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WANTED by Newham Police - Black male for unprovoked battering

WANTED by Newham Police - Black male for unprovoked battering | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The teenager, who collapsed to the pavement after one punch in Plaistow, east London, said she wanted the thug to be caught so he could not injure anybody else.


'I hope I'm his last victim': Girl, 16, punched so hard by stranger she was knocked out cold speaks of sickening ordeal caught on CCTV
* Police hunting 6ft man after attack in Plaistow, east London last Tuesday
* Video shows terrible force of the unprovoked battering
* Teenager was on her way to college when vile thug punched her
* Stranger chases her, batters her and runs off without looking back
* Shocked detectives say they have never seen an attack quite like it
* The student says she is now scared to walk down the street alone


The 16-year-old victim of a brutal street attack said last night that she hoped to be the last victim of the stranger who knocked her unconscious.
The teenage student, who collapsed to the pavement after one powerful punch in Plaistow, east London, explained she wanted the thug to be caught so that he could not injure anybody else.
She said she had 'no idea' what was about to happen when he ran up behind her in broad daylight as she walked to college and viciously swung at her.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the teenager said that 'the next thing she knew’, she was waking up in an ambulance taking her to hospital.

'It was really bad,' she told ITV's London Tonight, dressed conservatively in a black belted coat and headscarf.
'I had a migraine, my chin was grazed and sore, my teeth were hurting because they were chipped and I couldn’t talk.

'I hope he does get caught so he doesn’t do it again to another person. I hope I am his last victim.'
The girl said she had seen a man looking at her when she had briefly gone back into her house to get the mobile phone she had left behind.
It appears that he then followed her down Plaistow High Street and savagely attacked her just 500m from her home, outside the Black Lion pub.
She admitted she is scared to walk down the street alone since the vicious beating last Tuesday.

The shocking CCTV footage was circulated by police yesterday in an effort to find the man responsible, with the girl's face blurred to protect her identity.
At just after 12.30pm, the thug is shown running up behind the teenager and taking a massive swing with his right fist, causing the teenager to black out instantly and crash to the ground.
Her attacker then turns and runs off, leaving the smartly dressed girl lying unconscious on the pavement.
The teen was taken to Newham General Hospital with bruising and cuts to her head and face, but was released the same day after tests.

Detective Superintendent Helen Millichap, of Newham Police, said she had never seen anything quite like it.
She said it was very unusual to come across such a crime - one that appears completely motiveless and unprovoked and took place in the middle of the day.
The suspect is described by police as a ‘muscularly built’ black male with a shaven head, and around 6ft tall.
Police said he followed the girl from her home, around a third of a mile away from where he attacked her.
They said he was wearing baseball jacket and jeans and is aged between 25 and 30.

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French bankers escape Hollande

French bankers escape Hollande | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

HIGHER taxes and an anti-business attitude are driving French bankers and high-fliers out of Paris and into London, City A.M. has learned from recruiters and estate agents.

Socialist President Francois Hollande’s planned 75p top tax rate was the flagship policy in his election campaign – but instead of raising cash from the super-rich, it could simply drive them abroad.

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to capitalise on the French leader’s policies, this summer saying he would “roll out the red carpet” to French firms put off by Hollande’s perceived anti-business stance.

London-based recruitment firm Astbury Marsden, which specialises in the banking sector, has seen a 51 per cent rise in French-language applicants in recent months, compared with the same period of 2011.

“There is a definite spike in French-speaking candidates,” said managing director Jonathan Nicholson.

“We have not seen similar increases in candidates from other countries, so it may well be connected to May’s change in government in France.”

Surveys from TotalJobs.com have found 42 per cent of French workers are willing to move to the UK.

Similarly, only 32 per cent of the global workforce would be happy to work in France compared with 49 per cent who are willing to work in the UK, while London is consistently seen as the most popular city among workers internationally.

International recruiter Robert Walters told City A.M. that some of the largest French firms are lobbying fiercely against the tax, threatening to move abroad unless exemptions are found for their top earners – although families’ enthusiasm for the move may be dampened by higher living costs in London than in Paris.

Meanwhile estate agency Savills has reported rising numbers of French buyers in London since the election of President Hollande – and predicts the trend will grow stronger next year.

“There is no doubt that French buyers have made up a significant proportion of our clients this year,” said Savills’ Lindsay Cuthill.

“Whereas previously they were not committed long-term, often renting small houses or apartments, since the election they are buying larger houses and looking to stay for longer.”

And she expects more families to move in the middle of 2013, ahead of the next school year.

“I suspect that the election came at the wrong time for many families, who had already committed to the school year. I predict a sharp rise in moves next year in a second round of relocations.”

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Somalian Refugee Punched 1 Legged Student, Glassed Police Officer



A Somalian refugee who punched a one-legged student in the stomach and glassed a police worker in the face has been jailed for 17 months.


Ahmed Jama, 25, threatened to kill Yonas Osman, who used a mobility scooter, during the unprovoked attack in east London on January 26.


Jama told his victim in his native tongue: ‘You mother-f****r, I will kill you, I will wait outside and I will kill you, before hitting him in the Haar Waag Café in Mile End Road, Stepney.

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Teenager Stabbed To Death In South London

Teenager Stabbed To Death In South London | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Three youths have been arrested after a teenage boy was found stabbed to death.

