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One third of whites claim they are victims of racism

One third of whites claim they are victims of racism | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A growing number of white people believe they are the victims of racial prejudice in Britain, official research has found.

Almost one in three – 29 per cent – said they now expected to be treated worse than other races by key public services.

And the number of whites claiming to have been refused a job or discriminated against at work for reasons of race has doubled in the last five years, according to the Government study.

Seven per cent believed they had failed to win a promotion because of their race, up from three per cent in 2003.

Three per cent alleged they had been turned down for a job for the same reason, up from one per cent.

In addition, the study reveals that most ethnic minorities living in Britain feel stronger ties to the nation than whites.

One in six white Britons feel only a slight sense of belonging to the nation.

Whites also now feel less able than other ethnic groups to influence decisions affecting their local area and the country as a whole.

For example, 41 per cent of black African, 36 per cent of Bangladeshi and 35 per cent of Indian people feel they have a say in decisions affecting Britain, compared to 19 per cent of white people.

The survey of 15,000 people – ordered by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears – is likely to prompt a fierce debate about the disillusionment of the white majority.

The Tories blame Labour’s race relations strategy.

Tory communities spokesman Baroness Warsi said: ‘It’s no wonder more people feel there is an increase in racism when Labour’s multicultural industry is forever talking up what divides us rather than concentrating on what unites us.’

The research found that overall, whites are more likely than those from ethnic minorities to believe that racial prejudice and discrimination is getting worse.

Fifty-eight per cent said they believe there was more racial prejudice now than five years ago, compared to 44 per cent who were interviewed in 2001.

The figure for ethnic minority communities has hardly changed, at 32 per cent.

The survey found that 29 per cent of white people expect to be treated worse than other groups by at least one of eight public services, including the police, prisons, courts, Crown Prosecution service, probation service, local housing organisations, schools or GPs.

Whites identified council housing departments or housing associations as the most likely to discriminate against them.

The proportion of members of ethnic minority groups who expected to face discrimination from one of the eight bodies fell from 38 per cent in 2001 to 34 per cent.

But it remains higher than for white people in many categories, particularly the police.

Tory MP Greg Hands, a member of the Commons communities and local government select committee, said: ‘It’s a dangerous phenomenon if any part of the population feels they are being systematically discriminated against.’

Overall, 84 per cent of people felt they belonged strongly to the country, including 45 per cent who said they belonged very strongly.

However, nine out of ten Pakistani and Indian people said they felt a strong sense of belonging, compared to 84 per cent of whites.

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Nowhere to Hide!

Nowhere to Hide! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An activist reports: After contacting several key activists, Steve, myself and John Phillips from London with Sam Mayhew from Thurrock travelled to rain-soaked Ipswich Magistrates Court, Suffolk in an attempt to highlight the case.


Our arrival there caused quite a stir amongst the Court staff. On leaving the building after using the toilet facilities I noticed that Court employees had gathered up around a window and one of the female staff was telling her colleague excitedly that ‘they’re outside now with a loud-speaker.’

I also noticed that the names of the men and their charges had been omitted from the Court time table.

Outside the colourful ‘Hope for England’ banners were sufficient and soon had motorists acknowledging our presence.

The press were on hand and we were happy to pose for a Daily Mail photographer and give a short interview but when approached by the BBC, we told them that we were not interested in talking to them and they left.

London Organiser, Steve Squire said ‘I called a flash demo because I was amazed that the case was being kept quiet. It was astonishing to learn that most of the people who came and asked us why we were there had no idea that Muslim paedophiles were appearing in Court on such charges and that’s why people must be made aware of crimes involving Muslim paedophile groomers at every opportunity.’


The four accused are Surrin Uddin, 28 of St. Matthews Row, London charged with two counts of raping a girl under 16 and one of child abduction. Mohamed Shiekh, 31, Seaton Place, London charged with child abduction offence and possessing a controlled drug. Ali Hamza, 38 Chingford Road, London charged with sexual assault and child abduction. Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street, Ipswich charged with raping a girl under 16 and one child abduction.


This is obviously another racially motivated rape hate crime and we also noticed once again that the McPherson recommendations are being ignored when it involved a member of the indigenous community.

Since the impromptu demo, the case now appears to have become more of a public story.


See the video here:



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Police hunt Asian sex attacker in Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea

Police hunt Asian sex attacker in Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

TWO women were sexually assaulted in separate attacks in Somerset on Thursday.

Police believe the same man carried out the attacks and are appealing for help to catch him.

The first incident happened at 2.30pm in Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham-on-Sea.
A woman was approached by a stocky Asian man in his 20s who chatted to her before sexually assaulting the victim.

The second attack took place at 5.50pm in Chedzoy Lane, Bridgwater, where a woman was approached by a man of similar description who asked her to get into his car.

When she declined he grabbed her and sexually assaulted the woman.

Police are appealing for witnesses in the area at the time, particularly the female driver of a red or maroon estate vehicle which dropped a young black woman at her home in the Chedzoy area of Bridgwater.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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The Left can never again claim it is 'racist' to say there are too many immigrants in this country

The Left can never again claim it is 'racist' to say there are too many immigrants in this country | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
We should welcome Ed Miliband’s admission yesterday that Labour governments ‘got it wrong’ on immigration. It is certainly historic.


