What Do Teachers Want? A Look at Two Surveys about Teachers | NGOs in Human Rights, Peace and Development | Scoop.it

A look at two surveys with very different results. The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher "showed that teachers across the nation are demoralized and that their job satisfaction has dropped precipitously since 2009. The proportion thinking of leaving teaching has gone from 17 percent to 29 percent, a 70 percent increase in only two years."
Yet a second survey, Primary Sources: 2012 (conducted ty Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) "found that 51 percent of teachers plan to teach "as long as I am able," even past retirement age, and another 32 percent expect to teach until they reach retirement age. So while MetLife concluded that 29 percent were ready to quit, Scholastic-Gates tallied this group as 16-17 percent."
If you are interested in learing more about what teachers want take the time to read this post.

Via Beth Dichter