When You’re Poor, Bad Decisions Are Rational | Cognitive Science - Artificial Intelligence | Scoop.it

Being poor messes with a person’s cognitive capacity. If you’re a child, it can impact your brain development. If you’re an adult, it can cloud your long term judgement.

A landmark study in August showed that the effect was equivalent to knocking off thirteen points from your IQ, that being poor produced a predilection for poor decision making, a vicious cycle that’s nearly impossible for the impoverished to break out of.

But what’s most depressing about the whole ordeal isn’t that those living in poverty are constantly making bad decisions, it’s that those bad decisions might actually be the most rational path to take. A poignant contribution by Linda Tirado to Gawker’s Kinja platform provides an eye-opening first-hand perspective to these scientific developments. Being poor is a soul-sucking vacuum where the normal rules to life simply don’t apply. Being poor means living without hope.