Augmented Reality goes stellar in Germany GoMo News | New Digital Media |

The September 1st [2011] edition of the leading German news magazine, Stern, not only devotes a large section to discussing augmented reality (AR), but also uses the technology to enhance the whole issue. Readers can get a demo of AR in action by downloading a dedicated app labelled Stern AR. The September issue contains custom symbols printed on a number of pages. This is something of a coup for Metaio, whose Junaio AR browser app provides the basis for this technology. Here at GoMo News we’ve been investigating producing channels for the Junaio app ourselves. What Stern has done is to simplify the whole procedure. You don’t need to download the AR browser separately and then add a Stern ‘channel’. You can download the Stern AR app from either the iTunes App Store or the Android Market. We tried the app out using an App iPhone 3GS. Running the app an pointing the handset’s camera at the symbols, triggers enhancements which can then be viewed through the iPhone’s screen.

Via Anise Smith