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Culture, Heritage & Identity
Africa and its Diaspora
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[Phenomenal Work] Presentation from StoryWorld 2012

[Phenomenal Work] Presentation from StoryWorld 2012 | Culture, Heritage & Identity |

Brian Clark: "Just came back from a lovely time with the diaspora of transmedia creators at the StoryWorld conference in Los Angeles where I tried presenting this idea for the first time" ...

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Africa: Diaspora media can be continent´s missing link with its diaspora - Norwegian Council for Africa

The brain drain Africa suffered since the double waves of decolonisation and structural adjustment did not only impact negatively on political and economic developments, but also decimated Africa as professional and business elite – students and...
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Call for Papers: African Languages in the Disciplines Conference at Harvard University

The Harvard African Language Program is seeking abstracts for the fourth annual African Languages in the Disciplines (ALD) conference to be held at Harvard University on April 25, 2013. This conference will build on the important conversations of the previous three years as well as celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the African Language Program at Harvard.

This conference brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines as well as African heritage communities to discuss the vital role that African languages play in the study of Africa and the diaspora. Possible themes include, but are not limited to, the contribution of African languages to the study of literature, music, film, performance, visual arts, media studies, history, philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, political science, psychology, economics, education, geography, environmental science, legal studies, and public health. Past conferences have also engaged in larger conversations about issues of translation, regional languages, new orthographies, and indigenous literary and historical genres, among others.

Please apply via e-mail to by February 28, 2013. We ask for a 250-word abstract outlining a 15-minute presentation as well as a brief biography. Please contact the conference organizers at the same e-mail address with any questions.

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