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Poppy Appeal container stolen in Salford

Poppy Appeal container stolen in Salford | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A 20 foot shipping container was stolen in Salford.

Sometime between 4pm on Thursday 23 August 2012 and 12pm on Tuesday 28 August 2012, thieves stole a large silver aluminium container from the private grounds of The Royal British Legion at Ordsall District Centre, Ordsall.

Stored within the container was a large amount of property including memorial plaques, service medals and around 6000 poppies.

The container has a partly repaired wooden roof.

Detective Sergeant Julie Connor from Salford CID said "The container was very large and heavy and would have required a large vehicle and lifting equipment to remove it.
“The proceeds of the Poppy Appeal are used to support our soldiers in personal recovery centres for injured soldiers, welfare support for serving and ex- soldiers and those injured while on duty. This crime will directly affect those personnel who dedicate their lives to serving our country and it is essential we recover everything.

“I would urge anyone who has any information to the whereabouts of the items and the container, to contact police as soon as possible. Understandably, those at the British Legion have been left devastated by this theft and without the items, will not be able to make this year’s Poppy Appeal a success.”


Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 5351 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

A full breakdown of what was stolen:

Memorial plaques

Service medals

Approximately 6000 poppies

Poppy wreaths

Poppy crosses

Poppy appeal wristbands

Poppy collector hi vis jackets

British Legion and Union Jack flags.

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Boy raped at Manchester Debenhams after Arndale Centre abduction

Boy raped at Manchester Debenhams after Arndale Centre abduction | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 14-year-old boy is raped at a department store in Manchester after being taken from a lift in the Arndale Centre by two men.


The 14-year-old had been going to toilets in the Arndale Centre, near the entrance of Aldi and Subway, when he was approached by the men.

After threatening the boy, they led him to a nearby Debenhams, where one of them assaulted him in a toilet.

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This young victim has been absolutely devastated by what happened to him” Det Sgt Liam Boden


Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has released CCTV of two men they want to trace after the attack, on 2 June.

Police said one of the attackers was Asian and one white.

The victim was told by one of the men: "Come with us, do what we say and if you try to run we'll get you."

GMP said he had been grabbed by the arm, led out of the Arndale Centre and taken to Debenhams at about 17:45 BST.

'Doubly shocking'
He was taken upstairs in the lift and marched to a toilet where he was raped by the Asian man.

GMP said the traumatised victim had contacted police after the assault and had been supported by specially trained officers.

Det Sgt Liam Boden, of North Manchester CID, said: "This young victim has been absolutely devastated by what happened to him.

"What makes this incident doubly shocking is that he was marched across a busy part of the city centre during the late afternoon on Saturday.

"I am confident that shoppers may have seen the offenders either before or after the incident.

"I want people to take a good look at the men in these images and tell me who they are."


Anyone with information is asked to call North Manchester CID or Crimestoppers.

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Police warn of South Manchester 'sex monster'

Police warn of South Manchester 'sex monster' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police are warning a sex monster may be on the prowl after a fifth attack in the last two weeks on women in south Manchester.


In the latest incident, two teenager girls were molested as they walked through Moss Side at 4.50am today.

They have told police brief details about a serious sexual assault.

They are now due to be video-interviewed by specially-trained officers to establish more detail about the crime.

However, police say the man who carried out this morning's attack – said to be black, aged in his late teens and wearing a grey hooded jacket – may have carried out three previous sex assaults.

In the first incident, a woman in her 40s was on Great Western Street when a man approached her and then walked past her shortly after 8am on July 19.

He then turned around and sexually assaulted her.

She told police her attacker is black, aged between 19 and 23, and about 5ft 6 tall. He wore a blue bubble jacket.

The next attack happened on Princess Road in Hulme at about 10.30pm on July 31 when a teenager was sexually assaulted.

The victim has told officers her attacker is black, aged 18 or 19, skinny and 5ft 8. He wore a blue shirt and blue tie.

A woman in her 20s was sexually assaulted at 11am last Wednesday, August 1, as she entered a house in Moss Side.

Her attacker had followed her along Wilmslow Road and Moss Lane East before molesting her.

The victim has told cops her attacker is in his early 20s, dark-skinned, slim and 5ft 9.

Police say the incidents appear to be increasingly serious.

Detective Inspector Theresa Carter, said: “We are still trying to establish the exact circumstances of this latest incident and are supporting the two victims who are yet to provide a detailed account of what happened.

“But based on an initial account we are treating this matter extremely seriously and believe it could be linked to three similar incidents that have happened in the area over the past few weeks.

“Incidents such as this will understandably cause concern in the local community, in particular among women, and I want to reassure them we are doing all we can to identify whoever is responsible.

“We have good descriptions of this person, who has worn fairly distinctive clothing - particularly the blue bubble jacket one on occasion and the blue shirt and tie on another - and will are making inquiries to try and identify him.

“I would urge anyone that thinks they know who is responsible, recognises the description of the person and clothes worn or has any information about any incident to call us.

