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Esri CityEngine Highlights

CityEngine transforms 2D GIS data into Smart 3D City

Via João Greno Brogueira, Jed Fisher, Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Jed Fisher's curator insight, July 19, 2013 1:50 PM

Nice job Dominik, Pascal, and Jack. Great to see how Proceedural has evolved with the acquistiion by ESRI (now 2-3 years ago). I'm glad ESRI has continued to take City Engine further. 

Love the swipe tool. Great urban planning tool.

ComplexInsight's curator insight, July 19, 2013 11:01 PM

ESRI's acquisition of CityEngine is probably one of the smartest tech acquisitions in the geospatial market in a long time. As the product and technology integration  rolls forward we get to see how very smart  the acquisition was.The WebGL publishing capabilities are very exciting for city planners.  Great video of highlights from the recent ESRI user group conference its great seeing how the products are evolving.  

Rescooped by Suvi Salo from Geography Education!

The World's 25 Busiest Airports

The World's 25 Busiest Airports | Navigate |
More than 1.4 billion airline passengers departed, landed, or connected through these massive facilities in 2012. Viewing them from above gives a sense of their gargantuan scale and global significance.

Via Seth Dixon
Al Picozzi's curator insight, September 9, 2013 8:43 AM

Great site to see how globaliztions takes a hold.  Many of the airport on the list of in the US and many are in China.  Not surprising that the two leading economic powers in the world have the busiest airports.  Also it is interening to see Las Vegas on the list.  Seems that people need a place to blow off some steam from working so hard.

L.Long's curator insight, February 16, 1:24 AM

Transport technology is a key factor that assists the operation of Global networks


Mickayla Graham's curator insight, March 27, 1:14 AM

People and Economic Activity

Rescooped by Suvi Salo from Geography Education!

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean | Navigate |

Explore the travels and exploits of five real pirates of the Caribbean. Click through the tabs to track the adventures of each pirate overlaid on Spanish ports and pirate strongholds in the area. Zoom into the map to see additional detail.

Via Seth Dixon
Jessica Rieman's curator insight, February 11, 10:54 AM

Pirates were real in this specific time period. But lets just say they were no the type we think of today that Blockbusters glorify. These types of pirates would have beeen working to discover treasures from the Tierra Firme trade line. The point of origin for the South American 'Tierra Firme' Treasure Fleets, ran from Portobelo (Panama) to the Orinoco Delta.

Jess Deady's curator insight, April 17, 7:27 AM

This is a fun exercise than can be used in many classrooms. I like being able to scroll through and zoom into what maps what I want to look at. Also, children love pirates (or most of them anyway) and this would be a great map to bring into their worlds.

Pascal Bazzea's curator insight, July 17, 5:00 AM

Un peu d'histoire... un peu