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“I had to know and understand my own story before I could listen to and help other people with theirs.” - Barack Obama, US President


“Once people make your story their story, you have tapped into ‘faith’.” - Seth Godin, US entrepreneur, author, public speaker 


This article is a little long, but it is a gem. It's focus is to highlight the various ways storytelling in marketing/branding has become more complex. And the author Dominic Payling gives us some ways to think about this complexity that helps us untangle storytelling in this area.


Truly, storytelling is creating fundamental change in the marketing and branding field. Payling lays this out, and offers us information about new patterns of attention that have emerged with the use of technology and the internet.


Payling doesn't offer any specific solutions, but clearer thinking about the evolution of working with stories in marketing/branding and some of the unique characteristcs that are emerging is always welcome.


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