New Customer - Passenger Experience
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New Customer - Passenger Experience
Everyone is now focused on the customer experience to drive more brand loyalty, in return increase revenues, while streamlining cost structures. All topics are discussed and considered, #Management / #Leadership, #Customer #Journey, #Social #Media, #Content #Marketing, #Mobile, #Data and many more as they all impact a customer / passenger #experience. Get ready to navigate the next business and social trends that will impact everyone's bottom line. If you want to engage further, reach out via all my social networks, starting with Twitter: @Eric_Determined - Representing new ventures in mobile and social engagement - Connect with me via LinkedIn:
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Get ready to "buy Beckham" via Remote Control!?

Get ready to "buy Beckham" via Remote Control!? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
H&M plans to air a 30-second Super Bowl spot starring David Beckham that will let viewers with certain Samsung smart TVs use the remote control to buy products.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

New technologies are permitting brands to engage further and through new channels.

This latest campaign from H&M will be watched by over 100 million viewers, therefore Delivery Agent will be keen to showcase their technology.

If the right product is offered while watching TV, would you be willing to purchase?

What are your thoughts on the Beckham bodywear and offer to purchase during the Superbowl?

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The Economics of Product Placements - ask @ray_ban @heineken @007 if they liked it!?

The Economics of Product Placements - ask @ray_ban @heineken @007 if they liked it!? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
75% of all network TV shows now feature product placements. Movies, music, and video games aren’t far behind. We explore the future of entertainment, brought to you by Volkswagen.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

John provides a thorough review of the economics behind product placements and traditional advertising. When it started and where it's heading.

Get used to it, brands are looking to continue building on that viewer experience. The difference now is that social media channels, second screen content and other solutions provide greater ways to engage and measure success of a campaign.

Classic examples like @BMW with @007 or @ReesesPBCups with #E.T.

Which film or TV Show have you noticed a lot of product placement? 

Has any one film or TV show lead you to purchase an item?

Share your experience?

Brett Reid's curator insight, October 2, 2014 3:52 AM

Television shows are fast becoming filled with product placement,  this article states 75 %  of all network shows feature product placements. This article gives figures on the benefits of product placement in famous movies and television shows.  It's mutually beneficial for the marketer and the show/movie as  its a means of using celebrities to endorse their products and  it brings a sense of realism using products people know and can relate to. 

Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's comment, October 2, 2014 6:20 PM
Thanks Matthew for adding your valuable comment to the discussion. It's great to see the topic being discussed and shared with further insight across Jacques, Rebecca, Rolando, Olivia, Saina and Brett. Stay engaged and welcome everyone's participation!
Payton Cox's curator insight, October 6, 2014 12:47 AM

This article discusses the economics behind product placement, when it started and where it is heading. Today, we have so much power over television advertising through ‘zipping’ and ‘zapping’ therefore, marketers have to advertise content through mediums consumers are actually interested in. When products are naturally inserted into the story lines of our favorite shows we often do not even recognize it as advertisement therefore, it is often more affective.