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Steve Johnson, author of  Where Good Ideas Come From  announces - A social network that may actually make you smarter!


I just signed up and it's great for curating, blogging and meeting some very interesting people.


****This is a social network that literally lets you actively read over other bookworms' shoulders and watch their thought processes coalesce in real time.




A geeky literati, allowing you to share clippings from longer pieces with your social network without all the noise of Twitter.


It's like Twitter, but populated solely with unabridged snippets of interesting books, articles, and essays.


Here's what you need to know:


**users can post full-length quotations from whatever literary source they like (provided it's electronic).


There's a bookmarklet you install in your browser, so that anytime you see a bit of text you want to clip you can share with your social-network-turned-library.

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