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Learning Through Digital Media » How I Used Wikis to Get My Students to Do Their Readings

Learning Through Digital Media » How I Used Wikis to Get My Students to Do Their Readings | An Eye on New Media |


This author does a great job of explaining how he uses Wikis to help students organize their thoughts before and after class meetings.  I have used wikis in the past, but I prefer blogs.  My ideal situation would be if a leader took the best of the blogs and created a wiki.  Maybe next semster?



"We have heard the complaint or issued it ourselves one too many times: “They don’t read!”


But can Digital Media provide some simple pedagogical models to promote a more active engagement with that most ancient and passive form of learning: the reading assignment? In this article, I describe the use of Wikis (web pages that people can easily edit as a group) to get students to summarize, ask questions, and comment on a reading before they even meet for class. And while many new—and old—tools can be used to accomplish similar results, what is innovative about this approach is that whereas before reading and writing was something students were supposed to do individually in the isolation of their rooms or the library, now—thanks to Wikis—it is a project they tackle collaboratively as a class. The goals of this critical pedagogy are thus both modest and radical, at the intersection of old and new technologies: to use Digital Media to change the way students interact with texts."


Assignment provided and reflection on it's impact on student learning. A really worthwhile read!

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Ken Morrison's comment, October 3, 2012 8:45 AM
This has been on my mind a lot lately. It frustrates me that so many teachers are ready to gather around Wikipedia like a pinata and beat it down. It is still sooooooo young. It can become something really special if we nurture it and encourage wise use. For example, the most powerful part is not the front page but by going under the hood and looking at the discussions about what should be on the front page. Helping our students find those discussions is so important. Ken
Anne Whaits's comment, December 15, 2012 1:50 PM
Thanks Ken!
slesch's curator insight, December 17, 2012 8:27 AM

Interesting use of Wiki's to foster student engagement with course readings

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How Wikis Can Help Schools Organize Their Content

How Wikis Can Help Schools Organize Their Content | An Eye on New Media |


The focus of this article is about how to use wikis to improve communication among teachers, staff, and administration.  Unfortunately, there are some hurdels. 




"Students and teachers are embracing web 2.0 technologies with fervour but administrators are not, even though these remarkable tools can provide much needed cost-saving capabilities. This phenomenon is understandable,because older office tools, an already overburdened staff, and the reluctance to change the way of doing things all discourage jumping into untested waters. However, it is clear that administrative wikis can provide school administrations with radically improved documentation processes. In fact, they can begin to make schools the very platforms that students and teachers need to succeed in their technical endeavours. Why not reinvent schools as technology centres? After all, they are already theatres, restaurants, sports complexes, and more. The road starts with the administrative wiki."

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