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Featured Marketing Automation Article


How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Programs - Marketo

From - Today, 8:16 AM


Measuring the contribution that a marketing program has on revenue is the holy grail of marketing measurement. Learn what you should be looking at when measuring.


Each sequential method on this list will give you a more accurate view into your customer value data – but this additional insight also comes with a corollary rise in cost and complexity.  As a result, most organizations begin the process of Marketing Program Measurement with the first and second methodologies, and begin to experiment with more approaches as they move up the maturity curve. According to The Lenskold Group / eMedia Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study, almost 2/3 of companies use either no tracking or basic single attribution.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Post of the week! A GREAT, practical guide on methodologies to measure marketing ROI, and how to do it. A must read!



Hey, B2B: Grow Up and Get a Social Media Strategy, Will You? - Profs

From - Today, 8:28 AM


Social Media - Many B2B marketers are still avoiding social media. They wonder whether it works and how in the world they can tell whether it's working. Let's put that excuse to rest ...


Key excerpt...


Which is why social media has just as much a place in a B2B marketing plan and budget as tradeshows. Maybe more, since—unlike tradeshows—social media is an ongoing opportunity that continually attracts "e-attendees."


The numbers back up that contention, according to a recent Thomas Industrial Purchasing Barometer (IPB) study:

Exactly one-fourth (25%) of industrial buyers turn to the professional networking site LinkedIn when sourcing industrial products and services.In addition, 11.8% find market-specific forums to be useful resources.Nearly half (46%) of buyers would advise potential suppliers looking to gain new business to use LinkedIn, while 39% would recommend using forums.

"Social media has made it easier to see more about the services and tools available and helps us make our purchases," one buyer participating in the study said.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Here's what we thought to be incredibly important: the author is director of digital media at Thomas Industrial Network, and if Thomas Industrial Network is touting the benefits of social media, then you know it's beyond the chasm.  Recommend clicking through to read the author's post.



Three content marketing tips from LinkedIn on reaching its audience - Econsultancy

From - Today, 8:23 AM




Use Slideshare content ads

Slideshare is another niche social network built around sharing presentation that was acquired by LinkedIn last year. Here is an example of how one of my presentations on content marketing looks on the Slideshare platform. Marketers with great content to put in front of their audience should rejoice over the LinkedIn/Slideshare match up – which let’s face it, is made in heaven – because the first product of their union is a new approach to targeted advertising which combines traditional display ad inventory with presentations you can embed.


Track metrics and lead gen from your LinkedIn Company Page

Company Pages have been on our head of social’s radar for inbounds since they launched late last year. They are obviously great in a B2B context, and expanding quickly in what they can offer brands and companies across a variety of industries. Your content marketing efforts here should focus on determining which types of offers work best to generate business leads, and it is great that Hootsuite recently integrated tracking and targeting from Company Pages


iNeoMarketing's insight:

We scooped two of the three, which we believed to be important for the B2B marketer.  Completely agree with the author that the combination of LinkedIn and SlideShare is potent.


_____________________________________________________________ Customers Get Access to Predictive Offers - CRM Magazine

From - Today, 8:03 AM


KXEN puts predictive analytics in the cloud for business users.




Today, predictive analytics provider KXEN launched Predictive Offers for the AppExchange, allowing customers to further harness contact, opportunity, and social data residing in their CRM systems. According to John Ball, KXEN's CEO, "The strategy here is to build these predictive applications that make cloud systems smarter."


iNeoMarketing's insight:

We normally do not scoop product announcements, but this one caught our eye as we've been searching for an integrated solution for predictive analytics. We need to research this further, but in the interim, please click through for further review.



New research shows 80% of Marketers have marketing analytics...and why this sucks! - G2M Solutions

From - Today, 7:49 AM


Key Takeaways excerpted…


1. Start capturing data

In the vast majority of cases your competitors are already capturing data on their marketing. If you aren't you need to start doing something about this NOW. Without data to analyze your marketing investments you are likely to get left in your competitors' dust. They will be generating more leads and revenue for the same dollars invested.


2. Review your marketing systems

Think carefully about the marketing systems you use to collect and manage data. Multiple, disparate systems introduce exponentially greater complexity and time and create significant barriers to generating real insight. Consider marketing automation packages that include marketing analytics built right into the software. This is why there is such a strong upswing in preference for all-in-one marketing automation packages.


3. Hire data-driven people

Look to hire, or retrain staff, who understand how marketing analytics work and know how to build a systematic measurement capability. Moreover they know how to analyze the data and make recommendations for improvement...and then do it all over again. If this task is beyond you financially, hiring smart inbound marketing agencies who get digital marketing and the measurement piece in particular is a great alternative option. 