Detectives have launched a murder inquiry after the boy was found with a stab wound to his chest in Lewisham, south east London.

Emergency crews were called to Launcelot Road at about 4am on Wednesday but the victim, believed to be 16, was pronounced dead shortly after 5.10am.

Three males, aged between 16 and 18, have been arrested in connection with the death and remain in custody at a south London police station, Scotland Yard said.

The dead boy's next of kin have been informed.

Formal identification of the victim has yet to take place, the force added.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We retain an open mind as to the motive at this early stage and are actively seeking any information, which can be provided in confidence."

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information should call 020 8721 4868 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Remembering 7/7 - The Bombers

Remembering 7/7 - The Bombers | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The four men who carried out the 7 July bombings were young Muslim Britons who had led apparently ordinary lives. Their profiles are below.

Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Edgware Road bomber
A married father-of-one and teaching assistant, Mohammad Sidique Khan was the oldest of the bombers and is thought to have taken the lead role.
Raised in Beeston, Leeds, he was the youngest of six children born to Pakistani immigrants who had taken British citizenship.

Friends from his teenage years recall a highly Westernised young man who insisted on being called "Sid".

Khan was known to the MI5, but officers assigned to investigate him were diverted to another operation.

Following the attacks a video message recorded by Khan emerged in which he said he was a "soldier" at "war".

His bomb, detonated on a westbound Circle Line train, killed seven people.


Shehzad Tanweer, 22, Aldgate bomber
Shehzad Tanweer was born in Bradford but lived most of his life in the Beeston area of Leeds.
Neighbours described the sports science graduate as a "nice lad" who could "get on with anyone". Friends said he was very religious, but did not express an interest in politics.

In 2004 he travelled to the Pakistani city of Karachi along with Khan.

The two became known to the security services, but were on the periphery of other surveillance operations.

Tanweer detonated his bomb on the eastbound Circle line, killing seven others.


Jamaican-born British resident Germaine Lindsay spent his childhood in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, not far from the other bombers' homes.
He converted to Islam in 2000, took the name Jamal and, at around the same time, started to associate with troublemakers.

At school he was disciplined for handing out leaflets in support of al-Qaeda.

In many ways Lindsay's life was unsettled, but in 2002 he married a white convert to Islam, with whom he had a young boy. A daughter was born after his death.

Lindsay carried out the most deadly of the bombings, killing 26 on the Piccadilly line train.


Hasib Mir Hussain, 18, Tavistock Square bomber
Teenager Hasib Hussain was known as a quiet student with few friends whose life attracted little outside attention during his early teens.
Hussain was a second generation British citizen whose parents were of Pakistani origin. He grew up in Holbeck, on the outskirts of Leeds, and was the youngest of four children. He was still living with his parents when he died.

While still at school, he went on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

His family said they were "devastated" to learn he was the bus bomber who claimed 13 lives on 7 July.

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An inconvenient truth: Met police stall over release of non-white murder statistics

An inconvenient truth: Met police stall over release of non-white murder statistics | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) are stalling over releasing figures that would provide a racial breakdown of all the people charged with murder in London last year.

According to a response by the MPS to my Freedom of Information (FOI) request on the matter, the Met are considering whether the information is in the ‘public interest’.

An inconvenient truth: Non-whites were charged with 67 percent of gun crime in London in 2011, despite being only 30.3 percent of the city's population. Blacks were responsible for 58 percent of those charges, despite being only 10.1 percent of the population

I made the FOI request on 30 April 2012, asking for a ‘breakdown by race of all the people charged with the crime of murder in London in 2011’.

The request was one of several I submitted on the same day pertaining to racial breakdowns of crime in London, as well as one requesting information on the ethnicity of those charged in relation to the 2011 immigrant riots.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), the MPS are required to respond to FOI requests within 20 working days.

As of today, 28 June, it has been 41 working days since I made the request relating to murder charges, and the MPS now state that I will not receive a reply until 26 July (64 working days after the request), if indeed such information is deemed to be in ‘the public interest’.

The Met’s provisional response states that they are ‘considering whether the information requested is covered by one of the “qualified exemptions” (exemptions which must be tested against the public interest before deciding whether they apply to the information in question)’.

They add: ‘Where we are considering the public interest test against the application of relevant qualified exemptions, Section 17(2)(b) of the Act provides that we can extend the deadline.’


Read more: 


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‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London

‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By Stephen Palmer - London’s non-white minority populations were responsible for the majority of all recorded violent crime in the capital last year, the British National Party can reveal.


The shocking information was disclosed by the Metropolitan Police Service, following a Freedom of Information request by a BNP activist.

The data shows that racial foreigners committed the most rapes, sexual offences, gun crimes, knife crimes, personal robberies, ‘snatches’ and attempted personal robberies in 2011.

This is despite the fact that, according to the most recent demographic data available (ONS:2006), 69.4 percent of London’s population is white.

For some crimes, such as personal robbery, the non-white offender rate was as high as 71 percent, and 74 percent for snatch crimes.
Racial foreigners also carried out 51 percent of rapes and attempted rapes, just over 50 percent of other sexual offences, 67 percent of gun crime and 65 percent of knife crime.