Labour can never again claim it is ‘racist’ to say there have been — and still are — too many immigrants coming into this country.
But welcome though his speech was, it wasn’t nearly good enough. In the first place his admission of fault was far too muted. And in the second his prescriptions for dealing with the problem were at best half-baked and at worse cynical.
Labour’s mistakes were so enormous between 1997 and 2010 that its current leader should really have put on sackcloth and ashes. There were 3.5 million net migrants into this country in 13 years. It is not too much to say that an irreversible transformation in the demographics of Britain has taken place.
Pressure on schools, hospitals and housing has been colossal. Some communities have been transformed without people ever having been consulted. It is hardly surprising, though nonetheless shocking, that in a recent YouGov poll, immigration topped the list of what people thought were the ‘worse things about Britain’, with 53 per cent of respondents expressing that view.
Earlier this week, the Office for National Statistics released figures which showed how, largely as a result of immigration, the population of the most crowded (which tend also to be the most prosperous) parts of Britain soared between 1997 and 2010.
In London, the population rose by 11.6 per cent in 13 years. In the South-East, it went up by 8.5 per cent, and in Eastern England it increased by 10.5 per cent. No wonder there is a shortage of affordable housing in these areas.

The blame for all of this can be pinned squarely on Labour, which is why I say Mr Miliband’s mea culpa was so inadequate. It is not as though the Labour government did not know what was going on. Week after week, the Mail warned that immigration was running out of control — warnings which were ignored or even met with disgraceful imputations of racism.
It was not Labour alone that was guilty. The BBC and significant parts of the Press refused to admit there was a problem. It was not until 2010 that Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, admitted that the Corporation had often side-stepped the issue.
The following year he went further, writing in the New Statesman magazine that ‘there were some years when the BBC, like the rest of the UK media, was very reticent about talking about immigration’.
Actually, there were a few newspapers which highlighted the problems.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank, was sometimes portrayed by the BBC as an extremist with racist leanings, and his views were described by the Guardian as ‘worrying’. In fact, his organisation was, and is, vigorously analytical, and free of any taint of racism.

With a few honourable exceptions, middle-class Left-wing intellectuals were blind to the effects of unprecedentedly rapid immigration on working-class communities, and the job prospects of people living in them.
In short, there was terrible betrayal of ordinary people led by Labour — whose leader is finally waking up to the anxieties of its core voters for reasons which I suggest are largely self-interested. In government, the party regarded the concerns of its natural supporters about immigration as ‘bigoted’ — the word used by Gordon Brown to describe Rochdale pensioner Gillian Duffy during the 2010 election campaign after she expressed her concerns about ‘all these East Europeans’.
Why did Labour so recklessly encourage mass immigration? The obvious answer is that it believed that cheap labour was vital to Britain’s economy in the boom years, and to hell with native British workers.

If I go to a supermarket in the centre of Oxford, where I live, every till is manned by a usually polite and efficient immigrant. Just three miles way is Blackbird Leys, one of the poorest areas in the country, where there are many white working class people living on benefits. This is the madness bequeathed by Labour.

But there was, I believe, another, darker reason for Labour’s love of immigration. Former party adviser Andrew Neather, who worked for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, has claimed that Labour had ‘a driving political purpose in allowing mass migration’ which was ‘to make the UK multicultural’.
Labour knew that most non-EU immigrants were, once granted citizenship, likely to vote for a Leftish party, and so was in effect shoring up its support. Writing in his published diaries in 2004, former Labour minister Chris Mullin lamented his party’s failure to tackle immigration abuses before noting that ‘at least 20 Labour seats depend on Asian votes’.
This continuing dependence on the ‘immigrant vote’ helps to explain Mr Miliband’s reluctance yesterday to embrace any reduction. Indeed, John Denham, his PPS, earlier told the BBC that the level of immigration ‘is not the issue we’re talking about today’.
Instead, Mr Miliband spoke about asking companies with more than 25 per cent of foreign workers to notify jobcentres. What idiocy! Does he really believe that such a fiddly little rule would change anything?
Tellingly, the Labour leader dwelt on Eastern European immigration, noting the scarcely credible mistake of the Labour Government in predicting that only 13,000 Poles would come to Britain after their country had joined the EU in 2004, whereas in the event more than a million turned up.
However, immigrants from Eastern Europe including Poland only comprised 20 per cent of the three and a half million net migrants in the Labour years, and they now account for about 15 per cent. The majority of immigrants have come, and continue to come, from Asia and the Third World.

Moreover, Eastern European immigrants tend not to seek British citizenship and so do not vote in elections. By contrast, non-EU immigrants do normally seek citizenship and do eventually vote, usually Labour.
In view of Labour’s record, it seems reasonable to suggest that Mr Miliband’s refusal to recommend that the numbers of such immigrants should be cut at least partly reflects his party’s future dependence on their votes.
There is only one way of controlling immigration, which is to reduce the number of foreigners coming to this country. The point seems so self-evident that it should hardly need stating. And yet Mr Miliband weaved and ducked yesterday without accepting the obvious solution, which is that immigration must be curbed.
This is what the Coalition is attempting to do with David Cameron’s promise to reduce numbers from hundreds of thousands a year to ‘the tens of thousands’. So far it is having only limited success, partly because the Lib Dems insist on watering down almost every proposal to bring down immigration levels.
But at least the Government has accepted the principle, which Mr Miliband still has not, that overall numbers should be dramatically brought down. Labour is going through the motions of pretending that it is at last listening to its core supporters without being able to face up to the electoral consequences of cutting immigration.
It was a historic speech in the sense that we can now perhaps discuss immigration without being dubbed racist. I fear, though, that Ed Miliband has a long way to go before he grasps the enormity of Labour’s betrayal, and he is also very far from embracing policies that are likely to work.

