New Customer - Passenger Experience
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New Customer - Passenger Experience
Everyone is now focused on the customer experience to drive more brand loyalty, in return increase revenues, while streamlining cost structures. All topics are discussed and considered, #Management / #Leadership, #Customer #Journey, #Social #Media, #Content #Marketing, #Mobile, #Data and many more as they all impact a customer / passenger #experience. Get ready to navigate the next business and social trends that will impact everyone's bottom line. If you want to engage further, reach out via all my social networks, starting with Twitter: @Eric_Determined - Representing new ventures in entertainment, mobile and social engagement - Connect with me via LinkedIn:
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The Key To Success?

The Key To Success? | New Customer - Passenger Experience |

What does it take to reach your goals? Some think it’s mostly about luck, smarts, and good looks. Nope. 

Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Some people think it’s mostly about luck, smarts, good looks, and social connections. Nope.


Angela Lee Duckworth shares her TED Talk:


Michael shares 6 techniques:


1)   Find Your Why

2)   Believe You Can

3)   Set Your Targets

4)   Measure Your Gains

5)   Build Your Team

6)   Celebrate Your Wins


@GaryVee knows the above well, as he confidently says “I will out-hustle you” #CrushIt


This is the reason I’m determined, how about you?

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Scooped by Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein!

4 Ways to Fail and One Way to Win

4 Ways to Fail and One Way to Win | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Success requires two things: goals and process. The tricky part is how you put those two things together.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Time to win in 2014 with the right goals and process, with a clear focus on #Customer #Experience :)

Which of the following statements is correct:

1. Ignore both goals and process. 

2. Focus on process and ignore goals. 

3. Focus on goals and ignore process. 

4. Focus on both goals and process. 

None of the above!

The One Way to Win

Be inspired by goals then attentive to process.

Are you ready to win Gold this year?

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