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14 #Customer #Experience Trends for 2014 (The Year of Empathy)

14 #Customer #Experience Trends for 2014 (The Year of Empathy) | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
It's time to identify key customer experience trends for next year. We did a pretty good job of identifying 13 CX trends for 2013 and many of those trends will continue on into 2014, so they remain...
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

@TemkinGroup is focused on the Customer Experience, therefore it's fitting to close the year with their insights.

Share your thoughts on the 14 trends listed.

Best wishes to all of you for a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

Zento Mike Warren's curator insight, December 31, 2013 8:01 PM

Great thoughts for day 1 of 2014!

Ali Anani's curator insight, January 2, 5:12 AM

Trends continuity of customers' needs and wants

Ranjit Kovilinkal's curator insight, January 5, 11:20 PM

Point No: 9 is interesting and what we are currently working on...myHealthValet app is currently under prototyping...

New Customer - Passenger Experience
Everyone are now focused on the customer experience to drive more brand loyalty, in return increase revenues, while streamlining cost structures. All topics are discussed and considered, #Management / #Leadership, #Customer #Journey, #Social #Media, #Content #Marketing, #Mobile, #Data and many more as they all impact a customer / passenger #experience. Get ready to navigate the next business and social trends that will impact everyone's bottom line. If you want to engage further, reach out via all my social networks, starting with Twitter: @Eric_Determined
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5 Rules for Strategic #Partnerships in a #Digital World

5 Rules for Strategic #Partnerships in a #Digital World | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Rule 1. Never innovate alone. 
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"Both B2C and B2B companies are in an arms race to develop innovative user experiences, expand distribution, and capture new sources of monetization. Digital leaders are discovering that their future depends not just on what their own companies can do, but on the capabilities, functions, channels, and insights they can tap by partnering with others."

Do you agree?


Rule 1. Never innovate alone. 

Rule 2. Understand that no single company has a lock on user preferences. 

Rule 3. Focus first on a great user experience, not the value exchange.

Rule 4. Strike the right balance between scale and customization.

Rule 5. Treat your partnership like your business.

Is your company open to partnership?

John Thomas's curator insight, December 26, 1:46 AM

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2015 #Digital #Marketing Trends

2015 #Digital #Marketing Trends | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
The rise of the seamless transaction
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Bruno shares a well rounded picture of the different trends:

1) From #multiscreen to ubiquitous internet devices


2) #Content and #social meets advertising


3) Taking the #multichannel #customer #journey seriously


4) The rise of the seamless transaction

Have you heard of Phygital or Storytailing ?

#Mobile payment, #Multi-device, #Data, #Branded Content, Marketing Automation, #Web-to-Store, #Personalization, Sharing Economy, Quick Delivery

Denise Barbezani's curator insight, December 19, 6:35 AM

Check out the different trends shared by Bruno Berthezene. It is a #multichannel journey and automation plays and important part on the road to success.


kamola's curator insight, December 20, 7:03 PM

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#Mobile Will Revive & Redefine #Content #Marketing

#Mobile Will Revive & Redefine #Content #Marketing | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Since the dawn of the digital age, brands have recognized that success depends on their ability to build rich relationships with consumers hungry for engaging content and personalized experience. Nearly three decades later, mobile and in turn, mobile marketing, has the capacity to do just that: engage the consumer personally in real time with targeted, relevant context. Still, running digitized content on mobile without thoughtfully taking into consideration the complexity of the mobile platform will not instantly catalyze consumer engagement.
Successful content marketing models must integrate and elevate the experience of the consumer while on a mobile device. Brands must present something valuable to get something valuable in return.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"Successful #content #marketing models must integrate and elevate the #experience of the #consumer while on a #mobile device.

#Brands must present something valuable to get something valuable in return."

What is the value your favorite brand offers, that engages you via your mobile device?

