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A massive, new crop pest information open access database recently made its debut on the web. Known as the Pest Information Wiki, this broad and deep data source presents material on a variety of topics related to pests (i.e., insects), diseases, and weeds, and was organized and crafted by the Germany-based International Society for Pest Information (ISPI).

The ISPI Wiki, spearheaded and constructed by ISPI executive director B. Zelazny, currently provides access to well over 100,000 research publications and other pest related information sources, a breath-taking volume of historic information. Have an interest in the pernicious weed Mimosa pigra? A search instantaneously offers up dozens of page title or text matches; each found item displays the individual particulars such as: source, title, size, and date. Click on a chosen item and more information and further information is displayed, typically authors, abstract, source, and quite likely a link to additional sources.

Via IPMnet  NEWS   Issue #198          *         November 2012