The statistics show that blacks single-handedly committed the majority of gun crime (58 percent), knife crime (51 percent), personal robberies (56 percent) and snatch crimes (54 percent).

This is despite the fact that the same ONS data states that blacks make up just 10.7 percent of London’s population.
The message is clear: non-white immigrants DO commit more violent crimes than indigenous white Britons. The British National Party’s policy of halting immigration is therefore an imperative measure to keep our land and people safe from the increased crime rates brought here by racial foreigners.

It’s not ‘racist’ to protect your people from rape, murder and robbery, it’s common sense.
The same FOI request also shows that non-whites were responsible for two-thirds of crimes related to last year’s London riots.

Please see this report for details.

You can see the full FOI response here.

You can see the data for each crime broken down by ethnicity below.


*Note: I requested the data for murders as well but was not provided with it


People Charged for Various Offences by Ethnicity. 2011

Rape and attempted rape

Asian - 56
Black - 267
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 8
Middle Eastern - 12
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 277
White - South European - 39
Total - 660
Non-white total – 51.9%

Other sexual

Asian - 257
Black - 373
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 16
Middle Eastern - 46
Unknown - 2
White - North European - 581
White - South European - 105
Total - 1380
Non-white total – 50.1%

Gun crime

Asian - 46
Black - 464
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 2
Middle Eastern - 21
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 219
White - South European - 38
Total - 791
Non-white total – 67%

Knife crime

Asian - 347
Black - 1756
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 24
Middle Eastern - 101
Unknown - 3
White - North European - 1031
White - South European - 168
Total - 3430
Non-white total – 65%

Personal robbery

Asian - 696
Black - 3612
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 17
Middle Eastern - 226
Unknown - 9
White - North European - 1568
White - South European - 250
Total - 6378
Non-white total – 71%


White European - 104
Dark European - 20
Afro-Caribbean - 220
Asian - 47
Oriental - 1
Arabian/Egyptian - 9
Total - 401
Non-white total – 74%

Attempted personal robbery

White European - 20
Dark European - 2
Afro-Caribbean - 20
Asian - 13
Oriental - 0
Arabian/Egyptian - 3
Total - 58
Non-white total – 65%

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Black Girl gang savagely attacked two legal secretaries after Royal Wedding street party

Black Girl gang savagely attacked two legal secretaries after Royal Wedding street party | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Kalee Powell, Precious Gordon and a 17-year-old attacked their victims ‘like a pack’

Daniela Holischeck spent the night in A&E after the attack and had to take a fortnight off from work
Miss Holischeck’s friend Birgit Habersetzer had called them ‘idiots’ after they knocked a pizza out of her hands.


Two members of a girl gang savagely attacked a pair of legal secretaries following a Royal Wedding street party.

Kalee Powell, 18, and Precious Gordon, 19, attacked Daniela Holischeck and Birgit Habersetzer after spending the day boozing at a street party to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Ms Holischeck, who worked for City law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, was left a bloodied mess following the savage beating.

Convicted: Precious Gordon, left, and Kalee Powell, right, savagely attacked a pair of legal secretaries during a Royal Wedding day attack

She spent the night in A&E after the attack and had to take a fortnight off from work.

Powell and Gordon, along with a 17-year-old who cannot be named, attacked ‘like a pack’ after they were called ‘idiots’ when they knocked a pizza out of the hands of Ms Habersetzer.

Gordon admitted affray and assaulting Ms Holischeck and Ms Harbersetzer, while Powell was convicted of affray for her part in the attack on Ms Holischeck after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Both were given community orders and told to pay a total of £300 compensation to their victims.

Judge Stephen Kramer QC said Ms Holischeck and her flatmate had been caught up in ‘an ugly incident in which mindless, drunken and unlawful violence was used’.

‘It must have been a shock and thoroughly frightening for the two women who were victims,’ he added.

Victims: Daniela Holischeck, right, and Birgit Habersetzer, left, were savagely attacked on the day of the Royal Wedding last year
‘I am satisfied what you both did you did that night because you were fuelled by alcohol, having gone to a street party and drunk alcohol celebrating the Royal Wedding.

‘You have each come within a whisker of a custodial sentence. I hope you both appreciate that and these courts will never see you in this sort of position again.’

Ms Holischeck told jurors she felt as if it was ‘raining fists’ during the 10 minute attack in Bathurst Gardens, Kensal Rise, northwest London, on April 30 last year.

She became so desperate she kicked out at a car in an attempt to start its alarm.

‘They managed to grab my hair and pull me to the ground, and started to kick me,’ she said.

‘I could feel pizza being rubbed in my hair – bits of cheese coming down on me.

‘There was so much blood everywhere – my face was full of blood, my hair was full of blood.’

Ms Habersetzer, also a legal secretary, was also attacked while two boys from the group stood watching in Kensal Rise, London, just after midnight.

Miss Habersetzer had brought the pizza as a late night snack and was taking it home.

Prosecutor Helen Guest said: ‘As they passed on the pavement, one of the girls knocked the box out of the hands of Birgit Habersetzer, and then followed that up with a punch to her face.

‘She threatened to call the police, and then a girl came to Daniela Holischeck and started to attack her. She ended up on the floor, and they were kicking and punching her.’

The attack only came to an end when a passing police car pulled up. Powell told officers she was drunk but had been trying to stop the fight.