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Detectives investigating Rochdale child sex ring make two more arrests

Detectives investigating Rochdale child sex ring make two more arrests | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Detectives who smashed the Rochdale child sex grooming ring have arrested two more suspects.


Two men, both 33, were held earlier this week on suspicion of rape and sexual assault. They were bailed pending further inquiries. The men, who are from Rochdale and are understood to be Asian, are suspected of abusing one of the five girls who gave evidence during the trial at Liverpool, which ended in the jailing of nine men. The trial heard the girl was plied with drink before being raped or sexually abused from the age of 15 over a period of two years. The girl has told officers she was also abused by four other men, who she knew only by nicknames, in 2008 or 2009. Although the claims were not part of the court case, detectives have continued to investigate her allegations and now believe they have established the identities of those four men. At least one of them is thought to have fled to Pakistan. One senior detective said: "Our inquiry continues. There are other potential victims coming forward. The positive side of the court case is that people want to speak to us. We’ll have to see where that takes us." The two suspects arrested earlier this week have not been quizzed in connection with allegations of a second child sex case in the town. It was revealed last week how nine men had been arrested over allegations from another girl who has told officers she was sexually abused over a six-year period from the age of 12.


Anyone who is concerned about a child or young person can call GMP on 101 or 999 in emergencies. You can also call the NSPCC on 0800 800 5000. Any child or young person wanting help and advice can use the numbers above or contact Childline on 0800 1111.


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Sorry to break the bad news, but 'anti-racism' is actually racist

Sorry to break the bad news, but 'anti-racism' is actually racist | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

by ED West

Yesterday, after I wrote that “the EU, multiculturalism, the Equalities Act, anti-racism, hate crimes, bastardised human rights, Marx, Marxist feminism, Marcuse and Gramsci” all belong in history’s dustbin, lots of people screamed: “If you’re anti-anti-racism that means you’re pro-racism!”


So I thought I’d help your deprogramming with a little explanation.
“Anti-racism” is not the same as being opposed to racism; rather it is the name sometimes given to a particular authoritarian view of what racism is, and how it can be combated.
The conventional definition of racism is the belief that “race” (however one defines that) is a primary or significant cause of differences between men; that some of these races are superior to others; and that it is acceptable to discriminate on grounds of race, or to behave unpleasantly to someone because of their race. The term dates to the 1930s, although “racialist” and “racialism” go back to the Edwardian period.
“Anti-racism” means something altogether different, and is best explained by the Civitas book Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics, an account of the Salem-like events that gripped Britain in the 1990s. The authors cite the example of the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), which in 1991 set out the implementation of its new Diploma in Social Work.
The first tenet was "the self-evident truth" that "racism is endemic in the values, attitudes and structures of British society".
The training manual then stated "steps need to be taken to promote permeation of all aspects of the curriculum by an anti-racist analysis". All "racist materials" had to be withdrawn from the syllabus and CCETSW would decide what was racist.
In the rules there would be no freedom of speech for opinions that can be constructed as "racist" or favourable to "racism", and "anti-racist practice requires the adoption of explicit values". The first value is that individual problems have roots in "political structures" and "not in individual or cultural pathology". (In other words, if different groups have different outcomes in terms of education or crime levels, it is all the fault of British racism, not of individuals).
A second value is that racial oppression and discrimination are everywhere to be found in British society, even when invisible. In other words, impossible to disprove!
This is “anti-racism”, and it is heavily influenced by a Marxist interpretation of race. Oliver Cox's 1948 work Class, Caste and Race presents the idea that race originates in "a practical exploitative relationship" used to justify the exploitation of one group by another as part of capitalism.
Racism is created to justify imperialism, exploitation, and scapegoating when things go wrong, and to divide the population to prevent class consciousness from forming.
Racism, therefore, is a product of western, European society, which is why those schooled in British academia are so bad at seeing racism when it is committed by non-whites, because only whites can really be racist.
This, itself, is a racist idea, because it views only whites as being fully sentient actors capable of committing right and wrong, when of course racism, like all human feelings and failings, is universal.
So if you consider yourself an "anti-racist", you are, in fact, a racist.

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Nine white men are found guilty of grooming young Asian girls

Nine white men are found guilty of grooming young Asian girls | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Nine white men are found guilty of grooming young Asian girls, aged between 13 and 15, whom they picked up on the streets of London. The girls were lured with free fish and chips before being raped or pimped as prostitutes. One Asian girl from a children’s home was used for sex by 20 white men in one night. Police insist the crimes were not “racially motivated”.


