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Illegal immigrants in voting scam

Illegal immigrants in voting scam | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
UK News :: Illegal immigrants in voting scam - Breaking news from around the UK...

FEARS of widespread vote rigging in today’s elections were raised after an MP discovered one in five migrants with no right to be here was on the electoral register.
Nick de Bois cross-checked the names of constituents seeking his help to stay in the UK and found 21 out of a sample 100 had signed up for voting rights.
The Tory backbencher is calling on ministers to tighten registration rules, claiming it is harder to get a library card than a ballot paper.
Police have already identified a black market for selling voting papers online, while postal ballots are also open to abuse.
Mr de Bois, member for Enfield North in London, said yesterday: “Maintaining the integrity of the voting register is crucial. In local elections particularly, when the difference between winning and losing for a candidate can be a handful of votes, it’s shocking that people who have no right to vote do vote.”
The MP said some people get on the electoral roll just to obtain credit cards or commit financial fraud.

In Enfield, anyone applying for a library card needs to show two forms of identity and address including a utility bill. Yet people registering to vote only have to fill in and return a form posted through their doors.
Mr de Bois wants the Government to “clean up” the register before the next elections. On Monday police began probing alleged voter registration fraud in Tower Hamlets, east London, which has a huge Bangladeshi community.
One-in-seven of the postal votes cast in a recent by-election in the borough was rejected because of irregularities. Last night a Cabinet Office spokesman said: “We are strengthening the electoral system. By December 2015 every individual’s entry on the register will have to be verified with information such as their National Insurance number.”

About 180 councils are holding elections today. The Tories are braced for setbacks after a plunge in ­their popularity, although Ed Miliband’s leadership of Labour will come under fresh pressure if his party fails to ­capitalise.
One Tory source said: “It is likely to be a very difficult night for us. Many of the seats that are up for grabs were won during an all-time high for us and will be difficult to hold. But Labour will be under pressure. Anything less than 700 new seats will be a disaster for them.”
Bookies Paddy Power stopped taking bets on Tory Boris Johnson staying as London Mayor after ­opinion polls put his lead over Ken Livingstone at up to 12 per cent.

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£1.2m? That’s a good living, Ken

£1.2m? That’s a good living, Ken | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
LIVINGSTONE earned sum over past 3yrs — more than Boris Johnson at times — but ‘saved £220k with tax ruse’...

KEN Livingstone has earned up to £1.2million over the past three years — at times more than rival Boris Johnson — The Sun can reveal.

And his ruse of funnelling his wages into a company may have saved him up to £220,000 in tax — far more than the £50,000 first thought.

It means Red Ken, 66 — who has called tax avoiders “rich b******s” who should be unable to vote — may have paid as little as 18 per cent tax.

In contrast, Boris, 47, whom he hopes to oust as London Mayor on Thursday, paid the top rate — hiked to 50 per cent in April 2010.

The revelation sparked outrage last night. Tory MP Priti Patel said: “This is yet more hypocrisy and double standards from Ken Livingstone. Can Londoners ever trust a man who says one thing and does something completely different?”

Because Ken’s Silveta company is a small firm, it does not legally have to spell out its income and outgoings.

But Ms Patel added: “Once again, I challenge him to come clean and once and for all declare precisely what he has made.

“He can then pay back all the tax that is morally still due.”

The study of Silveta’s Companies House declarations estimates it made £1,239,000 from 2008-09 to 2010-11. In 2008-09, Ken’s £562,242 earnings dwarfed Boris’s £416,765.

Over the three years, Boris declared £1,278,360 total earnings.

But while the Tory coughed up £519,276 in tax, accountants who examined Ken’s books believe he escaped with far less as he was charged corporation tax.

Accountant Andrew Hamilton estimated the wheeze saved him £65,000 in 2009-10 alone — meaning a tax rate of just 22 per cent. Mr Hamilton said: “I believe that Ken Livingstone used a company mainly to avoid paying tax. For him to say he leaves everything to his accountants and blame them is downright slippery.”

Another accountant at one of Britain’s top firms, who wished to stay anonymous, reckons the ploy cut Ken’s tax bill by between £90,000 and £220,000 over three years.

That would mean a rate of between just 18 and 29 per cent.

But a spokesman for the firebrand Labour politician hit back last night, saying: “He has paid all his taxes. What Londoners want to know is how they will be better off, which is why he’ll be cutting fares. Boris will hike fares above inflation.”

Boris now has a 12 per cent lead over his rival, a poll in The Times reveals today.

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