Ms Holischeck said she spent the night in A&E and had to take two weeks off sick.

‘I had some trapped nerves in my back, and was not able to get out of bed by myself for a week,’ she said.

‘I had friends come to help me get out of bed.’

‘I had a nose bleed from punches to the head.’

Attack: Powell and Gordon had spent the day boozing at a street party to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton
The two victims – both German – had been celebrating the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton in a local pub but had drunk only fruit juice because they were in training for a charity fun run.

Powell, of Northolt, northwest London, denied affray and common assault on Ms Holischeck and was convicted.

She was given a 12-month community order requiring her to spend a total of 24 hours at a senior attendance centre run by the Probation Service.

She will also be under a nightly 8pm to 8am curfew for three months and will have to pay £100 compensation to Ms Holischeck.

Gordon, of Kensal Rise, admitted affray and common assault on both victims.

She was given a 12-month community order requiring her to spend a total of 27 hours at a senior attendance centre and ordered to pay £100 compensation to each of the victims.

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Ali Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits

Ali Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Sadistic park killer bludgeoned pensioners to death in random attacks in Alexandra Park and Queen's Wood.

Killer wore scull and crossbones gloves and beat elderly men to death in month of violence.


A sadistic double murderer who wore skull and crossbones gloves in a month of random violence faces a life sentence today.

Ali Koc, 30, beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head butting, punching and kicking them in a series of motiveless attacks in parks across north London.

Koc stalked the parks and woodland near his home in Hornsey to batter two pensioners to death and attack five other strangers.

Victor Parsons, 67, died seven weeks after he was battered with a branch shaped like a “caveman's club” in Alexandra Park.

Keith Needell, 84, died six months after being beaten in Queen's Wood.

Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits, was convicted today of both murders as well as five assaults on other men who were either jogging or dog walking.

None of the victims – aged from 29 to 85 - were robbed, or threatened and there was no sexual motive for the attack.

He will be sentenced later by Mr Justice Calvert-Smith.

Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting, had described the random attacks as “violence for violence sake.”

He told Woolwich Crown Court: “Over the course of four weeks in January last year, men were violently and indiscriminately attacked.

“All of these attacks took place within 2.5km of this defendant's address, in parks and woods that we say were very familiar to him.

“This allowed him to flee the scene of the crime undetected and find his way home. This was violence for violence sake.”

The court had heard that Koc was identified on CCTV near the attacks wearing a distinctive top, skull and crossbones gloves and white trainers.

His shoes were found to bear traces of his victims’ blood and DNA and he was also identified in ID parades by his surviving victims.

Mr Parsons lived on his own and regularly walked to Alexandra Park. He was known locally as a bit of an eccentric and a recluse.

Mr Altman showed the jury a four foot branch recovered from the crime scene covered with Mr Parsons' blood.

A police forensic scientist described the weapon as “thin at one end and thicker at the other, similar to a cave man's club.”

Mr Parsons was carrying £750 in cash in his pocket, but not a penny was taken by his attacker.

Mr Needell was attacked on his way home from researching his family tree at the Islington Family Records Centre.

He was discovered by dog walkers in the woods lying on his side, with blood streaming from his head.

Mr Needell had suffered severe facial fractures and a fractured skull.

The other victims were James Holding, Rashmid Meizongo, Norman Carey, and Kriangsakdi Chinhirun.

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Why do foreigners get all the jobs, asks Boris Johnson

Why do foreigners get all the jobs, asks Boris Johnson | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Boris Johnson is to launch an inquiry into why so many British jobs are being given to foreign workers.


In one of his first acts since being re-elected as Mayor of London, Mr Johnson today calls for “an honest and unflinching” investigation.

He promises to “expose the roots of the problem” and examine whether immigrants were prepared to work harder for less money or whether “native Londoners” had the wrong attitude to certain jobs.

Over the past two years unemployment has been rising and more than one in five 16 to 24-year-olds is currently out of work.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph he says: “London’s formidable job-creating powers do not always seem to involve the creation of jobs for native Londoners. Go into any coffee shop and talk to the staff, listen to the voices on the building sites — and you will see how the city is working as a magnet for talent and energy from outside the UK.”

However, the mayor ruled out introducing “quotas” banning employers from hiring foreign staff.

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Illegal rat meat 'sold to public' in east London

Illegal rat meat 'sold to public' in east London | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Rats and "shocking" quantities of illegal and "potentially unsafe" meat have been sold in London.


Rats and "shocking" quantities of illegal and "potentially unsafe" meat have been sold to the public in east London, a BBC London undercover investigation has found.

Secret filming in one of the capital's busiest food markets has revealed butchers and food stores prepared to sell large quantities of meat that break food safety laws.

West African and environmental health officer sources told the BBC the Ridley Road Market, in Dalston, was a known hotbed of illicit meat activity.

Yet a Freedom of Information request to Hackney Council reveals the last enforcement visits to premises concerning illegal meat in the whole borough took place in 2009.

"This is shocking, I am just so shocked to see so much of it," said Paul Povey, one of the UK's leading experts in meat hygiene and inspections and a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, who examined the meat for the BBC.

"It's all illegal and hasn't undergone health control, hasn't been inspected and may well be contaminated.

