These Are The Killer Apps That Will Make 'The Internet Of Things' Indispensable In Everyday Life | News in Cable, Internet, Smart Home |

Here are some of the devices and applications that will be implemented at the consumer and civic level that we think will make the Internet of Things, or IOT, a critically important part of our daily lives:

Kitchen and home appliances  such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and coffee makers that can keep track of when the milk is out and let you know when the clothes are dry.


Lighting and heating products , including bulbs, thermostats, and air conditioners that maximize energy efficiency.


Safety and security monitoring devices such as baby and assisted living monitoring systems, smoke detectors, fire hydrants, cameras, sensor-equipped drawers and safes, and home alarm systems. 


Health and fitness products that measure exercise, steps, sleep, weight, blood pressure, and other statistics.


Intelligent traffic management systems , including toll-taking operations, congestion penalties, and smart parking-space management.


Waste management systems , such as garbage cans and recycle bins with RFID tags that allow sanitation staff to see when garbage has been put out."Pay as you throw programs" are also likely to decrease garbage waste and increase recycling efforts.


Industrial uses , including Internet-managed assembly lines, connected factories, and warehouses, etc.

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