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How the junk food industry has encouraged us to eat ourselves to death

How the junk food industry has encouraged us to eat ourselves to death | Natural Male Enhancement Solutions |
The tricks of the processed-food trade are horrifying, but they might also hold the key to marketing healthier stuff, a New York Times Magazine article suggests.
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This is somewhat related to my previous post at about "The Men Who Made Us Fat"...


And, here is another topic closely related to this one;

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Bypassing Diabetes

Bypassing Diabetes | Natural Male Enhancement Solutions |

Though existing research has shown that gastric bypass surgery resolves type 2 diabetes, the reason has remained unclear. A research team at Boston Children’s Hospital, has identified the small intestine—widely believed to be a passive organ—as the major contributor to the body’s metabolism, based on a study in rats. The report appears in the July 26, 2013, issue of Science.

Weight loss and improved diabetes often go hand in hand, but type 2 diabetes often disappears even before weight loss occurs after gastric bypass. To investigate why this happens, The team spent one year studying rats and observed that after gastric bypass surgery, the small intestine changes the way it processes glucose. The team saw the intestine using and disposing of glucose, thereby regulating blood glucose levels in the rest of the body and helping to eliminate type 2 diabetes.

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD
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If this was performed on rats successfully, hopefully it could work on humans, as well... 100%

Seth Bilazarian, MD's curator insight, July 30, 2013 8:33 AM

In practice the dramatic shedding of daibetic medications by patients immediately after bariatric surgery (such as gastric bypass or banding) is remarkable.