"You've got to wonder about the contamination level of this meat that anyone's bringing into their kitchens."

Hackney Council said it had only received one complaint of illegal meat being sold since 2009 which was not proven.


'There will be trouble'
Under the counter, butchers at Ridley Road Market were prepared to sell banned "smokies", a West African delicacy made using a blow torch on the skin of a sheep or goat to give it a charred flavour.

The practice is outlawed under UK and European food laws amid fears about public safety and animal welfare.

It has also been linked to mafia-style gangs in Wales who steal sheep and goats, slaughtering them in unlicensed abattoirs.

Dr Yunes Teinaz, a chartered environmental health practitioner, said: "Behind the underground trade in smokies are criminals who don't observe the law and are just after financial gain.

"It is disgusting and outrageous that the local authorities don't take action and remove this meat from the human food chain."

One Hackney butcher, who was secretly filmed selling a BBC researcher quantities of the illicit meat, said: "Don't tell anyone, otherwise there will be trouble."

Two African food stores have sold bush meat such as "grass cutter" or cane rats, which are described as having been imported from Ghana where they are a delicacy.


'Collapsing a business'
The trade in bush meat is a persistent problem for the UK authorities with illegal meat products smuggled in by passengers in ferry terminals and airports.

The Food Standards Agency says there are worries that bush meat could be of serious risk to both those who eat it and to others from contamination.

There is no suggestion that every butcher and food shop on the Ridley Road Market is prepared to deal in illegal meat.

Confronted with BBC London's evidence, Islam Halal Meat; Punjab Halal Meat and Fish and Dalston Butchers denied they were selling illegal meat.

The manager of Great Expectations, a food store which sold two Ghanaian rats to the undercover BBC researcher, said: "I don't sell rats, I never sell rats, I don't sell rats.

"I don't have any rats, why you come to video me?"

The manager of Adom Trading, another shop that sold bush meat described as a Ghanaian "grass cutter" rat, also denied selling it.

"What you are saying is a lie, a 100% lie, I don't sell rats.

"You are collapsing a business, do you know how much it costs us to pay the business rates?"

Councillor Feryal Demirci, Hackney Council's Cabinet Member for Safer Neighbourhoods, said: "Hackney Council's team of Environmental Health Officers make regular visits and inspections of over 1,000 businesses across the borough, including those on Ridley Road.

"Since 2009, we have only received a single complaint regarding the sale of illegal meat, which upon investigation was inconclusive.

"However, we take all complaints seriously and we will always investigate fully. Now that we have received some information from the BBC we will look into this and take the appropriate action."

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The Hounslow Slasher: Black man randomly slashing white women’s throats in the street

The Hounslow Slasher: Black man randomly slashing white women’s throats in the street | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Extra police have been patrolling the Hounslow area of London after two women were assaulted within ten days of each other in night time attacks.

Police have issued an image of a man they want to question in connection with serious attacks on two young women within 10 days of each other.

A 19-year-old woman was approached from behind, grabbed by an attacker and cut with a bladed item across her neck in the first of the two assaults.

It happened shortly before midnight on August 7 in Hanworth Road, Hounslow, west London, near the junction with St Stephens Road, Scotland Yard said.

The second incident occurred on Friday, at about 1.30am, in nearby Whitton Road, near the junction with Murray Avenue.

A 26-year-old was approached from behind and sliced across her face with a bladed item.

Both women suffered deep cuts which required hospital treatment.

Detectives have formally linked the two incidents and extra officers have been patrolling the area following the attacks.

This 19-year-old woman was approached from behind, grabbed by an attacker and cut with a bladed item across her neck in the first of the two assaults

The suspect is described as a black man, or a light-skinned black man, aged between 18 and 25 years, and between 5ft 6ins and 5ft 11ins.

Borough commander for Hounslow Carl Bussey said: ‘I would ask people to be extra vigilant and aware of their environment, particularly when walking late at night.

‘These sorts of crimes are thankfully rare in Hounslow, but I would like to reassure people that my officers are working tirelessly to catch whoever is responsible.

A 26-year-old was approached from behind and cut across her face with a bladed item

‘Extra officers will be on patrol in the area while this investigation continues.’

Police have urged a male cyclist who came to the aid of the victim in Hanworth Road to contact them as they believe he may have information that could help the investigation.

Detectives would also like to speak to anyone in the area who has been followed in the last few weeks, or has noticed a man fitting the description acting suspiciously.

Anyone with information is asked to contact them on 0208 721 4155 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


For CCTV image of wanted man:


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Tia Gran 'with police'

Tia Gran 'with police' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The grandmother of Tia Sharp has left her South London house accompanied by two plain-clothes police officers. The search for the missing 12-year-old has continued for a week.


Police remove evidence from Tia's grandmother's home.
Two female detectives removed two brown bags of evidence from Tia's grandmother's house this morning.

The officers said they were the "last" bits of evidence to be removed from the property.

Police officers have been continuing to bins around the home in New Addington, south London, this morning.


Teams of officers were stopping motorists to hand out fliers, and speaking to a number of people across the tram stops around the council estate.


Police have been searching bins around Tia's grandmother's home since yesterday.

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Black Crime: Men charged after Westfield death

Black Crime: Men charged after Westfield death | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Nine people are charged with violent disorder following a fatal stabbing at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London.