Imagine if that story were true. Would you really believe that race was not a factor in those hateful crimes? Do you think that, despite conclusive DNA evidence from a girl raped by two men, the police would have hesitated to press charges because the suspects were white and it could make things a bit sensitive in the white community? Would the Crown Prosecution Service have refused to prosecute, allowing the child-sex ring to flourish for three more anguished years?
OK, now let’s try switching the ethnic identities round. Change the fish and chips to kebabs, London to Rochdale, white to Asian and vice versa and you have the case that ended yesterday at Liverpool Crown Court. Nine British Muslim men were jailed for a total of 77 years for rape and trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. The whole case made for disturbing reading, but somehow it was the tiny, paralysing details that made it real. Like the fact that one of the convicted men, father-of-five Abdul Rauf, was a religious studies teacher at a local mosque. Rauf asked his 15-year-old victim if she had any younger friends, and drove some of the girls to meet other men, who had sex with them despite knowing they were under-age.
You will already have noticed a lot of embarrassed evasiveness about this disgusting case, particularly on the BBC. Turning a blind eye to appalling, illegal practices because “it’s their culture” is what has brought our country to this obscene pass. I have watched it unfolding since I did my teaching practice in 1982 in Southall, west London. I remember being encouraged to “teach the children their own culture” even as I found myself wondering why British Muslim girls couldn’t be taught the enlightened beliefs of the egalitarian land in which they lived.
When it comes to women’s rights, not all cultures are created equal, particularly those whose attitudes are frozen some time in the mid‑14th century. But we weren’t allowed to say that. Actually, we weren’t even allowed to think that. If you inhaled enough toleration of the intolerable, then you were well on your way to the opium of political correctness.

All those years ago in the classroom, it was clear to me how dangerous it would be if we didn’t insist that newcomers signed up to our social norms. What was going to happen if we were nervous of offending them, not the other way around? This week, over Liverpool, the sky was dark not with rain clouds but with chickens coming home to roost.
Rochdale girls who were living in what is imaginatively known as “care” were recruited into sexual factory farming by Muslim men described as “pure evil” by detectives. The 59-year-old ringleader was banned from court for calling the judge a “racist bastard”. His barrister explained that his client “had objected from the start to being tried by an all-white jury. He believes his convictions have nothing to do with justice but result from the faith and race of the defendants.” In other words, a racist who treats poor white girls as sub-human seriously believes it is he who is the victim of racism, when he is called to account for organising the gang-rape of under-age females. To be fair, it takes 40 years of well-intentioned multiculturalism to achieve that kind of moral mess.
The layers of denial run so deep that it’s important to try to be clear where we can. First, it is an insult to Hindus, Sikhs and decent, integrated Muslims to classify those brutes under the catch-all title of “Asian males”. All but one are Pakistani Muslims who come from a patriarchal peasant culture that obviously regards young white British girls as easy meat. Those children were considered fair game for degrading sexual acts on an almost industrial scale. The men took a calculated gamble that no one gave a damn about the girls. And you know the worst thing? They were right.
The number of adolescents “passed around” like a congenial hookah pipe by the gang is believed to be more than 50. There were 631 documented cases of abuse over a five-year period, and many will have been too afraid to tell their story. Some may not even be alive to tell it. We will never know the full extent of their pain.
Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England, who at least had the guts to bring the case to court after social workers and the police turned away for fear of being seen as racist, admitted that “imported cultural baggage” played a role in the crimes. That’s the same baggage that brought quaint customs like forced marriages, honour killing and female genital mutilation to these isles.
Crucially, Mr Afzal says that what defined the convicted men was their attitude to the opposite sex. “They think that women are some lesser beings. The availability of vulnerable young white girls is what has drawn men to them… These girls were on the streets at midnight. It made them easy prey for evil men.”
So the case turns out to be a tale of two cultures. On the one hand, we have white girls, raised in a godless, under-parented, over-sexualised society, who have little respect for themselves or their bodies and – even worse – no adults taking responsibility. On the other, we have a different kind of “respect”, the warped creed of a sub-section of unreconstructed, brutally over-parenting men. Their own daughters and young female relatives must not be violated or they will lose their market value, so why not take out your sexual frustration on the despised native slappers instead? It’s as simple as that.
It’s not just the Pakistani men who considered their prey to be beneath contempt. “I think the attitude of the local authorities for many years was that these chaotic girls were not held in very high regard,” explains Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale, choosing his words carefully. “I don’t know if it’s political correctness, but the attitude was, 'These are the life choices the girls are making’.”
Life choices? Dear God, they were raped for years. One girl left a letter for the staff at her children’s home saying she was being abused. It was ignored. So the poor kid wrote another. It was only when a teacher spotted that one pupil was pregnant and a suspicious number of Asian-looking men were picking her up at the school gate that the alarm was raised.
I spoke to Mr Danczuk yesterday, and he strenuously disputes claims that this is a one-off case, or even a recent phenomenon. The grooming of white girls by a small sub-section of the Pakistani community was being discussed in Blackburn council 15 years ago. Recently, the MP was outraged when male relatives of the accused in a similar child-sex case came to his constituency surgery to ask for support. “They spoke about white women in an exceptionally derogatory way. I nearly threw them out.”
While the majority of Asian men in Rochdale are “extremely respectful towards women”, Simon Danczuk laughs at the view of Keith Vaz that “this was not a race issue”. One can only marvel at the skill of the optician who continues to supply Mr Vaz, the chairman of the Commons’ home affairs committee, with spectacles of ever-rosier hue.
Mr Vaz warned yesterday that blaming a particular race or religion for grooming young girls for sex “risks opening up a Pandora’s box over race relations”. If he would only take off his goggles for a minute he might spot the National Front supporters strutting their rancid stuff outside the Liverpool courtroom. The intimidation of two Asian barristers to the point where, shockingly, they withdrew from the case suggests that the contents of Pandora’s box are swarming all over the place.
What a relief to hear Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a moderate Muslim youth group, accusing Pakistani community elders of “burying their heads in the sand” over this poisonous problem. He welcomes police intervention and insists that race is “central to the actions” of the criminals. “They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.”
By now, even the most trusting and generous-minded liberals must have woken up to the fact that our fear of being tarred as racist has allowed ugly practices and outmoded attitudes to flourish, hidden away behind a nervous respect for “difference”. Stymied by political correctness, social workers, carers, police, lawyers and council staff all failed to protect those young Rochdale girls.
They were victims twice over. First, of the despicable men who traded and abused them, and second, of our well-meaning, foolish and deadly desire to avoid the issue of race at any cost.


