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Interactive News - Noticias interactivas
News & Miscellaneous about using Technology in Education
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Why Teachers Want Technology?

Why Teachers Want Technology? | Interactive News - Noticias interactivas |
Survey says educators view ed tech as a motivational tool.

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Kalani Kirk Hausman
Mathew's curator insight, December 12, 2012 10:51 AM

My thoughts: I agree that teachers need to use technology more in class. But the teachers need to be trained in the use of the technology so they can teacher the class and how to use the technology. Because most teachers these days can’t use the computers and the other technology they have and that’s because they haven’t been trained or taught in how to use the technology. Also having technology and things that are more fun for the students will help them learn and make them want to come to school each day to learn. Right now school and classes are boring so having something different would help a bunch and it would make us want to learn and want to come to school. Also I think that if each kid was given a laptop for their entire school career that would help kids learn and it would also help them get their homework done and projects done on time. Some kids once they leave school they don’t have access to a computer so they can’t do their homework at home. But if they had a laptop they could start the homework and school and then when they get home they already have the worked start and they can work at it at home. Also sometimes if you start a project at school you can’t always get it home but if you had a laptop you could have it at home and be able to work on it and get it done for class the next day.

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How Tech Is Changing College Life | INFOGRAPHIC

How Tech Is Changing College Life | INFOGRAPHIC | Interactive News - Noticias interactivas |
How central is technology to modern college life? This infographic breaks it down.

Via Lia Sant
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