Need To Make MILLIONS Online? Don't Duel In The Sun, Us G+ | Digital-News on today |

This GPlus Post discusses how to avoid the lemmings traps so many Internet marketers follow the leader into. The post also shares @MarkTraphagen's brilliant idea - use the not yet competitively frenzied G+ environment as the HUB of all your Internet Marketing. 

Sure I know we've been preaching TAPESTRY and I've been preaching that too. We are somewhere NEW and DIFFERENT now. The TIME it takes you to catch your competitors on Facebook and Twitter CAN'T GENERATE ROI.

You may win the battle, catch up on Facebook and lose the war. Don't do that. Look for BLUE OCEANS, places like G+ and video marketing (and those two ideas are related thanks to hangouts) where setting up a "virtual positive cycle" means in a short amount of time you will get MORE with LESS.

Don't duel in the sun just because everyone is doing it.  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith