Helen Flanagan is ‘giddy’ to be back with Scott Sinclair, and that sound you hear is James ‘Arg’ Argent weeping into a pillow - Sexy Balla | News Daily About Sexy Balla | Scoop.it

James,” James ‘Arg’ Argent’s mum, Mrs Argent, shouts up the stairs. “James,” she’s shouting. “James. Where’s all that Ben & Jerry’s gone? We had a freezer full of it. We had an obscene amount.” A trail of Chunky Monkey leads to his room. “DO NOT COME IN,” he shouts through the door. “DO. NOT. COME IN.” Inside, dressed in nothing but pants and his heartbreak, he sobs to himself. “Argy,” he says, a spoonful of Cookie Dough smeared down his buxom chest. “Bargy.”