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How to win in 2015: Personalize, customize, incentivize & entertain

How to win in 2015: Personalize, customize, incentivize & entertain | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
A social-media complaint can cost a company millions and a review shape a restaurant's fortune. Find out ways that consumer feedback can shape product decisions.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"No matter the industry, the entertainment factor is critical to building a #brand that can successfully attract new customers, retain existing ones and deliver a lasting, multidimensional experience."

It's about building a lasting #relationship with your clients, and deliver the right #engagement across all channels.

Punch Digital 's curator insight, December 15, 6:43 PM

A must read heading into 2015 , this article sums up 4 points that should be or closely related to the main pillars of your marketing efforts. Taking this article on board should give your marketing efforts in 2015 the boost it needs.

Where can you find a design driven video production company that can deliver your company's message heading into 2015? Jumbla offer an extensive range of services including motion graphics, animation and explainer videos for the corporate sector.

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Blurring the lines between #Digital & Physical to deliver the best #CustExp!

Blurring the lines between #Digital & Physical to deliver the best #CustExp! | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
After what most would consider a brutal holiday shopping season last year thanks to a well-publicized data breach, Target is rebounding with a slew of mobile and digital investments aimed at driving foot traffic.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

With brands such as @Target leveraging #mobile games with in-store experience through unique codes to unlock the next level, it's important for the future of retail to blend digital with physical, do you agree?

I had posted a previous article of successful campaigns from @MarcJacobs & @Nordstrom leveraging their social engagement via @Twitter & @Pinterest to drive results: "How to Link Social Engagement with Real Business Results"

Share your thoughts.

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2015 forecast requires heavier brand investment into #mobile

2015 forecast requires heavier brand investment into #mobile | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"Consumers are looking at shopping now as an activity they can do anytime and anywhere."

Is your company focused on greater #Mobile engagement for 2015?

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5 steps to integrated #customer #experience

5 steps to integrated #customer #experience | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
How to integrate customer experience into every facet of your brands's day-to-day operations.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

5 steps:

1) Define #customer #experience

2) Map the #customer #journey

3) Connect the journey with the experience

4) Create a ‘playbook’

5) Continuous Learning, Feedback & Improvement

This last step is key to your long term success: "continuously assess, improve and change the strategies to keep the ‘playbook’ up to date.

Enhancing customer experience is not a one-time exercise, or necessarily a big project with infinite #ROI, it is a continuous journey and one which evolves constantly to keep up to date with new developments in #technology, #analytics and customer habits.

Every interaction with a customer, no matter how small, should be consistently monitored, and companies should make sure they are always ‘connecting the dots’ in order to build an evolving system that improves with each encounter. "

The Zappos "Deliver Happiness" philosophy is not only focused on customers, but employees too. 

Which other companies do you feel connect well across all channels and offer positive customer experience throughout your customer journey?

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Is @Instagram crucial to your business?

Is @Instagram crucial to your business? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
As Facebook continues to ease the way businesses pay-to-play on its network, its other social network Instagram has notoriously kept marketers at a much further arm’s length.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

@Facebook vs @Twitter, @Instagram vs @Pinterest, @Tumblr , #Google+, #WeChat, etc...  all #social #media platforms where users engage and share.

Companies are focused on monetizing as many channels as possible, but in the meantime, these platforms are driving brand equity, creating and building #relationship, improving #loyalty, raising #customer lifetime value. All the nebulous metrics that are terribly difficult to measure, but are absolutely crucial to your business - do  you agree?

Amanda Nadon-Langlois's curator insight, December 4, 1:49 PM

The very last paragraph of this article says it all. From a Public Relations perspective, or mine anyways, companies should definitely be on Instagram. While it may not help with direct sales,  strategic hashtaggs gets their content shared all over the world.

Not only does this platform help organizations put a face to the name, but also helps them build trust. Companies can call to action, asking advocates to #regram or #doubletap their posts. 

