Josephine Hutchinson: Grandma
David White: Father
Vaughn Taylor: Salesman
Doris Packer: Nedra
Veronica Cartwright: Anne (age 11)
Susan Crane: Anne (age 19)
Charles Herbert: Tom (age 12)
Paul Nesbitt: Tom (age 20)
Dana Dillaway: Karen (age 10)
Judy Morton: Karen (age 18)

"I Sing the Body Electric" is the 100th episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. It was poorly received by viewers,[1] and is frequently mentioned as the poorest Twilight Zone episode broadcast.[2][3] The script was written by Ray Bradbury, and became the basis for his short story of the same name, published in 1969,[4] itself named after a Walt Whitman poem. Although Bradbury contributed several scripts to The Twilight Zone, this was the only one produced. Later, in 1982, the hour-long NBC television movie The Electric Grandmother was also based on the short story.

Rod Serling's narration is notable in this episode because, in addition to opening and closing the show as usual, it also appears in the middle of the story, to describe how the children spent years happily with their android grandmother and eventually grow up. Other episodes to feature mid-show narration from Serling are all from the first half of season 1: "Walking Distance", "Time Enough At Last", and "I Shot an Arrow into the Air".