Watch the spectacular mating ritual of the dramatically colored male peacock spiders in south-east Australia | Nerdy Needs |

These miniature arachnids are part of the Maratus genus of spiders that live in the south east of Australia. There are 20 known species of peacock spider but only eight have been formally identified. Peacock spiders are so small you could fit ten of them on a fingernail.


These dramatic-looking spiders may seem like they're getting ready to attack, but this colourful display from male peacock spiders is in fact a mating ritual. Similar to peacock birds, where this spider gets its nickname from, the male flashes its brightly coloured, iridescent stomach flaps in a bid to attract females. And even if these arachnids did attack, they wouldn't get far because the adults only grow to about 5 mm long.



Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald, Tim Rupola