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New learning
How is technology changing education? Are traditional forms of education going to be transformed?
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5 Ways Video Conferencing Is Bringing Exciting Collaborative Interaction To Teaching and Learning

5 Ways Video Conferencing Is Bringing Exciting Collaborative Interaction To Teaching and Learning | New learning |
Open up Your Classroom to the World With Video Conferencing Many of us are familiar with the use of computers, iPads, Smart Boards, and other technological

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Deborah Rinio's curator insight, August 20, 11:20 AM

Looking for ways to bring experts into the classroom? Ask the librarian! There are tons of great resources out there and people and places that would love to share with you, from veterans to scientists to authors. Invite the world in!

Rosemary Tyrrell's curator insight, August 20, 11:44 AM

Most of these suggestions are fairly obvious, but this can help spur some thinking on the many ways to use this wonderful tool. Video conferencing brings the world to your classroom and the classroom to the world!

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Video Conferencia. Interacción colaborativa.

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How Twitter is Reinventing Collaboration Among Educators

How Twitter is Reinventing Collaboration Among Educators | New learning |


Before the advent of Twitter, most educators I know had limited opportunities to collaborate with colleagues outside their building. Some subscribed to listservs or participated in online forums, but these outlets lacked critical mass; teachers also networked at in-person conferences and training sessions, but these isolated events didn't provide ongoing support.


Enter Twitter. I've heard many educators say that Twitter is the most effective way to collaborate and that they've learned more with Twitter than they have from years of formal professional development.


Here are some of the specific ways educators are using Twitter to collaborate:


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Sonia Thomas's curator insight, May 27, 2013 6:53 PM

Twitter provides a great opportunity to collaborate with educators outside of your local physical community. The exchange of ideas and perspectives can reenergize your career. “Twitter is often just the introduction — the virtual handshake that opens the door to a deeper collaboration”