They deserved better. 

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Racist 'Hate Crime': graffiti sprayed on homes-'White People Move Out'

Racist 'Hate Crime': graffiti sprayed on homes-'White People Move Out' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Racist graffiti insulting white people and telling them to move out of town has been found painted on a quiet side street of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.


The words ‘white slags’, ‘old white basterds’ (sic) and ‘white people move out ov Ravy!!’ (sic) were daubed on properties in Crawshaw Street in the Ravensthorpe area earlier this month.

A tag alongside the graffiti, ‘RTS’, had residents worried, as it was thought to refer to a local Asian gang who call themselves the Ravey Terror Squad.

The notorious group was behind a series of unprovoked attacks on white people on or near the Calder Valley Greenway in 2007.

The graffiti prompted one resident to put up CCTV cameras around the area the next day, but they were mysteriously torn down soon after.

Of course, the mainstream media have totally ignored the crimes, despite their usual habit of lapping up such stories if they involve alleged racism towards non-whites.

For example, in February this year, the BBC saw fit to call someone painting the letters ‘PLM’ on a wall in Northamptonshire ‘racist graffiti’ and an ‘attack on ethnic minority residents’.

According to the report, entitled ‘Racist graffiti scrawled on houses in Wellingborough’, the letters PLM are racist towards Asians, and constitute a ‘hate crime’.
‘PLM’ apparently stands for a ‘racist phrase’ and causes offence to people from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and therefore was worthy of being featured on the BBC’s website.

Clearly it is more racist than ‘white slags’ and ‘old white basterds’, because this story from Dewsbury has not made it onto the BBC, or any other national news site.
What ‘PLM’ actually stands for, however, is anybody’s guess.

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Black IS Black, and if you are Black and a Cunt - you're a Black Cunt, simples..

Black IS Black, and if you are Black and a Cunt - you're a Black Cunt, simples.. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Chelsea and England footballer John Terry is cleared of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers' Anton Ferdinand.


The Chelsea and England defender had denied making the comments to the Queens Park Rangers player during a match at Loftus Road last October.

The 31-year-old told Westminster Magistrates' Court he was merely repeating what he thought Mr Ferdinand had said to him as they traded insults.

Mr Terry had described himself as "angry and upset" over the claims.

It was alleged he had insulted Mr Ferdinand in a Premier League match, describing him as "black" and using extreme sexual swear words.

Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle said he had heard a great deal of evidence to show Mr Terry was not a racist.

In his written judgement, he said that after weighing the evidence it was "highly unlikely" that Mr Terry abused Anton Ferdinand in the manner he was accused of.

Mr Riddle went on: "The prosecution evidence as to what was said by Mr Ferdinand at this point is not strong.

"It is therefore possible that what he [Mr Terry] said was not intended as an insult, but rather as a challenge to what he believed had been said to him.

"In those circumstances, there being a doubt, the only verdict the court can record is one of not guilty."

Mr Terry did not comment to the waiting media as he left court.

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, defended the decision to bring the case to trial.

She said: "The very serious allegation at the heart of this case was one of racial abuse.

"It was our view that this was not banter on the football pitch and that the allegation should be judged by a court."

Of the subsequent acquittal, she added: "That is justice being done and we respect the chief magistrate's decision."

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Black Racist: Police hunt man after assault

Black Racist: Police hunt man after assault | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

This is the man police are hunting following an assault at a Southampton supermarket.

Officers want to speak to the man, who is described as black, six foot tall and in his late 20s to early 30s, after three members of staff were assaulted at Asda, in Portland Terrace.

A man became verbally and racially abusive to three members of staff at the store, at around 5.15pm on June 3.

He hit one member of staff in the arm and spat in the face of a second employee while he was at the checkouts.

Detectives are now appealing for information in their bid to trace the man, who they want to speak to in relation to the incident.

PC Chris Galpin said: “This was an unprovoked nasty assault on two members of staff who were just carrying out their normal duties as sales assistants within the store.

“The CCTV image of the suspect is extremely good and I would appeal to anyone who may recognise him, to get in contact with me at Southampton Central police station or call Crimestoppers anonymously.”


Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Dewsbury: Teen badly hurt in 'racist' attack

Dewsbury: Teen badly hurt in 'racist' attack | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A TEENAGE boy was knocked unconscious with a house brick, stabbed with a screwdriver and left for dead in a vicious race attack.Joseph Haigh, 14, was savagely beaten by the gang of up to 15 Asian youths in Thornhill on Friday night.


