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Uncommon Sense: Global Trends That Will Affect Us All | Mitch Barns

Uncommon Sense: Global Trends That Will Affect Us All | Mitch Barns | Digital-News on today |

Earlier this week, I had the honor of participating in a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The topic—“Global trends that will affect us all”—hit on the key issues that will shape our economies and cultures for the next 20 years.

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, July 24, 2014 12:47 AM
Mitch Barns, Nielsen CEO, looks at future trends and provides a thoughtful look forward.
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Key New Traits Characterizing Sustainable Business Models by Jeremiah Owyang

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, October 15, 2013 12:58 PM

Jeremiah Owyang, a partner at the Altimeter Group, has published a valuable presentation outlining the key traits characterizing sustainable business models in the near future.

The key takeaways include: 

  1. The market sees purposeful brands that stand for something specific
  2. Local and personalized wins always over global
  3. Crowds are becoming like companies - bypassing 
    inefficient intermediaries
  4. On-demand wins always over standardized offerings
  5. Business models may need to be changed along the way 
  6. Partnering with your customers is the key to the future 

Excellent trends analysis. Owyang is right on target with his future of business models identikit. 

Check the full presentation here: 

(HT to Giuseppe Mauriello)

Marcos Otero's curator insight, October 15, 2013 7:31 PM

The new type of enterprise

Tom Hood's curator insight, February 22, 2014 8:24 AM

Great find by Robin Good and timely as we just had a session with Rita McGrath (author of the End of Competitive Advantage) emphasizing the impact of disruption and the need for a different mindset around resilience. This preso by Jeremiah Owyang gives some great tips for thinking about the types of shifts in business models we should be thinking about. 


Slide 13 captures these shifts well:


1. Purpose (start with why) is key

2. Glocal wins - Global reach and mindset delivered locally (relationships)

3. Personalize everything possible

4. On-demand 

5. People make and share - collaboration and co-creation with your customers

6. Empowered people


This is important for CPAs to understand as they advise and support their businesses (clients and employers). Business models are no longer stagnant or as Rita would say, sustainable over a long-term. Thus we need to be constantly re-examiming our competitive advantages.

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The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part II

The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part II | Digital-News on today |
In the coming months and years, I expect content curation tools are going to play a very important role in many different fields.

Via Robin Good, Timo Ilomäki, Lynnette Van Dyke
Robin Good's curator insight, December 18, 2013 4:30 PM

Here is Part II of my look at the future of content curation tools and at what features and facilities they are likely to introduce in the coming months and years.

While In Part I I have looked at:

  • Display formats
  • Slicing & Dicing
  • Micro - Macro
  • Recurating
  • News discovery
  • Ownership
  • Credit & Attribution

In Part II I am checking out:

  • Preservation
  • Private collections
  • Full capture abilities
  • Monetization
  • Content types begging ti be curated
  • Beyond news, articles and mood boards
  • Specialized curation tools

Here's the full story: 

See also: 

Stephen Dale's curator insight, December 19, 2013 3:51 AM

A useful summary of the current shortcomings in content curation tools and services, and what we features and innovations we might see in this developing market. From the author:


"In the near future it is likely that new content curation tools will provide more dedicated features for specific application and uses while becoming more aware of user needs that so far have not been taken into serious consideration (attribution, archiving, monetizing).

While large content curation hubs and platforms are likely to start realizing that their best value yet to be extracted is in the content being curated by their users, new tools will likely target more specific and professional uses rather than the general public needing simply to collect and repost content on their blog or social media channel."

Link to the full article:

SMOOC's curator insight, February 20, 2014 1:27 PM

Interesting write up on content curation tools from Robin Good (pt. 2)

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Content Curation for Education and Learning: Robin Good @Emerge2012 Presentation-Map

Content Curation for Education and Learning: Robin Good @Emerge2012 Presentation-Map | Digital-News on today |

Robin Good: I believe that content curation will play a very important role in the future of education and learning and this presentation-map focuses on this topic.

I have identified at least ten reasons that are transforming and weakening the education-certification system as it is now, and may rapidly give way to new ways of teaching, learning and getting certified which will likely involve a great deal of curation (both for those who teach/guide and those who want to learn).


In this presentation-map I am introducing the concept of curation for education, the key factors that I see are transforming traditional academic institutions and the learning industry in general, and the tools, resources and examples that are relevant to those working in these fields and wanting to find out more.


As part of my workshop session during the emerge2012 conference in which I have first presented these ideas, I have also created an "open", collaborative wiki-map where, you are welcome to contribute inspiring curated collections. You will find instructions on how to contribute to it at the end of this presentation.

Full presentation-map:


"What is content curation in the context of education and why it is going to be so relevant in the near future. Benefits of content curation, examples and tools."

Emerge2012 Conference



Via Robin Good
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