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The #Customer #Experience #Culture

The #Customer #Experience #Culture | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Engaged customers themselves become ambassadors for your brand: your extended marketing team for the human-driven world of today.

• The inspiration you receive from these customers, and the customers they bring to you, inspires you to do your work better and better. Putting customers at the center is no longer a chore, but an inspired passion.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Micah highlights some of the key points to establishing the right #customer #experience #culture. 

"Putting customers at the center is no longer a chore, but an inspired passion."

Does your company follow the same principle?
When you deliver outstanding customer experiences, you gain their loyalty, then through continuous engagement you aim to gain their advocacy (brand ambassadors). These same brand ambassadors become a direct extension to your marketing team, playing an important role with direct impact to bottomline results. Do you agree?
Punch Digital 's curator insight, November 26, 7:42 PM

This article highlights the importance and the need for engaging your customers, no more so than today with online marketing. The power of the consumer and their ability to share and use their own social platforms as vehicles for promotion, is not to be ignored.

Here are some interesting stats, which should give some insight into how to target today's consumer;

- In June 2013,  86.2% of internet users viewed online video

- Video ad's accounted for 25% of all videos viewed online

That's all well and good but with the total number videos viewed being 44 billion, the question is how do you cut through the noise?

Using a professional video marketing company like Lumeo, will allow you to create the necessary engagement to put your self ahead of your competition and in front of your target market.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers. ~ Shiv Singh

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Are The #Customer #Experience Stakes Higher on #Mobile?

Are The #Customer #Experience Stakes Higher on #Mobile? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
With many companies treating their mobile interactions with customers as an 'afterthought', we wonder whether they recognize the risks they are taking with their customers base.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

The stakes are higher in #Mobile.

In 2013, there were 102 billion app downloads.  

1/4 of them were used just once and never touched again!

3 important points to consider:

  • Buyers see mobile customer experience as an 'elite' capability and make quick judgements based on early experiences ('they just don't have it")
  • The very nature of mobile is that customers are looking for quick results when they are short on time and have less tolerance for hiccups on mobile than on other platforms or brick and mortar environments
  • The difference between bad and good #CX is magnified on mobile with the best retailers having extremely well thought out and executed mobile sites

Once a customer downloads your #App, make sure you develop an engagement strategy that offers value and incentives, in order to strengthen your customer relationships.

Is #gamification a possible solution to keep your customers engaged, share your thoughts?

Apptimate's curator insight, November 22, 4:04 AM

Yes the stakes are much higher in mobile, and it's  not only about user interface, They want immediate response. They need security and privacy protection. And this will put enormous pressure on corporate IT departments to deliver the same experience in internal systems and apps

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The #Customer #Experience Lessons @Ford

The #Customer #Experience Lessons @Ford | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Ford Motor Company took home a silver award in the Customer-Centric Culture category at the inaugural Loyalty360 CX Awards unveiled at the 4th Annual Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo this week in Dallas, TX.
Andrew Ashman, Lincoln Client Experience Manager, Ford Motor Company sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s fervent push toward a comprehensive customer-centric culture.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

It's great to see a large company like @Ford understanding the importance to adapt the business and respond to the needs of its customers.

- It's start with the right Culture

- Incorporating customers and suppliers input within all strategic decisions

- Empowering employees to delight customers

- Nurture and build strong relationships to drive loyalty.

If you recently purchased or leased a vehicle via Ford or any other car manufacturers, share your experience...

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Do We Care About #Brands?

Do We Care About #Brands? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Most people worldwide would not care if more than 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow. Can people care about brands? If the answer is yes, then what are companies doing wrong?
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

According to a survey, most people would not care if 73% of the brands would disappear!?

Share your latest experience on what your favorite brands are doing to earn your Loyalty, and ultimately your Advocacy?

It does start with earning your #trust.

Great insight @annettefranz @SDLjames with strong value connections @TOMS @USAA

Fred Zimny's curator insight, November 8, 12:20 AM

Focus on encounters and experiences in stead of managing relations.