“We will also have officers out on patrol in the area to offer reassure and if anyone is concerned they should come and talk to us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 4146 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Manchester Al Qaida Terrorist Recalled To Prison

Manchester Al Qaida Terrorist Recalled To Prison | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A Muslim extremist fanatic who was convicted of terrorism charges back in 2008 and sentenced to 10 years in prison was released on licence after serving just less than 3 years of his sentence, has been now recalled for breaching his early release conditions.


Ex taxi driver Habib Ahmed 32 of Cheetham Hill Manchester, was serving the sentence for being an active member of the terror group Al Qaida, and the possession of documentation of terror related purposes, Habib was also found attempting to smuggle coded secret books to the UK, which held contacts, and phone numbers to key figures of the terrorist underworld, and was a key to any potential UK terrorist massacre.

Greater Manchester Police and Special Branch officers, from the UK secret services intercepted Habib’s plans to attempt to bring the two secret books heading from Pakistan via Dubai with plans.

Habid was discovered with diaries written in invisible ink, containing details of senior Al Qaida terrorists, and was described at Manchester Crown Court as a ‘Terrorist contact booklet.’

It is also believed Habib downloaded a document called “a study of assassination”; he also looked up bomb-making techniques and checked the addresses of ex-Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, military bases, and senior policemen.

Habib was also jailed with his assailant from Rochdale, Rangzieb Ahmed, who was the first ever terrorist to be jailed in the UK, Ahmed was also handed a jail sentence for the minimum of 10 years for directing terrorist activity within the mainland.

Part of Habib’s early release licence were strict conditions and observations from Greater Manchester Police, the licence was quickly breached, it has been established that Habib was held after he began worshipping at an unauthorised mosque and bought an unauthorised mobile phone.

Mr Mercer, an ex-Army colonel, said: “We have a terrorist released unusually early from prison and what does he do? He says ‘Thank you’.
“It’s a blunder by the licensing board and questions must be asked why they deemed him fit to be free after three tenths of his sentence” Mr Mercer concluded.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser also said “The first question I would like to an answer to is what an unauthorised mosque is?
“It is total madness to let a known terrorist be let out of prison; we have the biggest single event to hit the UK shortly, The Olympics, which some of the events happen to take place in Manchester, The authorities have breached the public’s safety by allowing such a person to walk the streets, who would be only to happy to cause a massive atrocity to this country.

“There is no real deterrent in this legal system, he should be deported or hung, I just hope the people who have dumbed down the legal system in this country get their comeuppance, because when the British National Party take control of this country we will hold every single one of them accountable for their actions, that have destroyed this country” Gary Concluded.

It is believed Habib was arrested at the home of wife Mehreen Haji, 31, where he was staying, who coincidently was arrested back in September 2006 and charged with supplying £4,000 to Habib Ahmed "knowing or having reasonable suspicion that it would, or might be used for the purposes of terrorism".

Police also claimed the pair were members of Al-Muhajiroun, the Islamic militant group founded by radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed who was then serving a jail sentence for inciting terrorism.

Mehreen Haji was cleared of two counts of arranging funding for the purposes of terrorism; there was not enough evidence to support the police claims which allowed her to walk free from the court.

Habib Ahmed will now face a hearing to see whether he must serve the rest of his licence behind bars. No date has been announced, but rest assured the British National Party will be following this case very closely.

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Men bailed following store rape

Men bailed following store rape | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy in Manchester city centre have been bailed.


Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy in Manchester city centre have been bailed.

Two men, aged 55 and 41-years-old, were arrested on suspicious of rape Friday 24 August 2012, were released on bail until 4 October 2012.

At about 5.45pm on Saturday 2 June 2012, the 14-year-old boy was in the Arndale centre, near the entrance of Aldi and Subway, when he went to the toilets.

While there he was approached by two men who stared at him. One of them said to him "come with us, do what we say and if you try to run we'll get you." He was then led out of the Arndale centre and taken to nearby Debenhams.

He was then taken by the lift upstairs and was marched to a toilet where he was raped.

Superintendent Stuart Ellison said: "The fact we have released these men on bail should not be seen as too significant.

Our inquiries are progressing well and we have been overwhelmed by the response from members of the public.

Quite rightly everyone felt a sense of shock and disgust when we put the details and images out last week. We share those feelings and remain as committed as ever to bringing the offenders to justice.

"We are continuing to act on all the information we have received and should there be any further developments we will keep people informed."
Anyone with information is asked to call North Manchester CID on 0161 856 3240 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.
- If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

- You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary⿿s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

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CCTV stills released following theft of Rolex watch

CCTV stills released following theft of Rolex watch | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
CCTV images from a Jewellery store in Eccles have been released after two men walked out with a £4,000 watch.


CCTV images from a Jewellery store in Eccles have been released after two men walked out with a £4,000 watch.

