New Customer - Passenger Experience
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New Customer - Passenger Experience
Everyone is now focused on the customer experience to drive more brand loyalty, in return increase revenues, while streamlining cost structures. All topics are discussed and considered, #Management / #Leadership, #Customer #Journey, #Social #Media, #Content #Marketing, #Mobile, #Data and many more as they all impact a customer / passenger #experience. Get ready to navigate the next business and social trends that will impact everyone's bottom line. If you want to engage further, reach out via all my social networks, starting with Twitter: @Eric_Determined - Representing new ventures in entertainment, mobile and social engagement - Connect with me via LinkedIn:
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How To Become Customer Obsessed!

How To Become Customer Obsessed! | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
Forrester's new report, “A Customer-Obsessed Operating Model Demands A Close Partnership With Your CIO,” dives into the actions you must take to accelerate your journey to customer obsession.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:


To accelerate your journey to customer obsession, here are the 4 key areas shared between CMO & CIO:


1. People

2. Process

3. Technology

4. Metrics


PEOPLE - Given the rate of technology change, the only thing that is certain about your customers’ expectations next year is that they will be different from today. This is the reason you need close partnership and collaboration across the entire organization.


PROCESS - To begin your journey, adopt a business capability focus, mapping today’s capabilities to the overall customer life cycle. Then prioritize investments that best address the outcomes your customers most value.


TECHNOLOGY - Successful leaders look at customer value from the outside-in—first understanding the outcomes the customer desires, and then building the technology that the business needs to continuously meet those evolving needs.


METRICS - Sharing KPIs that measure the outcomes you deliver to your customers focuses everyone on the right things.


What is your organization implementing to stay aligned with your customer desires and expectations? 

Richard Bradley's curator insight, May 25, 2016 7:55 AM

The impact of Technology on the customer experience - becoming customer obsessed

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Wearables will interact with IoT to create new experiences!

Wearables will interact with IoT to create new experiences! | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
The Apple Watch release in early 2015 will set the stage for wider enterprise adoption of wearables. Are you ready?
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

JP Gownder @Forrester provides key insight into what we should expect across new #wearables:

1) Access

2) Navigation

3) Payments

Apple should help with greater exposure, but new companies such as @Nymiband and others are looking to carve out a share of the new customer experiences these devices will offer.

Which functionality would you like to have on your future wearable?

Roberto Nocera's curator insight, October 15, 2014 4:26 PM

preparing the next tech wave about wearables.  New frontier for the customer experience #cxm #wearable #customerexperience #iot

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Why all businesses need #Digital - 6 #IT Trends

Why all businesses need #Digital - 6 #IT Trends | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
The definition of "digital business" is a lot broader than you may think. "It's not just about technology companies and start-ups anymore," said Michael J. Biltz, an executive at Accenture, a firm specializing in consulting, technology services and outsourcing. "Every company is a technology company at its core and in the process of converting to a digital business." Think of a company that's looking for new ways to weave social, mobile, analytics and cloud techn Topic: Customer Experience.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

@AccentureLabs raises key trends and questions 

While businesses differ in size and scope, they share common goals: "Connect with customers #CX and sell more product." 


"When you start talking about disruption, there is always the possibility that you will disrupt yourself" - Be ready for that!


It’s about using that technology to create fundamental changes in the way work is done. Accenture report identifies six IT trends as drivers of this digital power shift:


- Digital-Physical Blur

- From Workforce to Crowdsource

- Data supply chain

- Harnessing Hyperscale

- Software as a Core Competency

- Architecting Resilience

Michael Biltz @mjbilz provides key arguments.

What further disruption do you anticipate?

Do you agree that digital is a key requirement for any size companies?

Ángeles Mirón Martín's curator insight, February 12, 2014 3:26 AM

Un mundo en constante transformación....

Ranjit Kovilinkal's curator insight, February 12, 2014 11:30 PM

Every business is digital...

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Customer Experience Needs Vision

Customer Experience Needs Vision | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
The challenge for organizations is to provide a customer experience that matches expectations in every channel and keeps customers coming back.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

Making the customer feel “right” is the goal, and it requires organizations to “act-as-one” when engaging customers in all touch points - do you agree?

Vision requires:

1) Emotional Connection

2) Compelling Value Proposition

3) Simple to Understand

4) Commitment and Expectations


1) Applying the Attributes

2) Make Communication Key

3) Transcend the Org Chart

4) IT at the Center

By putting IT at the center of business transformation you ensure the digital and non-digital experience can seamlessly work together to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Joe Cardilino's curator insight, June 4, 2015 1:26 PM

Right, how many people on the team can deliver on the promise so elegantly painted by the media technologists with beautiful graphics, box stock and replicated with today's interfaces???  It's always about us though... 



Sue Walsh's curator insight, June 4, 2015 7:48 PM

Love this simple diagram. It always amazes me that when an organisation becomes inward thinking and thinks it know best, product information is confusing and complex ... and does not meet customer needs/expectations/desires.

Romain MAZUIR's curator insight, June 10, 2015 5:34 PM

CX mantra ? #H2MWP

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Why #Marketing with #Big #Data is an ongoing journey!

Why #Marketing with #Big #Data is an ongoing journey! | New Customer - Passenger Experience |
CMOs must help IT peers understand business challenges, and vision for how you will be engaging your customers in the future.
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's insight:

In order to deliver a highly personalized customer experience at scale and maximize business results, it will require a close engagement and continuous coordination between Marketing and IT, in order to transform their joint approach to big data.

See examples from Clorox and John Deere. 

Do you have any other recent examples of successful brand approach to big data?

Orlando Delgado's curator insight, June 27, 2014 10:47 AM

making the best use f technology to engage with customers is only one aspect of the challenge of Big Data...

Orlando Delgado's curator insight, June 28, 2014 8:48 PM

The customers are driving the challenges that CMO's need to work out with IT to adapt the business model...

Orlando F Delgado's curator insight, December 15, 2014 10:57 AM

With the continued expansion of hand held and other devices, Big Data can only increase as well as the issue of how to make use of the huge volumes of information flowing fro consumers...