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In his recent business trip to Australia, Edelman’s Steve Rubel discussed his thoughts on the future of the media with Yvonne Adele at Social Media Club Melbourne.


Here a few highlights from the article:


"Content surplus as a bankable trend: In an era of self-publication (for brands as well as individuals) and increased noise we’re all faced with the problem of too much content and not enough time. For media companies, scaling this information and providing value through quality curation is a great opportunity to solve this problem for the consumer.


Steve’s top tips for being a quality curator:


a) Be knowledgeable and well read on your subject matter of choice;


b) Save materials for later reading – it’s all an opportunity to be well informed and provide value to others;


c) Focus on depth, not breadth. As Steve said, he knows a lot about a few things, and little about most things.


People want to connect with the human element of a brand and those that work for the organisation.


Journalists and media are now community managers. The have to see their role not only as a reporter/journalist/presenter – but as a brand ambassador who is able to acquire consumers and an build an audience through these channels.


Steve’s top three emerging trends for media?


1) Building business models that incorporate curation;


2) Increased data mining and analytics about real-time engagement with media content;


3) The increased importance of facebook’s open graph.



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