Localization of single-cell current sources based on extracellular potential patterns: the spike CSD method | Neuroscience_technics | Scoop.it

A new, spike CSD (sCSD) method has been developed to reveal CSD distribution of single cells during action potential generation, based on the inverse solution of the Poisson-equation. Simulations showed, that the sCSD method reconstructed the original CSD more precisely than the traditional CSD. Applying our method to spikes, measured in cat A1 cortex with a 16 channel linear probe in vivo, the cell-electrode distances were estimated and the spatio-temporal CSD distributions were reconstructed. (...) - by Zoltán Somogyvári, Dorottya Cserpán, István Ulbert and Péter Érdi, European Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 36Issue 10pages 3299–3313November 2012