Liam Woodards, 24, of Stratford, was killed during a fight at the centre on Friday afternoon.

Three men were arrested on Friday and a further six were held over the weekend. They were due to appear before magistrates.

Scotland Yard said two other men suffered minor injuries.

A murder investigation has been launched.

Michael Alvaranga, 23 of Leytonstone; and Javin Righbie, 22, of Stratford; are to appear before Barkingside magistrates later.

Michael Ndefo, 21, Rhys Regisford, 20, and Emmanuel Oloyede, 19, all from Plaistow; Jason Vaughan, 24, Tony Caton, 21, and Danny Caton, 23, all of Stratford; and Jerome McLeish, 20, of Victoria Docks; are due before Thames Magistrates' Court.

A 23-year-old man arrested on Friday was later cautioned for affray and released with no further action while a 20-year-old man, also arrested in connection with the investigation, has been bailed to return to an east London police station on a date in July pending further inquiries. 

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Two Muslim converts arrested over Olympic terror plot

Two Muslim converts arrested over Olympic terror plot | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Two Muslim converts have been arrested in East London on suspicion of plotting an attack against the Olympics.


Sources said the arrests were based on a tip-off and the investigation was at an early stage.
One source said it was unclear if the alleged plot was serious or developed or what method of attack was to be used but said the Olympics could have been the target.
The two men, aged 18 and 32, were arrested at separate residential addresses in east London, according to Scotland Yard.
A spokesman said officers from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command, known as SO15, raided the properties at 7am on Thursday morning.
The men were detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

They are currently being held at a central London police station, likely to be the counter-terrorism holding cells at Paddington Green.
Scotland Yard and MI5 act on tips far quicker in the lead up to major events than they would do at other times.
The security services accept that any plotting that takes place in the lead up to the Olympics, which begin in Stratford, East London on July 27, is likely to be linked to the games.
Two years ago six street cleaners were arrested over an alleged plot to kill the Pope the day before he arrived in London after they were overheard threatening to kill a Christian for every page of the Koran.
A caller reported that five men were looking at a picture in the Metro newspaper of the Pope’s motor vehicle and talking about an incident where the Koran was allegedly burned.
All six were later released without charge.
Earlier this year two men from East London were among a gang that pleaded guilty to plotting a bomb attack on the London Stock Exchange.
Mohammed Chowdhury, 21, and Shah Rahman, 29, were under surveillance as they toured central London sites for six hours in November 2010 and discussed launching the attacks.

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Call to action: Grand Connaught Rooms to host Jihadist conference

Call to action: Grand Connaught Rooms to host Jihadist conference | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On the 8th of July 2012, the Grand Connaught Rooms in London will host a conference featuring several hate preachers. Their repertoire includes justifying suicide bombings, glorifying jihad, promoting venomous homophobia, spreading crude antisemitism, and encouraging reprehensible bigotry against Shia Muslims.


Stand for Peace has tried to speak to the management of the Grand Connaught Rooms to ensure they know of the consequences of giving Islamists a platform (as per the Prevent review). However, one senior member of management told Stand for Peace: “[it] didn’t bother me at all”.

Urgent action is required to convince the Grand Connaught Rooms to put decency before profit and to pull the plug on the conference.


You can call the venue on +44 (0) 2074 057 811 – ask for Oliver Six, the General Manager.


The owner of the venue is the Principal Hayley Group, based in North Yorkshire. The number for Principal Hayley is +44 (0) 1423 853 800 – you can ask for Tony Troy (Chief Executive Officer) or Colin Bailey (Group Operations Director)


The event is organised by the Al-Muntada Trust, a London-based Islamist group. It has an extensive record of hosting and boosting some of the UK’s worst hate preachers over many years.

Here’s a preview of some of the speakers at the upcoming event:

Abd al-Aziz Fawzan al-Fawzan:

Al-Fawzan is a Saudi professor of Islamic law. A popular figure on Saudi television, al-Fawzan has glorified jihad in Iraq, saying:

Jihad is an individual duty applying to the Iraqi people. They need to wage this jihad against this enemy until it leaves their country.

In an interview on Saudi television, Al-Fawzan whipped up anti-Christian hate:

But if this person is an infidel, even if this person is my mother or father, God forbid, or my son or daughter; I must hate him, his heresy, and his defiance of Allah and His prophet. I must hate his abominable deeds. Moreover, this hatred must be positive hatred.

Al-Fawzan has condemned homosexuality, calling it ‘an abomination’. He has ‘blamed’ homosexuality on ‘Western values’:

Some people want to Westernize our society in any possible way, but they know that if they advocate fornication, forbidden sexual relations, and homosexuality, the people would stone them. So what do they do? They come up with these deviant fatwas, which lay the ground for these crimes and abominations.

Muhammed Abd Al-Rahmen Al-Arifi:

Al-Arifi is a prominent figure on the international islamist circuit. He is an antisemite and a sectarian who glorifies jihad. Consider this line:

Devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer
Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight [the Muslims]. By Allah, the infidel countries today – the US and its allies – dare to fight the Muslims, to rape their women and turn them into widows, and to inflict their corruption on Islam and the Muslims on a daily basis only because they see that the Muslims do not even consider fighting the infidels and conquering their countries.

