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How to Maximize the Reach of Your Posts on Social Networks

How to Maximize the Reach of Your Posts on Social Networks | New Digital Media |

This article and infographic was posted by Ted Nguyen for his blog.




One of the most pressing questions whether you're new to social media or a social media maven is: What's the best way to post information or share content to optimize your reach

Compendium, a content marketing firm conducted a study of more than 200 companies to determine how social media professionals may optimize their engagement with both business-to-business-to-consumer conversations.

What they found is consistent with what Ted Nguyen has experienced and he has demonstrated that he clearly knows what he's doing

Here are some highlights:


"My experience in sharing more than 21,000 tweets and Facebook posts to my more than 82,000 Twitter followers and Facebook friends is consistent with the study’s findings"


**I recommend the hours between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific Time) or 1 to 4 p.m. (Eastern Time) are the best times for Twitter and Facebook to optimize social engagement engagement.


**I find that tweets shared earlier in the week do better than those sent later in the week. I also have discovered that Facebook posts do best Wednesday early afternoon.


**if you look at Ted's social shares, they run around the clock. he tries his best to engage with people in real time or near real time.



Selected by Jan Gordon covering: "Curation, Social Business and Beyond" 


Read article and see infographic here: []


Infographic by DKNewMedia


Survey by Compendium

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Is Google+ a Ghost Town? 5 Reasons That Will Change Your Mind

Is Google+ a Ghost Town? 5 Reasons That Will Change Your Mind | New Digital Media |
Google+ is getting flack for low average time on site numbers, but what do these truly symbolize? And do they really matter?


So with Google+’s new redesign and several articles that have appeared highlighting how Google+ is “dying,” maybe we should reflect on what Google+ is doing right, with perhaps the pundits looking at it through the wrong lens?


What if Google+ never needed to be Facebook, but rather exist as something more?


So you’re on Google+, and you think it’s a ghost town because your friends aren’t on it?


Well, what if I told you none of that mattered?


What if I told you, you could see what you really wanted to see; interact with what/who you really wanted to interact with; and group those interests and engagements into categories and subjects?


Well here’s five reasons how Google+ can make you forget that your friends aren’t here, while still being amazingly useful, interesting and engaging. It’s more than a social network.


Read more:

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