Umami for iPad Knows What’s on Your TV | New Digital Media |

Billed as a “TV Companion” by its developer, Umami for iPad is a entertainment app that knows what show you’re watching. Umami uses your TV’s audio to sync to programs aired on major networks and basic cable within the last week. Viewers can also simply type in a show to receive a customized program filled with bios, news, photos, and other information about the show they are watching.

Umami is synchronous, which means its content changes depending on what you’re watching. The app works whether the TV broadcast is live or on a DVR. Umami creates a home page for each show that links to IMDB, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Umami is free to download from the App store and doesn’t require users to sign up for an account. To use Umami, just open it near your television; the app does the rest. Hint: if Umami isn’t finding your program, try closing the app and opening it again. Although the TV’s volume needs to be on, it doesn’t need to be blaring; Umami actually correctly detected the right program from another room.