Political seminar: PTI election manifesto faces tough scrutiny | NGOs in Human Rights, Peace and Development | Scoop.it

As part of a series of seminars to dissect the manifestos of various political parties, the Sustainable Policy Development Institute invited speakers from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) in Islamabad on Wednesday to address a gathering of journalists and political enthusiasts. The PTI’s 31-page account of projected changes to turn around rampant corruption and deprivation in Pakistan is to its credit, cloaked with an optimism that is heartening were it to satiate the many echoes of ‘but how?’ within the seminar room. The verbal crossfire between PTI’s advocates and those curious to undress a prudish set of plans was not out of hostility, but out of genuine curiosity. PTI’s Deputy Secretary Information Ahmad Jawad and the party’s International Chapter chief Dr Humayun Mohamand unveiled a manifesto that can be described as vague, at best as it communicated an idealistic makeover of Pakistan into what Jawad related as a shift towards  a self-sufficient welfare state without reliance on foreign aid.

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