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Rather than scooping the negatives, we went right to the author's takeaways which are foundational for any marketing technology implementation: right data, right systems, right people.



Email Optimization: A single word change results in a 90% lift in sign-ups | MarketingExperiments

From - Today, 7:57 AM


Major takeaway...


As you can see, the treatment changing “your” to “my” resulted in a 90% lift in sign-ups.


“One might be inclined to label this test as a fluke, because it seems so out of proportion that one word could have such a dramatic effect. But I’ve performed the same test on multiple sites, and I’ve consistently seen lifts of 30% to 90% by simply changing the possessive determiner ‘your’ to ‘my’ in the CTA copy,” Michael explained.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Amazing! One simple change having such a profound impact! So (1) change the possessive, and (2) test, test, test!  Please click through for other testing results.



The Most Common Misconception About Lead Nurturing | SiriusDecisions Blog

From - Today, 7:35 AM




Here are some tips to help you make this distinction and guide the development of a focused, effective approach to lead nurturing:

Segment and categorize leads. Unlike a drip marketing program, which may involve sending the same automated response to all responders, nurture involves segmenting and categorizing your leads, based on where they sit in the demand waterfall, to determine what type of treatment (i.e. content, offers and messages) they will receive to influence further engagement.Guide buyers through the buying process. Lead nurture is designed to facilitate a buyer’s journey through the buying process and influence his or her decisionmaking process along the way. Unlike drip marketing, in which all responders receive the same message and offers, lead nurturing takes into account individual buyer preferences and delivers relevant messaging and content within the context of the stages of the buying cycle.Determine how leads will be transitioned. Drip marketing programs tend to have a standard, impersonal method of followup. Lead nurturing involves the identification of specific signals that indicate a potential buyer is ready to move back into an active demand state, and a disposition that is tailored to the needs of the buyer and his or her stage in the buying cycle.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

We often hear people incorrectly use the term lead nurturing, and this post captures the essence of lead nurturing as compared to drip marketing and triggered emails.



Click Here: 11 Ways to Improve Your Call to Actions - QuickSprout

From - Today, 7:45 AM


Over the years I’ve learned a lot about improving conversion rates. Some of my knowledge has came from hiring conversion rate consultants, or even running my own a/b tests, but most of it has come from co-founding 2 analytics companies: KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.


One of the easiest ways you can boost your conversion rates is by optimizing your call to actions (CTAs). Here are 11 ways you can improve your CTAs:


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Neil Patel is great. Always delivers on proven techniques to help us with the nuts and bolts associated with getting action from our marketing efforts. Strongly recommend that you click through to learn the 11 ways to improve your CTAs!



5 Marketing Automation Processes to Adopt for Vital Impact -

From - Today, 7:25 AM


The abundance of features now available within marketing automation software can cause marketers to be confused and intimidated. Every marketer must ask themselves, “Where should my efforts be focused to generate a successful campaign?”


To help answer this question, LeadMD has created a document including the five features to utilize for the most impact. Although these five feature may come across as scary to many, don’t be discouraged! In this white paper, you’ll learn how to brake down these processes quickly and easily to gain powerful return.



Search Mojo | LinkedIn vs. Facebook Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

From - Today, 7:30 AM


When it comes to social media advertising, there are a variety of options available to you. Download our LinkedIn vs. Facebook Advertising infographic to help you make a more informed decision about where to spend your money.



The Science of Marketing Automation - HubSpot

From - Today, 7:21 AM


Marketing automation doesn’t have to mean automating spam. You can automate marketing people love.This presentation includes the data you need to know to automate your marketing efforts, including channels from email marketing to social media. Using large datasets and real data, you’ve never seen marketing automation taught like this.



FREE eBook: Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code - Jill Konrath

From - Today, 7:23 AM


Recently [Jill Konrath] surveyed 3000+ salespeople. 4.9% of them were blowing it out on LinkedIn. And, what they're doing with it is fundamentally different from what most sellers were doing.


To learn more about the 2013 Sales & LinkedIn Survey, get Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code now. You'll get the inside scoop on:

LinkedIn capabilities that top sellers use frequently.Social selling strategies that lead to more sales.Action steps to better leverage LinkedIn for prospecting.


Download the eBook now -->



More Email Opens and Clicks Are Now Occurring in the First Day Post-Delivery -Marketing Charts

From - Today, 7:20 AM


An analysis of email speed of response by Experian Marketing Services reveals that between 2010 and 2012, the proportion of opens and clicks received in the first day increased by an average of 5-6%. The findings, contained in Experian’s Q4 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Study, are attributed to the “immediacy of mobile,” as the share of opens occurring on a mobile device continues to grow.

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