Al-Arifi loathes Shia Muslims, calling them “evil” and saying they “set traps for monotheism” by “spread[ing] their false doctrine to the ignorant among the Sunnis”. Saudi Shias, he says, are “amassing weapons” with the support of Iran in order to carry out attacks on Saudi Arabia and take it over. For Al-Arifi, top Iraqi Shia cleric Ali Al-Sistani is nothing less than an “atheist and debauched.”

As for Israeli Jews, for Al-Arifi there is nothing to do but fight and kill them:

What was taken by force will be restored only by force, as conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad, who said: “You will fight the Jews.” He did not say: You will conduct negotiations, they will make concessions, and then you will make concessions, and then we will reach a compromise and divide Jerusalem… By God, Jerusalem will not be divided. He said in the hadith: “You will fight the Jews and kill them.” It was the Prophet Muhammad who said this, not me.

Haitham al-Haddad:

Haitham al-Haddad is a Palestinian born hate preacher. He was an imam at Al-Muntada for many years and still speaks there regularly.

In the past Haddad has justified suicide bombing, supported female genital mutilation, made antisemitic remarks and promoted Islamist supremacism. He is amongst the worse hate preachers in the UK and is a favourite of radical Islamic student societies all over the country.

He describes the killing of Muslims by other Muslims, in the event of a suicide bombing, as ‘unintentional’:

This category is mentioned in what the scholars call at- Tatarrus, which permits Muslims on the battlefield to kill a group of non-Muslims if they are using Muslims as a type of shield and there is no other way to get at them. This way, even if it leads to the killing of some Muslims, as long as non-Muslims are killed, is permissible a fortiori. Thus it is understood that, although these people were not fighting, one may kill them unintentionally…

Haddad is on record telling an audience: “I will tell you the truth about the fight between us and Jews who are the enemies of God and the descendants of apes and pigs”

Haddad also groomed the failed suicide bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab in Islamism. In an autobiography written by Abdulmutallab, he cited and praised Haddad’s influence:

This course was a 3 day intensive program organised by the Muslim Research and Development Foundation headed by Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad.

The MRDF committee includes students from Madinah. University and Professional from a variety of backgrounds. The course Manhaj Al Istidhlal was the first 3 day intensive retreat organised by MRDF and alhamdulillah I was one of the pioneering students. The course is actually in 3 parts and the 2 parts are to come in the near future. We studied the sources of Knowledge in Islam. We looked at the Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyaas. The course also included sessions on build many team building and media skills sessions. The other two parts of the course will look at the understanding and implementation of the sources. Alhamdulillah, I passed the course with a Distinction.

Nabil Al-Awadhi:

Nabil Al-Awadhi is a prominent Kuwaiti Islamist preacher. He reaches large audiences by way of satellite television broadcasts from the Middle East. Many of these broadcasts are taped by viewers around the world, including in Europe, and uploaded to Youtube and other video sharing websites.

According to Al-Awadhi, even video games must be part of the Islamic response to the enemies of Islam. They should allow players to “slaughter Jews”:

The Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute, a nonpartisan group that translates Arabic language television and Web sites, says that in June, Sheik Nabil Al- Awadhi, who has a weekly show on the Kuwaiti channel Al- Rai TV called “Sa’at Saraha” (“An Hour of Sincerity”), spoke of the need for Islamic games that compete with Western games. He also suggested developing a game in which the Muslim player “slaughters the Jews and liberates the Al-Aqsa Mosque.” In the West, they turn their wars against Muslims into games, he said, and Muslims should do the same.

Homosexuals and emos are regularly targeted for vicious persecution in the Arab world. But they can expect no sympathy from al-Awadhi, since they are “the greatest danger” to society:

In a novel interpretation of regional events, meanwhile, Al- Awadhi also suggested during the programme that homosexuals and ‘emo’s,’ or fans of the ‘emotional hardcore’ genre of rock music, from the region are the greatest danger to regional society, referring to the two groups as those “for whom the bell tolls.

Al-Awadhi said that he holds the media responsible for this subversive and previously unknown phenomenon, accusing local media of marketing homosexuality and the ‘emo’ culture in programmes broadcast both before and during Ramadan, although he did not name the programmes in question.

For al-Awadhi, Europeans are worse than animals:

“As for the Europeans’ relations with the Creator, animals are better than they are… for they do not permit what is permissible, and do not forbid what is forbidden. Moreover, whenever they find a way to please the Devil, they pursue it. I do not believe that Satan [ever] imagined that his temptation of humanity would [yield] such an extent of heresy as well as moral depravity and decay
I do not write this article out of hate or resentment, though, by Allah, I do hate the infidels among them. I have written this article in fairness, so that those who are impressed with the West will not be deluded and will not think that I am dazzled by the Europeans. For, as I have said, their bad qualities are innumerable. By Allah, even one Muslim who worships Allah is better than all the infidels in the world, even if their appearance impresses some people.”

Stand for Peace is finalising a dossier with a more comprehensive profile of the hate preachers and their comments, but the above should give you a taste of what to expect.

The Grand Connaught Rooms have refused to even meet us to discuss our concerns. The company clearly doesn’t care about Prevent guidance. This is the advice the Prevent Strategy gives to private organisations:

Where conferences and speaker meetings involving propagandists are taking place in universities and colleges, communities and privately- owned locations, authorities – including the police – should always be ready to brief the owners and ensure they understand what is taking place.

