


- - - - - -

new from Will dated July 17th 2013


"Bangla-Pesa case postponed again .... until August 22nd ....

Just before the planned hearing today the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), after receiving a lot of inquiries, letters and a petition ( from a delegation at The Hague, decided to take our file from the prosecution and investigate the matter. The DDP is now waiting on a report from the Central Bank Currency department - presumably to see how Forgery can possibly apply. Hence there was no hearing – and we were given another mentioning date of August 22nd. There was also a letter from the Fraud Department of Central Bank saying that they also wanted more time to investigate the matter. So we are stuck waiting for justice ...

Thanks for all the support - it really is helping!"

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Bangla-Pesa Launch: a local currency for Kenya to sustain citizens

Bangla-Pesa Launch: a local currency for Kenya to sustain citizens | Nouveaux paradigmes |

by Will Ruddick


Today's launch of Bangla-Pesa was a great start to an empowering community process! 137 local business owners attended. Of the 137 local business owners that attended, 56 members completed their registration and backing process and created 400 credits each. At least 150 pending registrations will be completed in the next week.



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Bangla-Pesa Charges Dropped | Koru Kenya

Bangla-Pesa Charges Dropped | Koru Kenya | Nouveaux paradigmes |
THE CASE IS OVER! Today the Director of Public Prosecutions announced that all charges against Bangla-Pesa are hereby dropped! This is a huge success for the Bangladesh and for other community groups in Kenya.

Via Institut Palmas Europe
Institut Palmas Europe's curator insight, August 23, 2013 10:09 AM

Les charges contre les initiateurs du Bangla-Pesa au Kenya sont abandonnées !

Plus d'informations sur le lien.

Merci à ceux qui ont soutenu la mobilisation.

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Complementary currency in Kenya: Bangla pesa pioneer in custody

• His UN piece explains the brilliance of his innovative work

• NGO accused of supplying illegal tender

• Bangla Pesa - Complementary Currency Program

Christophe CESETTI's insight:

HELP HIM, HELP THEME: A message from Will


Dear All,

Myself and 5 Bangladesh community members are all out of jail on bail and very happily! There will be a court hearing on Wednesday the 5th, after which we will know the charges and potential progress toward a trial.

A brief summary of the news on the topic can be found here: and Information about the program can be found here:

Below are areas where your support will really help:

-Technical assistance- sending emails to myself and our lawyer explaining that the Central Banks of several countries allow and even support complementary currency schemes similar as the Bangla-pesa voucher. Also that such systems do not threaten or destabilize National currencies or economies.


-Legal assistance - contacting lawyers who could, technically, support our lawyer in Kenya, Leonard Shimaka 


-Media assistance - Given that we are no longer in jail - I have been advised to wait to address media issues until after the hearing to avoid potentially making matters worse.

-Financial support - should this case continue, support in this area will be very important.

The results from Bangla-Pesa were actually quite wonderful - although now cut short. We hope present them for the ISS CCS conference in June. Sadly, I will most likely at this point not be able to attend, as my passport has been taken by the court. On behalf of myself, my wife, our 6 week old daughter and our families, as well as the whole community of Bangladesh Kenya, thanks so much for everyone's support on this. We are very hopeful that it will set a positive precedent for poverty reduction programs in the future.


Will Ruddick
mobile +254727806655

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Eco-Pesa Programme - Ecological Money, local/micro Currency

Eco-Pesa Programme - Ecological Money, local/micro Currency | Nouveaux paradigmes |
"The Eco-Pesa (Ecological Money) pilot programme has created a community business voucher to benefit the environment and economy of Kongowea, a [slum] district of Mombasa.

Via P2P Foundation
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