12 distinct social media personalities revealed including ‘Ranters’ and ‘Peacocks’ [infographic] | The Wall Blog | New Customer - Passenger Experience | Scoop.it

Do you like to strut your stuff when it comes to social media or do you have a tendency to get involved in protracted Twitter debates? Maybe you prefer to stay on the fringes?


Those are just some of the dozen distinct personalities revealed by a research project investigating the extent of the influence of social media in people’s lives.


The survey, conducted by online bank First Direct, found that social media, and the technology we use to access it, could be changing our personalities in quite fundamental ways as some of us exhibit traits very different on social networks to those that we have in the real world.


Dr David Giles, a reader in media psychology at Winchester University, who helped analyse the findings said that mobile devices in particularly have had a big impact not just on the amount of time we spend using social networks but on our personalities.

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Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.