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WELSH gold medal hope Dai Greene is preparing for the Olympics by cheering for England footballers…to lose.

The 26-year-old Team GB 400m hurdler admitted he was shouting for France and Sweden during England’s group games.

The World Champion runner, who has an English girlfriend, said it is in his blood to be anti-English when it comes to football.

The former Swansea City youth team player said: “Obviously, being Welsh, I’m anti-English.

“It’s the way we were brought up. I watched the France game with my girlfriend and she was supporting England and I was supporting France.

“It makes for good entertainment.”

His comments echo those of Scottish tennis player Andy Murray who said before the 2006 World Cup that he wanted “anyone but England” to take the title.

Murray, 25, was slammed for his views and has since tried to backtrack on his comments and even sent a tweet of support to England star Wayne Rooney before the side jetted out to Poland.

But Llanelli-born Dai hopes the whole of Britain, including the English, will support him and Team GB during the Games.

He said: “I think everyone will get behind the team no matter where you’re from.

“I don’t think you will see any real prejudice there. We will be Team GB and we will be wearing the British flag and it is very different from when the home nations compete against each other.

“I’ll be on a team with Englishmen, Scotsmen, Northern Irishmen and Welshmen and we’ll all be backing each other.”