The gang hurled racist abuse at him, constantly referring to the colour of his skin, yet police refused to classify the attack as racially-motivated.Josephs dad Jonathan, 42, of Thornhill, said: It was a racist attack.They were calling him white trash and white this, that and the other. This is why people are angry about what is happening in this country. If it had been an attack by whites on an Asian lad it would have been a definite race attack. When its the other way round they dont want to know. Joseph was out with his friends at around 9pm on Friday near Thornhills Rectory Park when the gang of Asians, said to be aged 18-20, came at them. Josephs friends scattered and Joseph tried to make off on his bike, only to be confronted by one of the thugs who smashed him in the head with half a brick.

Mr Haigh, a lorry driver, told how that blow knocked his son unconscious and he instinctively put his hands over his face to protect himself. Another youth lunged at him with a screwdriver while others kicked and punched him about the head.Mr Haigh said: They went to stab him in the face and it was only because he had his hands up that they missed. He was stabbed in one hand, his other hand was broken and a cut on his forehead was down to the bone. If they had hit him a bit harder with the house brick they could have killed him. They just left him for dead. Josephs teeth were also badly damaged and he may lose a tooth. His teeth were wired and he needed specialist treatment at the trauma unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

One of Josephs friends raised the alarm and when Mr Haigh arrived his son was laid out in a bus shelter covered in blood. Josephs bike was also missing and was believed to have been stolen by the gang.Joseph was off school all week and tensions were said to be running high at Thornhill Community Science College. Its shocking whats happened, said Mr Haigh. I have lived in Thornhill all my life and there were fights between whites and Asians 20 years ago. But this wasnt braying someone and giving them a black eye, it was a vicious attack. You dont go out with a house brick and a screwdriver if youre not going to seriously hurt someone. Mr Haigh, who has a wife Stacey, 40, and another son James, 19, said he wanted out of Dewsbury. It used to be a good, thriving town but Dewsbury has got nothing to offer us anymore. A police spokesman said the initial police report had not classified the attack as racially-motivated but inquiries were continuing.

Insp Jenny Thompson, of Dewsbury police, said: This was a vicious, unprovoked attack on a young boy which left him with some serious injuries. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated within Dewsbury and we will be focusing extra patrols around the area as part of on-going work.


The CID department are currently following some positive lines of inquiry. However I would still appeal for any witnesses or anyone with information to contact Dewsbury CID on 01924 431085 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.

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Jessica had a loving, very middle-class upbringing. So how did she become a victim of the Rochdale sex gang?

Jessica had a loving, very middle-class upbringing. So how did she become a victim of the Rochdale sex gang? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Victim: Jessica, here aged five. As a young teenager she was lured by a criminal gang into an underage sex-for-sale ring.


As a child, Jessica loved playing in the tent in the garden, or walking her pet dog on the beach in sight of Blackpool’s famous tower, seven miles away up the Lancashire coast. She would go back to her family’s smart home for an early supper with her father Jim, a successful property developer, mother Jennifer, and her sister Melissa, who is three years younger.

The family moved to Rochdale, Greater Manchester, when Jessica turned 13, and it was the same story of happy family life. ‘The girls always came home for our evening meal together,’ remembers Jim today. ‘Even as young teenagers, they were not allowed to stay out after 7.30 in the evening. We set down rules, and they had a childhood full of ballet classes and wonderful holidays.’

Yet, to the bewilderment of her loving parents, Jessica’s behaviour suddenly changed. ‘By the age of 15, she wanted to be out late at night all the time. If we kept her in, she’d climb out of the upstairs window on to a flat roof above the porch, jump down and disappear into the streets. It was much worse than normal teenage rebellion.

‘We would drive my BMW around trying to find her. It happened at least 20 times, more than I can remember. She fell in with a local girl we did not like and started to use vulgar swear words in front of her sister.’

Now Jim and Jennifer know the truth. Their slim, dark-haired, pretty daughter — who was then studying for her GCSEs at state school — had been lured by a criminal gang into an underage sex-for-sale ring operating from Pakistani-run kebab shops and takeaways in Rochdale. At one stage, horrifyingly, she was being forced to sleep with five men a day, four or five times a week.

Last week, after a lengthy trial, the gang’s 59-year-old ringleader (who cannot be named for legal reasons) and eight other men were jailed for offences including rape, aiding and abetting rape, the trafficking of girls and conspiracy to have sex with a child. One was an Afghan national and the rest were of Pakistani heritage.

It was the latest in a string of almost identical high-profile cases in northern England and the Midlands involving the sexual abuse of white underage girls by street-grooming gangs.

For years, a dangerous myth has surrounded this type of sex crime. In this era of political correctness, it is a myth promoted by the police, the BBC, and many media commentators. They insist that the perpetrators come from every ethnicity and not, primarily, from the British Muslim Pakistani community.

In fact, almost all of the scores of men convicted of street-grooming schoolgirls for sex — and there have been at least 21 court cases since 1997 — have had exactly this ethnic background.

