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Robin Good: If you are looking for a free and simple alternative to SlideShare you may want to give a look to this new free presentation sharing service which allows you to upload PowerPoint and PDF files without much hussle.


Presentations can be viewed in full screen, shared on social media, tagged and categorized, and made available for download if so desired.


The service looks clean, simple to use, and promising. (I needed one).


Note: Just to warm-up their engine and see how it reacted, I have uploaded both a 74MB .PPT and a 2Mb one. The first one reached its end but then nothing showed up while the smaller file gave me no problems at all. Here is the uploaded presentation:  

http://slideonline.com/presentation/116-design-delle-informazioni-test-slides (it's a test file)

Examples of other uploaded presentations: http://slideonline.com/presentation/latest ;

Free to use.


N.B.: There is hardly any information on the site, "About", and "Learn More" links are not working, so be prudent before uploading your whole library here.

Update: As I have just learned from a timely email (who wrote me as  am writing this very Scoop - without knowing it) from Julian working on the development team, the only reason is that the service is just brand new... so, just give them time... and lots of feedback.


Try it out now: http://slideonline.com/  ;

Via Robin Good, michel verstrepen