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A heart surgeon lay on a supermarket floor so he could look up a woman shopper’s skirt, a court heard yesterday.
Ahmed Abdelgawad, 35, deliberately positioned himself on the ground in an aisle at Tesco so he could peer at her underwear.
It is alleged that he was touching his groin during the incident, which was caught on CCTV.
Witnesses called police and Abdelgawad was arrested as he sidled up to other unsuspecting women in the shop, the court was told.
Prosecutor Nicola Powell said: ‘It’s a fleeting incident.
‘Abdelgawad gets up afterwards and is in the store for some time afterwards and appears to be following several young females.
‘At one point, he is crouching next to a young girl in the fruit and vegetable aisle and appears to be about to do the same again.’
Magistrates heard Abdelgawad also had his hand in his trouser pocket and was touching himself during the incident on May 21.
Abdelgawad, who works at two hospitals in Swansea, South Wales, admitted outraging public decency but denies touching himself.


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