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"How Adaptive Testing Challenges Learners"

"How Adaptive Testing Challenges Learners" | Interactive News - Noticias interactivas |

Have you wondered what it means when people talk about adaptive testing? This post helps answer this question. After a short introducation on "the Olden Days" of testing (as in paper and pencils) you quickly find out that adpative testing will be coming to us as we move to testing on computers. Specically adaptive testing allows learners to be challenged based on their knowledge. Easier questions happen at the beginning, and based on learners answers the questions will become more difficult if answered correctly, or easier if answered incorrectly. There is a short video that explains this in more detail.

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This is a nice app for iPad, iPhone etc which enables you to structure and create stories combining images and audio with text. Great for digital storytelling.

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"10 Tips for Injecting New Technology into Your Campus"

"10 Tips for Injecting New Technology into Your Campus" | Interactive News - Noticias interactivas |
Introducing new technologies to faculty members can be a challenge--they are often simply too busy or don't see the point of mastering yet another tool.
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