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[Scooped an article on for - feels a bit odd :) ]

Content Curation, what is it?
Content curation can be defined as “a proactive and selective approach to sourcing, collecting and publishing digital content relating to a specific (predefined) topic”

Content Curation comes in many forms. You may find it in blogs, feeds, channels (YouTube), dedicated content curation sites (more on that in a second – and even in the social media links you share.

.......I myself have been using “” for a few weeks now. And I must admit, I am loving it. 

It allows you to not only create a topic to focus your curation around but you can also follow other users topics and ‘re-scoop’ anything relevant. It also has built in sharing and commenting functions making it a breeze to pass your content throughout you major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr).

It doesn’t stop there. They have also created a handy little bookmarklet that allows you to grab any web page you stumble on with relevant content and publish it to your topic (and share it at the same time).

The guys at recently opened up the service to the public and its user base is growing fast. If you want to dabble in creating a curated topic that helps inform and share information then this is as good as any place to start.

So check it out and while there, why not take a look at Matmi’s profile :)