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Death of Social Business Exaggerated Or Right? ScentTrail Marketing

Death of Social Business Exaggerated Or Right? ScentTrail Marketing | Digital-News on today |

Brian Solis is a great writer and even better thinker. In this post he argues C-level executives have all but killed the nascent social media revolution I agree and disagree with Brian and share experience of more than 30 years of working with and selling to the C-Suite almost exclusively (after selling bar soap and candy to Wegman's grocery store managers for a few years).

I changed my career by being intrigued enough by PCs that I purchased one with money I didn't have in 1984. That experience of seeing something so clearly has happened more than once now and the social media revolution Solis describes as hung up on a rock is one of those future visions.

Do I agree with Solis that our social media revolution hasn't met its promise and that many old school ways remain? Yes and no. I note, in the piece a few examples of the digital revolutions wrecking ball Actually the digital revolution turns out to be more water on stone erosion than wrecking ball and SMM looks much the same.

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The Four Kinds of Burning Platforms | Conner Partners

The Four Kinds of Burning Platforms | Conner Partners | Digital-News on today |

I promised to curate the next article by Daryl Conner on the four types of burning platforms stories and how they are used in org change work. Well, here it is -- and it is really good.

Any leader, business, or consultant needs to know the particulars in this article. Here is a sneak preview -- the burning platforms stories are NOT really about creating urgency for change.

I appreciate Daryl for clearing up these misconceptions about this story. And don't forget to read his first blog post about the burning platform that I curated below.

This review is written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at

Via Karen Dietz
Billy R Bennett's curator insight, December 11, 2012 9:01 PM

Karen Dietz curated this article by Daryl Conner on four types of burning platforms.  A burning platform is a concept leaders use to define the reason for change.  As Daryl points out this may be based on a negative problem  based appeal or a positive, future opportunity.

Which is better?

Research on personal change has reported greater long term success with positive images.    In most serious change projects, we usually use both. 

You cannot and should not hide business challenges from employees.  

However, once they understand the challenge they will then want to hear your reasoning about why they should consider giving more of themselves to the organization.   I would make it good.