Nemani Parthasarathy Singer
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Nemani Parthasarathy Singer
“The musical journey of a thousand songs starts on a single note.”
The “Aarohana” of a Musical Prodigy, “ The saga of Parthu, the renowned Singer, and budding Music
Director’s life”
The First note :
Nemani Parthasarathy (Parthu) Born in 1974, into a traditional Telugu family with a rich musical Tribe.
He is the Son of Sri Ramam Nemani and Smt Saroja Nemani and nephew of the Music director Sri
Nemani Surya Prakash, in the City of Kakinada.
The Second note:
Parthu’s inherent talent and passion for this sublime art form saw him as the dedicated disciple of
Smt P. Lakshmi Kumari and later, the veteran Sri Nethi Sreerama Sharma, the renowned Carnatic
Vocalist for 8 strenuous years.
• Nagarjuna Convent , PRG High School and Ideal College in Kakinada,
• B.Tech – Mechanical from Sri Vasavi College of Engg, Hyderabad.
The Third Note:
His quest for Perfection brought many laurels and trophies his way, from the 200 odd competitions he
participated in Govt of India’s CCRT Scholarship which ran for 8 yrs . He got 1 st Prize in the Inter
University Youth Festival .
National Award in All India Radio Music Competitions, 1992, and Finalist in ETV’s “Paaduthaa
Theeyagaa”, First Series, conducted by the legendary singer Sri S.P.Balasubramaniam.
The Fourth Note:
Film Career: A few milestones on this path:
Debuted as a playback singer 1997 for the popular music director Sri Koti, in the movie “Kalyana
Praapthirasthu” directed by Dasari Narayanarao.
Lent Vocals all leading Heroes of Tollywood like Chiranjeevi (Iddaru Mithrulu), Vekatesh (Seenu),
Jagapathibabu (Manoharam) in over 90 movies.
Recorded more than 2000 songs for various devotional and private music albums in Telugu and Tamil
by leading audio companies like HMV, Magna Sound, Adithya, Supreme and Tips.
Playback singing assignments from famous music Directors like Ilayaraja, ManiSarma, M.S.
Viswanathan, Keeravani, Koti and Hamsalekha.
The Fifth Note:
International Acclaim:
Parthu enthralled the telugu community in five continents across the globe.
He performs live in USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East,and Africa with his own orchestra,
sometimes with senior singers viz., Sri S.P.Balasubrahmanyam & Smt S.P Sailaja , Smt. Malathi, Smt
Suneetha etc.
Parthu happens to be the first professional Telugu playback singer to perform in African countries
Botswana(2009 &2011) and Nigeria(2012).
The Sixth Note:
Keerthana Digital Recording Studio:
His long cherished Dream!
A one stop destination for all Audio/Visual needs of the industry!
A State of the art Digital Recording Studio, Equipped With all the Latest and Most Advanced
Gadgetery !
That is Keerthana Digital Recording Studio!
KEERTHANA, established in 2001 and inaugurated by his mentor & Idol Padmasree S. P.
Balasubrahmanyam ,under the experienced management of PARTHU strives to be the “All in one”
solutions centre for the Audio/Visual requirements, be it commercial movies, documentaries or any
other such projects.
The Seventh Note:
Music Direction:
Parthu debuted as Music Director with the recent film Nandeeswarudu starring Jagapathibabu and
Nandamuri Taraka Ratna.
Parthu composed two songs for the legendary director K.Viswanath’s film Swaraabhishekam.
Parthu composed music for music for several fusion albums and one such album “The Lotus Feet
“was released in Switzerland in 2010
Assisted star music director Sri Mani Sharma for a period of 4 years.
Having experimented with different angles of Music, Parthu is now busy making memorable music as
Music Director for some chosen Projects.
The saga continues. In an effort to consolidate his name in the vast world of Music, Parthu has
always strived to be a great singer, and music director. But with his consistent contributions to Music
in particular and the world in general, he will perhaps leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his
loving fans and well wishers.
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