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[Review] The nervous system equips us with capability to adapt to many conditions and circumstances. We rely on an armamentarium of intricately formed neural circuits for many of our adaptive strategies. However, this capability also depends on a well-conserved toolkit of different molecular mechanisms that offer not only compensatory responses to a changing world, but also provide plasticity to achieve changes in cellular state that underlie a broad range of processes from early developmental transitions to life-long memory. Among the molecular tools that mediate changes in cellular state, our understanding of posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression is expanding rapidly. Part of the “epigenetic landscape” that shapes the deployment and robust regulation of gene networks during the construction and the remodeling of the brain is the microRNA system controlling both levels and translation of messenger RNA. Here we consider recent advances in the study of microRNA-mediated regulation of synaptic form and function. - By McNeil E & Vactor D van in Neuron 75(3), 9 August 2012