Ahmed Alkandari's curator insight, November 15, 9:01 PM

"Most people worldwide would not care if more than 73% of brand disappeared." So, are companies wasting their money on advertisements and marketing; since, most people won't care about weather the brand will disappeared or not?! People who have brand loyalty are supposed to care if the brand they are loyal to will be available or not on the future. Also would these people considered faithful to their brand if they don't care?

What are brands might been doing wrong with customers?

don't focus on the customersare not providing value relative to priceare not providing value relative to the competition/alternativeshave broken customers' trustdon't deliver on their promisesdon't care about customersdon't meet customer expectationsare not innovative (think "same old same old")deliver a fragmented or poor experience

With all of these point, the relationship between them and their customers will be broken. Therefore, companies should focus more on their customers and design a good customer experience. Companies shouldn't only care about making money, they should also care and focus about being a part of something that matters to people and mean something to them.


Most of the article was asking questions and some questions didn't have answers in the article, they are open for general thinking and answering. It's interesting about how most people won't care if a brand disappeared on the future; for me I would! Of course life won't stop and new brands will enter the market. However, Some brands people got used to it and can's change that easily; the example of Apple. I also found it important about what they mentioned for customers relationship with the company. In my opinion, companies that focuses more on their relationship with their customers and making sure to build an experience with their customers are more successful than companies that focusses on making profits and increase their revenue. I a customer became loyal to a company and he had an experience with that company, he won't mind paying more on that company's goods. The reason is that the company had built a trust and an experience to that customer so he will be faithful and he would care about the brand and the company.

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#Brand #Marketing: Photobomb vs. the Selfie

#Brand #Marketing: Photobomb vs. the Selfie | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
In these digital times information moves fast, trends move faster, and boredom is a online marketer’s biggest enemy. As the Selfie trend becomes old news, the Photobomb is holding strong. Why? And how can you use them for brand marketing?
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

#Content #Marketing, whether via photo or video will continue to play an important role to engage your customers, friends, fans, etc...

Karen shares some creative approaches, which one did you like best?

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In this #Digital Era, how are you Strengthening your Employee #Relationships ?

In this #Digital Era, how are you Strengthening your Employee #Relationships ? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Employees are disengaged at work, and organizations have been exploring how social and digital technologies can address this
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Richard Branson "If you run a business, put on top your Employees, then your Customers, and then your Shareholders"

As Charlene Li highlights, "#Relationships are the lifeblood of a B2B company, with customers and with business partners. Everybody could potentially be doing marketing and sales through #engagement. Having your #employees empowered to do that becomes absolutely critical for B2B companies."

As businesses understand the importance of customer #journey maps, have you created an employee journey map?

When you build #trust with your employees, and give them a clear vision and understanding of their role within the company, they become one of your greatest asset. This improves productivity, and has a direct impact to profitability.

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The Secret to #Customer Retention

The Secret to #Customer Retention | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
In today's post I explore: What happens when companies spend huge sums of (marketing) dollars on customer acquisition when they can't even keep the customers they have because their products, services, and experience stink?
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"Customer retention is paramount to acquisition!"

Do you agree?

What are you doing to build and nurture your current customer relationships? 

Annette shares valuable facts:

1) A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 25-95%. -Bain & Co/HBR

2) A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%. -Emmet and Mark Murphy

3) The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. -Marketing Metric

4) Customer profitability tends to increase over the life of a retained customer. -Emmet and Mark Murphy

5) 55% of current marketing budget is spent is on new customer acquisition and only 12% on customer retention. -McKinsey

6) It is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep a current one. -White House Office of Consumer Affairs

7) A 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of the company. -Bain & Co

8) Most important marketing objectives? 29.9% think it should be customer acquisition, and 26.6% think it is customer retention; however, 62.2% admit that they concentrate on customer acquisition, with only 20.6% focusing on customer retention. –Emarketer

