EU strategy for the Horn of Africa | Report | NGOs in Human Rights, Peace and Development |

"This report reviews in considerable detail many of the troubles extant in the region known as the Horn of Africa. Millions of people live at the risk of famine; it has some of the lowest health standards in the world as well as hosting some of the poorest countries. Corruption and conflict are rife as countries battle for vital natural resources. Democracy – if it exists at all – is at best fragile, at worst corrupt. So far, the international community has failed to address these issues..."


"The report notes the impact that piracy off the coast of Somalia has on trade routes and stresses the need to protect WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME vessels in those waters..."


"...[it] asserts that The Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) is insufficiently developed to deal with improving co-operation, integration and security in the Horn of Africa. It needs to play a central role in politics and security, conflict prevention and economic integration. Therefore it is urged that more resources should be invested in IGAD so that it can help to promote good governance and effective political dialogue.


Via Robin Landis