The Maker Movement and the Rebirth of Constructionism - Hybrid Pedagogy | NGOs in Human Rights, Peace and Development |
The culmination of my quest for more powerful learning grounded in theory and research came when recently I conducted an experiment in pushing constructionism into the digital age. 


Educational theory and practice have begun to appear more frequently in the popular press. Terms such as collaborative learning, [ ] project-based learning, [] metacognition, [ ] inquiry-based learning, [ ] and so on, might be new to some audiences, but they have a relatively long and well-documented history for many educators. The most widely-known and promising pedagogical approach is constructivism [ ] grounded on the work of Piaget,  [ ] Vygotsky, [ ] and Bruner [ ]. Given how it has transformed my own understanding of pedagogy, teaching, and learning, constructionism [ ] seems ripe for a similar resurgence — like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Taylorization and standardized testing.

Via Elizabeth E Charles