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Spurred by events in the Arab world and high profile examples like the Indian, the role of social media to fight corruption and, more broadly, improve governance has been in the spotlight recently (see e.g. the Accountability 2.0 blog Perhaps the most comprehensive reports we have come across in this area are from the Transparency and Accountability Initiative. Their global mapping report on technology for transparency and the latest piece on the state of the art in transparency, accountability and citizen participation are particularly informative. Ditto for the online tracking tool on technologies for civic engagement. [...]

In order to start to address these gaps, our regional office is about to embark on a study that aims to provide a country by country overview/inventory of initiatives related to use of social media for anticorruption as well as some more in-depth analysis of selected examples. Here’s a very initial inventory (, courtesy of my colleague, Piotr Drozd. Eventually, we hope to move beyond the analysis and, in true web 2.0 fashion, “learn by doing” through actual small scale pilots.

Are you interested in this topic? Do you have any pointers or suggestions that could inform our research and make it more relevant to your needs? Do you know of any case studies we could include our research? We’d love to hear from you. Original post:

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