9) 80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers. -Gartner

10) A 10% increase in customer retention yields a 30% increase in the value of the company. -Bain & Co

11) Repeat customers spend 33% more compared to new customers. -Laura Lake

John E Walsh's curator insight, December 18, 3:29 PM

Great piece with some some fantastic stats.

sharon lewis's curator insight, December 22, 2:45 PM

Often referred to as "the leaky bucket syndrome", companies are loosing money when customers leave as often as they come on-board through the acquisition process.. This article re-iterates some great stats on the financial power of customer retention programs.

How many companies do you see making an effort to keep your business as a customer?

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2015 An Explosive Year For Visual Content

2015 An Explosive Year For Visual Content | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Content is and will be the king; it holds true for any medium – print, radio, TV or social media. One of the trends that we have witnessed in 2014 at Lighthouse Insights (LI) while reviewing social…
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Top 9 Quotes from Digital executives, which will apply globally!

1. "Good #storytelling in 2015 will be all about what we see"


2. "We can expect a shift from pure play brand related content and more emphasis on #engagement, entertainment, infographics

and topical issues. The trick here will be to connect this communication with brand values and identity, creating shareable content."


3."Seeing is believing – that is how #content will be created and consumed in 2015 for digital properties."


4. Audience would see the magic of Art + Technology + #Gamification + User behavior and in future should expect Biometric data to be added giving users personalized storytelling."


5. "The internet was built on text and codes, but 2015 could potentially be the year where users shift to consuming and brands shift to establishing unique & original visual languages on #social #media."


6. " #Visual is a trend that’s going to influence how humans communicate in future. I find this ironical, considering man’s first attempt at communication was visual too… remember cave drawings? Who knows what the future holds."


7. "What matters most in visual content are things that relate to people’s lives. Emoting expressions on social media in the form of #stickers is going to empower the rest."


8. "In 2015, visual content will only become more evident as social media will get increasingly #mobile, with more #Apps for businesses and consumers to use."


9. "We have followed a pattern of evolution. It starts being text or information heavy, graduates to minimal visual representation, strikes a balance between the two and finally reaches the “A #picture is worth a thousand words” stage."

How do you see the evolution of visual content?

Which statement above do you like best?

Riyaj Rahmathali's curator insight, December 22, 2:59 AM

Content is and will always be the king...

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The Next Era: Engagement #Marketing

The Next Era: Engagement #Marketing | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
In an effort to try and map out the future, Marketo and The Economist have teamed up to offer some insights and advice by talking with some of the best marketing minds out there. In addition to surveying thousands of marketers--we had in-depth conversations with a varied field of marketing experts. From marketing luminary Seth Godin, to Bain Capital executive Aditya Joshi, we gathered rich insights about the future of marketing. What follows is a great dialogue we had with Seth Godin.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Seth Godin says to forget #ROI!

It's about relationship building and delivering the right engagement across all channels.

As you personalize your #customer #experience, you are creating brand stories worth sharing.

You are building loyalty and nurturing advocacy, each have a direct impact to your bottomline.

Do you agree with Seth's views on how Marketing has changed and where we are heading?

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10 Benefits to #Loyalty Programs & #Gamification

10 Benefits to #Loyalty Programs & #Gamification | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Providers and partners alike are being better engaged with customer engagement programs like loyalty/rewards programs. NEWS ALERT- click here for special offer    Here are a few of the many be...
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Customer Engagement #Experience - Do you agree that this is the new frontier for #brands who are looking to strengthen their #customer relationships and nurture #loyalty and #advocacy?

Loyalty and reward programs incentivize customers to engage, while gamification offers discovery and competition, areas which drive a greater emotional connection.

It's time for brands to capitalize on new platforms to driver stronger engagement with their customers, especially via #mobile platform. If you want a suggestion, reach out via Twitter @Eric_Determined or all other social networks.