The abuse began at two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, including the Balti House, which is under new ownership
And now, a new myth is being peddled: that the girls themselves are somehow to blame. A picture has been painted of them as the wild progeny of feckless parents, or as girls lost in the care system who are prepared to sell themselves, as one male BBC Question Time panellist put it this week, ‘for a packet of crisps or a bit of credit on their mobile phone’.

But as Jessica’s parents prove in this haunting interview, that is not necessarily the case at all.

The Rochdale gang convicted last week beguiled naive girls, one barely out of primary school, with bottles of vodka, cigarettes and mobile phones. And then, these children were forced to have sex with the gang members and scores of their friends.

To silence their victims, many of whom came from decent homes like Jessica’s, the gang threatened to tell their families they were prostitutes, rape their little sisters or kill their parents with knives or firebombs.

Jessica was the key witness in the shocking trial of the Rochdale street grooming gang. She bravely gave evidence, known only as Girl A — and her story was as heart-rending as it was shocking.

At 15, she became friends with an older white girl (the friend her parents disliked) who took her to a kebab shop and introduced her to the men who worked there. The girls began visiting regularly and, at first, the men were friendly. They gave the girls copious glasses of vodka and food. As Jessica told the court: ‘They also made me feel like I was pretty.’

But soon she began to realise the men were anything but friends. One day, a 59-year-old man, who turned out to be the gang’s ringleader, who was convicted at the recent trial, invited her to a room above the kebab shop for a chat. He reminded her of the free vodka and meals he had given her.

He said he wanted something back from Jessica in return. When she said no, he hurled her on to a bare mattress on the floor and raped her.

Jessica later recalled that as he forced himself on her, she found herself staring at a children’s clock hanging on the wall of the upstairs room. It had the face of an angel on it. Afterwards, the man told her not to cry.

When she finally got home, Jessica was too terrified to tell her parents. And besides, the gang promised they would beat up her, or her family, if she spoke to Jim and Jennifer about what had happened or refused to return to the kebab shop.

Under new ownership: The Tasty Bites takeaway – now renamed Bakar’s – was the other takeaway at the centre of the scandal
So it was that this terrified schoolgirl was ensnared — and that first rape was to turn into months of sexual attacks by dozens of men, who paid the gang £30 or £40 a time to sleep with her (from which she and other girls were occasionally given £10). On one occasion she was handed over free ‘as a treat’ to one of the gang members, a 25-year-old called Kabeer Hassan, who was convicted at the recent trial.

At the height of her ordeal, Jessica was driven in the gang’s taxis and pizza delivery vans around a succession of flats and houses in Rochdale and other former mill towns in the north, where there are large Pakistani communities. There, groups of men she did not know were waiting to rape her over and over again — and then hand over their cash to the gang.

‘I don’t know how many I had to sleep with . . . I couldn’t even count them in my head,’ she later told police. The men never used condoms.

She recalled at one point how at first she felt dirty and ashamed, but as time went on she just felt numb. As she said: ‘It had been going on for so long with so many different men it was as if it wasn’t me any more. I just couldn’t get out of it . . . I was trapped. It just became like a daily life.’

At home, as Jessica’s torment increased, her parents began to suspect something was wrong, but could not establish what it was.

Jim says: ‘When Jessica started coming home late with gifts of toys or sweets for her sister, we knew she didn’t have the pocket money to buy them. The idea that she was shoplifting went through our mind, and we invited the social services here to this house, but they refused to help us.’

The couple would berate Jessica for staying out late and being rude to them. ‘I would get cross with her,’ remembers 43-year-old Jim. ‘But she wouldn’t tell us anything. Of course we now know she was in the clutches of a criminal gang which was threatening to hurt us and her younger sister if she said a word.’

It was in August 2008, several months after she first went to the kebab shop, that Jessica summoned the courage to fight back against her abusers. After being plied with drink, she flew into a rage and smashed the counter of the shop in a protest at her treatment by the men.

Jailed: The Rochdale child sex gang who were jailed. Pictured (top row left to right) Abdul Rauf, Hamid Safi, Mohammed Sajid and Abdul Aziz; (bottom row left to right) Abdul Qayyum, Adil Khan, Mohammed Amin and Kabeer Hassan

The police were called and she seized the chance to blow the whistle on the gang. At that point, she told officers she had been attacked by two men, and an investigation began which involved taking DNA swabs from Jessica’s clothes and the men she accused.

For the first time, Jessica reluctantly told her parents a half-truth about the police inquiry. She said she had been raped by a man in the town.

Her mother cannot erase the memory of that terrible day. ‘When Jessica told us, we were so sad. We felt her innocence had been taken away. At that point we thought it was a one-off incident, although deeply traumatic for her.’

But if Jessica hoped informing the police would bring her suffering to an end and the rapists to justice, she was bitterly mistaken.

Just two weeks later, one of the gang, 41-year-old Abdul Aziz, started pestering her again on her mobile. Other gang members found out where she lived and watched her house from their taxis and delivery vans. Amid threats from the gang that they would tell her family she’d had sex with men for money, she felt compelled to visit her tormenters again.

What followed next is a scenario few will understand. For soon, Jessica was back in the gang’s clutches and being raped by more men. As she explained in a quiet voice at the trial: ‘They threatened to batter me and tell my mum the truth about me. I was scared to say no to them.’

Finally, having assessed Jessica’s allegations, the Crown Prosecution Service told the police that there was no prospect of a successful conviction. It reached that view despite DNA linking her directly to the 59-year-old gang leader.