This conference will feature preachers whose vicious views could easily drive people to implacable hatred or even violence – don’t let that happen – please pass this information onto family and friends – give the venue a call, let them know what you think of the Grand Connaught Rooms giving a platform to jihadist preachers.

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Camden slaps ban on Islamist group

Camden slaps ban on Islamist group | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A group which promotes extreme Islamist organisations has been banned from using a taxpayer-funded neighbourhood centre.


The Ministry of Dawah has held lectures at the Camden Council-backed venue in north London for more than two years. Its glorification of Osama bin Laden, and extreme Islamist clerics such as Anwar al-Awlaki, was revealed in the JC last week.

The King’s Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCBNA) runs the Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre. Camden Council is its biggest funder, having given the association thousands of pounds in the past two years.

An event planned for last Sunday night did not go ahead and Dawah supporters were told not to travel to the centre as there were “venue booking issues”. The group had said events would be “cancelled until further notice”.

But Nasim Ali, KCBNA executive director, confirmed that he had suspended the group’s bookings following last week’s revelations.

Council leader Sarah Haywood had told the KCBNA to take responsibility for the Ministry of Dawah’s conduct after being informed that the group’s actions might be breaching the government’s Prevent counter-extremism guidelines.

Last year’s Prevent review included clear directives to local authorities, stating that “propagandists for terrorism and for ideologies taken up by terrorists should not be permitted to make use of publicly owned venues” and that authorities “must be ready to take appropriate action”.

Camden’s Prevent co-ordinator had been made aware of concerns about the Ministry of Dawah earlier this month but the council failed to make clear what direct action it was subsequently taking.

Mr Ali said: “Camden Council raised concerns about the group. We do not want to support any organisations whose activities are a concern to Camden Council or may be detrimental to the work we are trying to do.

“We work with all sections of the community and over the past 32 years have helped to unite this diverse community and provide services to support that ethos. We work with people from all different faiths, ethnicity, culture, sexuality and backgrounds.”

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Romanian gypsies invade London's most affluent street

Romanian gypsies invade London's most affluent street | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Scores of unkempt Romanian vagabonds have swept into the affluent Park Lane area of the capital and also infested nearby Marble Arch.


They have been turning up since the beginning of last month and now Westminster Council are worried “several hundred” more could soon arrive.


Most of the men while away their time drinking copious amounts of vodka and laying about while the women divvy food out from their cheap plastic bags.In disgusting circumstances, street cleaners are left to remove human excrement left by the intruders.


They are usually seen hanging around showrooms selling expensive cars. A gardener who works in the area, Selma Chaib, said: “The problem’s been getting worse as more turn up.


Read more:



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Brutally tortured by Muslim gang

Brutally tortured by Muslim gang | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Muslim woman’s secret Hindu boyfriend is brutally tortured by Muslim gang after she falsely accuses him of rape.


The barbaric barrage of violence included setting fire to the victim’s face, beating him with a belt and kicking him in the stomach. But the Muslim gang was not charged with a ‘hate crime.’


Sonia Begum, 21, a Muslim woman who pretended she was raped by her boyfriend, leading to his prolonged torture by a gang, because she thought he would show explicit photos of her to her devout parents has now been jailed.


When Begum complained to her cousin Shahen Ahmed, 21, that the boyfriend had sexually assaulted her, he rounded up a Muslim gang who kidnapped and set fire to the 22-year-old man

Begum had claimed that her strict Muslim parents would disapprove of any contact between them, partly because he was Hindu, the Old Bailey heard.


Judge Wendy Joseph QC told Begum: ‘You were a young woman leading a double life, trying to comply with a strict regime imposed by your family while secretly having boyfriends, a Facebook account and phones for personal relationships. ’You knew that the kidnap would lead to other things.’


Begum lured him to meet her in Barking, east London, speaking to him on one mobile phone while maintaining an open line to her brother Mohammed Hussain, 20. Ahmed, Hussain and two other men – Mafijur Rahman, 45, and Kasim Uddin, 35 – then kidnapped him.


The attackers also repeatedly called him a ‘Hindu bastard’. (Yet no charges of a hate crime)


She was jailed for four years for kidnap on Friday, while Ahmed was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection for leading the horrifically violent attack.


During the kidnap, a series of ‘truly terrifying’ phone calls were made demanding money from his family, in which he could be heard screaming, the court heard.


The judge said: ‘They were very frightening. There were repeated threats to kill (the man) backed up by the sound of him screaming and crying in fear and pain. They were truly terrifying.’


Ahmed, of Wapping, east London, was told he must serve at least eight-and-a-half years before he can apply for parole. He admitted kidnap, false imprisonment, blackmail and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Hussain, of Poplar, east London, was jailed for 14 years; Uddin, of Mile End, east London, received 11-and-a-half years; and Rahman was sentenced to six-and-a-half years for their roles in the attack.



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Is there a problem with air quality in London today ?

Is there a problem with air quality in London today ? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Is there a problem with air quality in London today ? Just wondering why those people are covering there face ? - Police guarding McDonald's against any spontaneous protest by Occupy London at May Day march on the Strand

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