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How to have a Human moment with #Customers!?

How to have a Human moment with #Customers!? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
While technology alone can’t produce great marketing, great marketing today depends on the strategic use of technology and data to uncover even the tiniest customer insight or opportunity to make deeper connections and add value.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"While #technology alone can’t produce great #marketing, great marketing today depends on the strategic use of technology and #data to uncover even the tiniest customer insight or opportunity to make deeper connections and add value."

Do you agree?

As you identify your customer journey, implement solutions at every touchpoint, learn and adapt, you can then focus on delighting your customers every chance you are given.

Darcy Bevelacqua's curator insight, December 4, 11:59 AM

Data and customer insight combined with journey mapping help you get insight into the ways you can add value for your customers.

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Visual listening is the next big thing in #Social !

Visual listening is the next big thing in #Social ! | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
1) Following the money.
Brands rely on campaigns targeting bloggers and influencers to organically build buzz among followers on image-based social networks, and it’s a tactic that works incredibly well. But now, Pinterest and Instagram are introducing advertising with the goal of dramatically monetizing their currently-bare bottom lines. There are several recent reports that show Pinterest is pricing CPMs at $30-40 and that Instagram’s CPMs will also be on the high-end, with month-long campaigns starting at $350,000 and up. In 2015, you can expect to see major brands diverting advertising spends from traditional channels like TV into image-based social networks to up their game and stand apart from the competition. After all, glossy and gorgeous imagery is easily transferred to digital and social campaigns. Where there’s money spent, there is always the need for analytics and measurement in order to optimize and prove ROI.

2) Brand protection
Brands have enormous vested interest in knowing where and how their images are being used and shared – deliberately or otherwise — and to glean insights about people’s relationships with, and reactions to, their content. Equally important, visual listening will help brands ensure that other parties are not misusing their images.

3) Serendipitous insights
Visual listening will open up a world of insights and new business opportunities by discovering more about the moments in which branded images are used in relation to other images, content, and social markers. Using visual listening, you’ll be able to spot patterns and correlations that could lead to serendipitous discoveries, fuel new under-the-surface campaigns, reveal untapped audiences and stimulate product development ideas. For example, imagine the type of campaigns a sneaker brand can create after discovering that consumers are frequently sharing photos of their latest kicks while drinking coffee at Starbucks.

4) Tech innovation
Data science has come a long way. I believe that in 2015 the industry will innovate to make it possible to train a computer to recognize the difference between an image of a dog and a cat. It could even be sophisticated and powerful enough to discern a highly nuanced brand signal, like the crown within the Starbucks logo or the leaf at the top of Apple’s logo. Word on the street is that Facebook is already using some pretty advanced image recognition technology to identify faces in photos and images posted. These kinds of leaps in technology will unleash the potential and sophistication of visual listening.

5) Emotions front and center
Emojis, emoticons, and stickers are an integral part of our social vernacular as well as everyday conversations on text and chat. Earlier this year, the Unicode Consortium introduced approximately 250 brand new “pictographic symbols,” including such recognizable additions as the middle finger and the Vulcan salute. In 2015, more racially diverse emojis will be released. Since emojis are technically code, not images, they can today be measured through standard textual tools but for brands, the visual listening (and learning) opportunity lies in understanding how emojis are used contextually, alongside their logos and images.

6) Command centers as real-time visual listening sources
As the social environment matures in 2015, I anticipate that command centers will spread as a mainstream business tool. By tapping into unified views of textual and visual listening in a totally engaging way, marketers will create a compelling source of social intelligence and action.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Will McInness highlights the 6 key reasons:

1) Following the money

2) Brand protection

3) Serendipitous insights

4) Tech innovation

5) Emotions front and center 

6) Command centers as real-time visual listening sources

How important are images when it comes to your social sharing?

How more likely are you to engage socially with brands via photo-sharing campaigns?

