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Dear friend,

I’m sure that you like me are delighted to see justice finally being done as more and more Muslim paedophiles are brought to court to account for their vile crimes.

Isn’t it great to see the Powers That Be at long last taking action to protect vulnerable girls?

Of course, the shame of the police, courts, old party politicians and the media is that they didn’t take action years ago.

After all, we’ve been highlighting the problem for a full decade. In particular, if the BBC, West Yorkshire Police and the BBC had gone after the grooming gangs in 2004, instead of spending a fortune and vast amounts of time trying twice to send me to prison for speaking out about it, thousands of children and their families would have been spared their sex abuse nightmare.

Together, we can take pride in the fact that this appalling scandal is finally being addressed thanks to our efforts, including your loyal and generous support. That’s not supposition or vanity, it’s a straightforward fact!

We MADE them take action for justice!

It was confirmed earlier this month by Andrew Norfolk writing in The Times, where he made it very clear that a key reason why something is finally being done is because the lack of action was leading voters “to turn to far-right parties”.

You and I both know, of course, that the only “far-right party” that has campaigned and been elected on this issue has been, and remains, the British National Party. That little lie about “parties” is just another sign of how the Establishment is still refusing to deal with this issue honestly.

That’s why, although it’s good to see some action, the Powers That Be are still in complete denial about the scale and the true nature of the problem. They have arrested a few dozen groomers from a handful of gangs, spoken of them giving young girls cigarettes and vodka, and referred to them as ‘Asians’.

They should have arrested thousands of these perverts from the gangs operating in scores of our towns and cities. They should be highlighting the link to the heroin epidemic. And they should be pointing out that theirs is not an ‘Asian’ crime – Sikh and Hindu girls are targets too – it is a MUSLIM one. Only when these things are done can the problem really be dealt with for good.

Unfortunately, we know from bitter experience that this will not happen – unless we make it happen. The Powers That Be believe they can make a token effort and put a few groomers behind bars, and that the white majority will be lulled back to sleep and potential groomers will be frightened off.

We’re not fooled, we’re here for action!

Well, their trick may well fool some of the ‘sheeple’ some of the time, but it doesn’t fool us! And nor will it deter many Muslim men from preying on young girls from the community, because paedophilic sexual predation against Unbelievers is part and parcel of Islam. Only real, sustained British National Party action can end the scandal and the suffering!

Yes, of course men from other backgrounds commit such heinous crimes too, but when they do so, they do them despite the traditional religious beliefs of their communities, rather than because of them.

That’s why on-street grooming by paedophile gangs is so utterly dominated by Muslims.

Sadly, the Muslim block vote is now so big and powerful that all the other parties – from Labour right through the ConDems to UKIP – are too scared to mention this huge elephant in the living room. Which is why the only way the Powers That Be will carry on taking action to protect those poor young girls is if we keep up the pressure that has made them do something in the first place.

Imagine how you’d feel if a lack of further action led to your daughter, granddaughter, niece or sister being among the next victims. Lured at the age of eleven or twelve into a ‘relationship’ with a man in his twenties who, having plied her with alcohol and life-destroying drugs, dragged her into a squalid flat to be repeatedly gang-raped by dozens of his older uncles and cousins.

It’s a horrible, painful image, but it’s been reality for thousands of our girls, and it will be for more unless we step up our campaign for action and justice.

Which is why I’m writing this to ask, once again, for your help. Our recent demonstration in Blackpool drew in new activists from several patriotic street campaigning groups as well as our own people.

This welcome new unity of purpose has given us the capacity to take our warnings about the groomers and pressure for more police action into places we haven’t been able to reach before.

Because of this we are now in a position to launch a major, two-prong campaign this summer. We’re going to be campaigning for a Public Inquiry into the thirty-year failure of the Powers That Be to protect our young girls.

Properly-funded, this will bring hundreds of thousands of new people into contact with us, spread the word and help to recruit more new people.


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