As a result, scandalously, the gang remained free to continue grooming other schoolgirls for another two long years.

During the trial this month, the court heard how the girls — all under 16 — were held down by their abusers and raped. Some of the victims drank themselves into oblivion to blot out what was happening. Men would line up outside bedrooms in sleazy properties to have sex with them. One girl slept with 20 men in a single evening.

The gang used nicknames such as Tiger, Master and Daddy, so their young victims they could not later give their real identities to the police.

It was only when Nafir Afzal, a new Crown Prosecution Service chief in the area, reviewed Jessica’s file in 2010 that the police inquiry was re-opened. Mr Afzal says today that Jessica was ‘let down by the whole system’.

At least 47 girls were systematically abused by the gang before the first arrests were made, but only five dared to give evidence at the trial for fear of reprisals from the gang.

For Jim and Jennifer, the trial — which Jim attended — was an appalling ordeal. Before that, Jessica, who is now 19, had spared them details of the number of men who had raped her.

Sitting with her husband in their neat family home, Jennifer recalls the nightmare of hearing the truth for the first time. ‘Before the court case, she told us bits of things,’ she says. ‘We had a broad idea, but did not know everything. We were horrified.’

Blinking back tears, Jessica’s father says: ‘Since the trial, we have heard time and again, on the TV, radio and in some newspapers, that the gang’s victims were ‘vulnerable’ girls. But this isn’t the truth. This crime can happen to any girl from any background.

‘We want to warn other parents and other girls to beware. These men make friends with kids coming out of school in the afternoon, on the streets where they shop on a Saturday afternoon.

‘The younger the girls, the more innocent they are of the dangers. They are flattered by the attention and they think it is exciting to go to a kebab house and be given a meal and a glass of vodka.

‘Jessica had a lovely home, and a mother who was waiting here to greet her from school. We had told her never to talk to strangers. But these men were introduced to her as friends and she believed, to begin with, they were her friends.’

For their part, Jessica’s parents believe there is a disturbing racial element to the sex crimes of these grooming gangs run by British men of Pakistani descent. ‘All too often, these men think white girls are worthless and deserve what they get,’ says Jim.

Supporting their fears, one Muslim leader said after the trial his community were ‘burying their heads’ in the sand over this issue.

Although the great majority of Pakistani Muslim men must utterly deplore these crimes, a small minority believe white British girls are ‘easy meat’ who have none of the modesty of their own sisters, daughters and nieces.

After one recent case, a radio station asked British men from Pakistani families in Bradford why so many white girls were targeted by the gangs. One man replied: ‘It is the way woman dress, isn’t it, in mini-skirts? It encourages men to go and jack (snatch or attack) them.’

For the record Jessica — who now lives away from Rochdale (to avoid reprisals from associates of the jailed gang) but sees her parents regularly — never dressed in a skirt, let alone a mini-skirt. ‘She’s always in jeans or jogging pants and covers herself up,’ says Jim.

‘She did nothing to deserve the treatment she got from those men. If this can happen to Jessica, it can happen to any girl.’

When Jim shows me politely to the front door, we pass a blue plastic box in the hallway. It is an alarm system linked to the police — there in case any of the jailed gang’s associates come looking for the girl who bravely blew the whistle on them or seek to take revenge on her family.

For Jessica and her parents — and so many others who fell victim to these wicked men — the ordeal is far from over.

Some names have been changed to protect Jessica’s identity.

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Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff

Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
AN INNER city Birmingham MP has made an outspoken call for nine men responsible for abusing girls as young as 13 to be deported after serving their sentences – even if they are now British citizens.


Hall Green Labour member Roger Godsiff has written to the Home Secretary demanding tougher action after a judge sentenced the men to a total of 77 years between them.

They targeted vulnerable girls, some of them in the care of social services. He said any of the Asian men who were born overseas should be deported, even if they were now British citizens.

On sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Gerald Clifton said the convicted men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

Mr Godsiff’s plea goes far beyond existing government policy. Ministers say they support deporting foreign criminals, meaning those that are not UK citizens, although like the last Labour government they have found this is not always easy to do in practice.

The nine men convicted in Rochdale were Muslims of Pakistani ethnic origin. Mr Godsiff said Birmingham Muslims in his constituency had led condemnation of the men.

Mr Godsiff said: “I have received a number of representations from members of the Muslim community living in my constituency who are disgusted and appalled by what these men did to vulnerable young girls and a number of them are strongly of the view that these individuals have no right to be part of British society.

He went on to say: “While I understand that those individuals who were born in this country have a legal entitlement to remain here I note that the ring leader is 59 years old and may not have been born here”.

The MP concluded: “I have sort assurances that those members of the gang who were not born in the UK but who have been allowed to come here, settle, and may have become British citizens will have their entitlement to be here and any citizenship rights removed and that they will be deported at the end of their sentences.”

In other press coverage of the trial proceedings it has been suggested that at least two of the convicted will be deported at the conclusion of their sentences.

Following the convictions, Det Chf Supt Mary Doyle of Greater Manchester Police described the defendants as “pure evil”.


SOURCE: http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2012/05/15/deport-rochdale-child-rapists-demands-hall-green-mp-roger-godsiff-97319-30968810/#ixzz1v3ECWin5

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