Darcy Bevelacqua's curator insight, December 1, 9:56 AM

Punch Digital 's curator insight, December 1, 5:20 PM

Great food for thought this morning on where you should focus your marketing efforts for 2015

If you're looking to engage an agency that can take your marketing efforts to the next level,  and engage your target audience the right way.

Check out to see an amazing portfolio and the range of services they could offer you and your business today.

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In #CX, you must accelerate, match or outpace the speed of market transformation

In #CX, you must accelerate, match or outpace the speed of market transformation | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
The customer landscape is shifting. It always does. This time, however, the door to Digital Darwinism has been kicked off its hinges. Technology and society are evolving faster than the ability to adapt. Consumers are becoming more connected. As such, they’re more informed. With information comes empowerment. And with new found connectedness and power, customer expectations begin to shatter current sales, marketing, and support models.
Social, mobile, and real-time each contribute to a new reality for customer experiences and engagement.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

As @BrianSolis rightfully points out:

"The customer landscape is shifting. It always does. This time, however, the door to Digital Darwinism has been kicked off its hinges. #Technology and society are evolving faster than the ability to adapt. Consumers are becoming more connected. As such, they’re more informed. With information comes empowerment. And with new found connectedness and power, customer expectations begin to shatter current sales, #marketing, and support models.

#Social, #mobile, and real-time each contribute to a new reality for #customer #experiences and #engagement."

Will your company be ready for the customer of tomorrow?

Darcy Bevelacqua's curator insight, November 26, 4:43 PM

Customers are more connected, informed and empowered than ever. Keeping up with the pace of change is geting more difficult. What are you doing to prepare for tomorrow? 

Michael Allenberg's curator insight, December 8, 8:59 AM

Excellent book from Solis... #innovateorDie

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#Social #Media & #Mobile #Marketing: A Marriage Made in Heaven

#Social #Media & #Mobile #Marketing: A Marriage Made in Heaven | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
According to statistics recently published by eWeek, social media and mobile marketing currently go hand-in-hand. A study conducted by Millward Brown Digital found that 34 percent of shoppers used the
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"Clearly, #mobile #marketing is no longer simply the future but is now very much present."

As you build trust with your customers, you need to nurture that relationship through positive mobile engagement. How are you delivering ongoing engagement?

Elizabeth Dickey's curator insight, November 23, 5:04 PM

This article discusses how social media and mobile marketing currently go hand-in-hand. The article points out that one of the biggest challenges that many mobile marketers face is understanding how consumers utilize social media on their mobile devices.  Marketers should learn how to develop special campaigns in order to tap into the power of social media through mobile marketing. In terms of mobile marketing, consumers are looking for bite-sized chunks of info that they can consume quickly. The article explains the importance for companies to invest in a mobile optimized website. The implementation of a mobile design is the best way to ensure that all consumers will be able to enjoy a user-friendly experience.

I agree with this because I have used my phone to look up a restaurant menu in order to make a carry out order. The menu would not appear correctly on my phone, so I just looked up another restaurant to order from since I did not have access to an actual computer. That restaurant lost my business because the site was not compatible with my mobile device.

The article says that one of the most important steps towards effective social media marketing in the mobile domain is permission because relationships with customers are still built on trust. In order to reach consumers via social media in their mobile devices, it is important to ask permission. I agree with this because obtaining the consent customers is vital to establishing trust. As a smartphone user, I am aware of how accessible my information is. It would be positive for a company to first ask my permission.

Stephen Daniels's curator insight, November 24, 10:12 AM

This article, Social Media and Mobile Marketing: A Marriage Made in Heaven, is about the importance of mobile marketing in a world where consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices as they shop to make decisions. This is huge in the way of mobile marketing, creating opportunities for bands to interact and influence customers as they shop. This brings about the importance of having a site that is easy to navigate while shopping. This technique of using mobile technology can also help in distinguishing your brand from the competition by keeping up with what they are doing on social media and their mobile site. This has become increasingly important because of how fast social media and mobile marketing are evolving. By staying informed on your competition, you can better create unique messages that will stand out. This helps attract and retain customers by keeping them engaged with new content.

