SmashFuse: The Real Social Search Engine
For many users, it’s their job to stay on top of data and ensure they have the most comprehensive information. SmashFuse is a great tool to help you do that.
Google and Titan Aerospace Join Facebook in the Race for Global Internet Domination
Google has partnered with Titan Aerospace to build solar drones. These devices could bring the Internet to the developing world, but they must beat Facebook.
Career Decision Making: If You Do Not Bend, Life Will Bend You
Has life thrown some obstacles in your career path? Success often comes from embracing the risk in accepting new changes rather than walking away.
“Fraud Can’t Happen in My Business” — Wanna Bet?
Fraud in business happens all the time, and small businesses are not immune. It can happen to you! Dr. Richard Weinberger explains the danger signs.
Data Rights ManagementData Rights Management | UmbelSmartData Collective
Data rights management and data collection
Unstructured Data | SmartData Collective
Organizations everywhere are beginning to feel mounting pressure to collect and store any form of data they can get their hands on. From nonprofits collecting data on the populations they serve to social media giants looking for ways to monetize, data of any kind is the raw good that most organiz...
Writing for the Online Reader | Social Media Today
It’s never easy for businesses to write content, as in blogs, social media posts, and other publications pushed into online assets.
Angry Online Commenters | Social Media Today
Back in October 2013, Popular Science made the decision to do away with comments on their website. The editors had repeatedly made the argument that allowing online comments on their articles "undermines the integrity of science" and creates an environment of "aggression and mockery."
Increase Your Email Open Rates | Social Media Today
Your email marketing campaigns have been humming along nicely. You built a great subscriber list with double opt-in subscription, smart segmenting, and the best email service provider (ESP). You have a strong brand, killer offers, brilliant creative, and a stunning responsive website. And your em...
Small Business Opinions Divided on Plastic Bag Fees
Dallas recently passed 5-cent plastic bag fees. New York City is considering a 10-cent fee and others are considering them as well.