A Farming Kindergarten in Vietnam with a Spiraling Green Roof | Environment, Forests, Water, Fishing, Farming | Scoop.it

"In Dongnai, Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia Architects has completed the construction of ‘farming kindergarten’, a large pre-school designed to accommodate up to 500 children. The project is envisioned as a model of sustainability set within the tropical climate, allowing the school’s young inhabitants to understand the importance of sustainable education and design.

A fully accessible green roof drawn in a triple-ring-shape creates three courtyards enclosed by the looping structure, providing safe and secure playgrounds for the kindergarten’s occupants. The different levels and gradients created by the building’s spiral form offer a series of distinct outdoor learning environments, where children are able to forge a close relationship with the natural world.


More images and information at the link."

Via Lauren Moss