David Sousa's curator insight, November 24, 7:50 PM

It is apparent that social media and mobile marketing are a combined package these days. According to the article, a study showed that 34 percent of shoppers used their mobile devices while in stores to perform their shopping related activities. Another stat showed that 23 percent of shoppers used a social network on their mobile phone while they were in the store. Lastly, approximately 75 percent of consumers that are between 18 and 44 use a social network daily so the challenge marketer’s face is figuring out how consumers utilize social media on their mobile devices. The report also revealed that consumers who are using their social media accounts while in the store are doing so to view feedback about certain products and brands. I found that to be interesting because when I am in a store looking for a certain product or brand, I am not paying attention to my phone, I am paying attention to my search within the store. I am not a huge fan of shopping so when I go, I look to get what I came for and get out as soon as possible. My shopping time is not spent on my phone searching for things or feedback. However, it does not surprise me that nearly half of these consumers are doing so, according to the article. These days, everyone is on their phones. Whether it is sitting in class, in bed, during a sporting event, etc. To me, it’s a little obnoxious how much people are using their phones these days.  

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2015 - A Decisive Year For #Mobile Leaders

2015 - A Decisive Year For #Mobile Leaders | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Mobile reached a tipping point in 2014 as it solidified its position as one of the most disruptive technologies for businesses in decades. Not since the advent of the Internet has a technology forced businesses to rethink completely how they win, serve, and retain customers.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:
"@Forrester believes that, in the future, the new competitive battleground will be the mobile moment. Why? Consumers expect to engage with brands to get any information or service they desire immediately and in context. Today, 18% of US online consumers have this expectation, while 30% are in the midst of a transition to this mobile mind shift. This revolution is taking place quickly across the globe: Forrester forecasts that 42% of the total population globally will own a smartphone by the end of 2015."
Do you have a clear mobile strategy on how you intend to win, service and retain customers?
Does your business look at Mobile as just another channel?
With a growing focus on the #wearable market and #IoT, make sure your future is Mobile ready!
If you are looking for a solution to better engage your customers within your mobile environment, reach out, I have the perfect new startup client for you.
Sue Walsh's curator insight, November 17, 6:09 PM

I think the mobile moment is well and truly upon us. How do we start all thinking (for services and systems) with the customer at the centre and a mobile device in their hand ... rather than making it an add-on to our current systems and services?

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5 Tips to Engage Through the Buyer's Journey

5 Tips to Engage Through the Buyer's Journey | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Sales - In today's highly networked world, your customers expect to interact with you during every step of the buyer's journey. Here's how you can engage them.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

"With more mobile devices than humans and over one billion people participating in social networks, today's customers are more networked and better informed than ever."

CMO @SAPCloud shares his insight:

1. Be Part of the Conversation across all Channels

2. Use Analytics for Insight across Platforms

3. Personalize every Interaction

4. Build on previous #customer #experiences

5. Become a Predictive Business

Which brand currently connects well across your buyer journey?

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Beyond #Sales: The Business #KPI's of #Marketing #ROI

Beyond #Sales: The Business #KPI's of #Marketing #ROI | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Happier Customers, Better Products, Satisfied Employees
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

While the traditional focus for companies have been on new Customer Acquisition and Sales, the new focus should be on:

1) Happier Customers

2) Better Products or Services

3) Satisfied Employees

Do you agree?

Happier Customers share their positive experiences, as a result become brand advocate. Key factor to new customer acquisition.

Happy Customers share more ideas and provide feedback for continuous improvements. Another positive factor to sales growth.

With a focus on listening and empowering employees, while rewarding them, customers see and feel the difference, all impacting company bottomline.

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