The theft happened at about 1pm on Saturday 28 July 2012 at the Albermarle and Bond Jewellers in The Mall.

The two offenders were looking at a number of items and asked to see a Rolex watch, worth about £4,000.

At this time, the man without the watch asked to be let out of the secure door, but held it open for his accomplice and the pair then ran off with the watch.

The victim followed them but lost sight of them on John William Street.

Staff have assisted officers by providing CCTV footage of the suspects, from which the stills have been released.


One of the men is Asian, in his 30s, about 6ft tall, of slim build and with short black hair. He was wearing an orange T-shirt with a horizontal dark strip and dark trousers.

His accomplice is black, in his 30s about 5ft 7in tall, of medium to stocky build and with a completely shaven bald head. He was wearing a long-sleeved blue jumper and white converse trainers. He spoke with a local accent.


Police Constable Claire Murphy said: "The pair tricked staff when they made off with the watch, but the security system in the store has managed to capture images of the suspects.

"I would appeal to anyone who may know this pair, or who may have been offered the watch to call us."


Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 1234 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester

Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Report from Sheila Spink, Stockport Branch Organiser. The Metropolitan Borough of Stockport is a much maligned yet dignified suburb of Greater Manchester. We are the butt of many a joke which we take with good humour.


We have one of the oldest market places in the North West of England, on the old A6 route from Scotland, and our town played an important part in the English Civil War.

What most people don't realise is that we represent one of the last remaining indigenous strongholds in the North West and the LibLabCon Council are determined to rectify this disgrace to their diversity agenda.
They have already waived through the conversion of an industrial unit in Heaton Mersey into a mosque, despite opposition from local traders due to its inappropriate location and contravention of the Council's own planning laws, and now they planned to give the same treatment to a de-licenced pub, The Bull's Head, on Gorton Road, Reddish, which is right on the boundary with Marxist Manchester.

Fortunately, the residents of Reddish have more 'bottle' than their neighbours and swiftly swung into action.

At the beginning of the week, they heard about the planning application. Within hours, a few local women printed off multiple copies of a protest petition and collected 300 signatures. We got to hear of this and went over to help.

We talked to the owner of the building who was already backing off and looking at other possible tenants.

On Wednesday evening, the local Labour councillors held a surgery in the library. One tried to have me banned from this public event on the grounds that I do not live in this precise ward.

He is so ignorant of Council procedure that he does not realise that the decision on this application will be made by the whole area team for Heatons and Reddish, which includes both my home and the ward in which I stand as a candidate and that any resident of the whole borough can oppose any planning application.

The leader of the Labour group was backed up into a corner and can only parrot, "I am here to listen to what the people say" to any question put to him. Eventually, the librarian hit the fire alarm to clear the building as the hostility to this plan reaches danger level.

The scene was repeated in a nearby pub the next evening with shouts of "liar" to all the excuses put by the Labour councillors who now claim to oppose the application themselves.

Next day we heard that the application has been withdrawn, but we set up our stall anyway and collected signatures to oppose any mosque application in the future.

The owner, a genial family man, came out to tell us that he has refused this use of his building. He is a decent bloke who does not need this kind of aggro.

The pizza house next door gave us a piping hot pizza to sustain us. The support is overwhelming.

On Saturday, we went over with the Greater Manchester team to do some leafleting, and set up the stall again. The support is still positive.

On both occasions, the police dropped by but did not harass us, other than to warn against obstruction and public disorder. We don't allow any shouting on our stall, particularly from our own members.

Our efforts are rewarded by a visit from the Chairman who responded to our call for help given the importance of this location.
All is calm for now, but we have no doubt that a new application will be lodged in the future, probably when the current owner has retired and moved on. We will be there for as long as it takes.

We signed up new members and lots of supporters which we aim to turn into voters. The deceit and hypocrisy of Labour was all too clear to the local residents.

The lesson we learned is that we can protest and win, the enemy are afraid of us and we should never be afraid of them.

This is our country and we will maintain the dominant voice in the social and political agenda.

We are right, and they are wrong.

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Burka-wearing thief steals jewels

Burka-wearing thief steals jewels | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A thief in Manchester steals a "large quantity of jewellery" from a shop while disguised in a burka.


The person dressed in the full body cloak and walking with a pushchair stood outside Choice Jewellers on Wilmslow Road at 11:35 BST on Sunday.

A police spokesman said staff had opened the locked door because they thought the person was a customer.

The person then blocked the door open with the pushchair, allowing armed accomplices to enter and steal "a large quantity of jewellery" before escaping.

The spokesman said all four offenders had been armed with axes, which were used to threaten staff and smash jewellery cabinets.

After staff deployed a device which filled the store with thick smoke, the four were forced out of the Rusholme shop.

They then smashed the shop window to try to get more jewellery before escaping in a car down Walmer Street.

Det Con Ian Wrench said anyone offered jewellery by "anyone other than a licensed dealer" should contact police, as the four "who carried out this frightening robbery need to be caught".

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